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Broad Peak Climbing News

  • broad peak news Climber hiking up to high camp. Photo Felix
  • broad peak news Basecamp. Photo Felix
Recent News from Broad Peak Climbing

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Broad Peak Summit !! 27 July

Oscar Cadiach , expedition leader, along with Tunc, Ali and Yosuf could reach the Broad Peak summit - congratulations !!

Oscar completed the 14 x 8000m - all without artificial oxygen - and thus became the first Catalan, which succeeded (Ferran used at the Everest O2). For Tunc it was its 11th peak over 8000m.

In very changing conditions in the Karakorum, the wait was worth it. Unfortunately, many of the participants could not afford this extra time and had to start the failed 2nd summit attempt (and are now in Austria, Switzerland and Germany).

Our summit team is now in the descent to the base camp - more news soon.

Broad Peak - new summit test 14 July

There was sunny weather in the base camp of Broad Peak, where Oscar Cadiach called us today. Toni, Michael and Heinz rose to the second camp. For the next two days with mixed forecasts on the wind and weather, we wish them good luck and success! Our high-bearing carriers are ready for the descent. Tunc and Oscar rest assured to start a summit attempt later.

Broad Peak base bearing 10 July

The entire team is back in the base camp and probably on. Unfortunately the weather worsened in the course of the ascent, the summit attempt remained stuck in the snow. Now it's time to rest and gather new forces. Then it is fully acclimatized again.

Broad Peak update from C3 and BC 9 July
Weather fall at Broad Peak: 1m snow and lots of wind. Oscar, Toni and Ali remain nevertheless in the 3rd camp, in order to wait and if necessary a fourth camp to 7500m height to build up. Tunc, Michael and Heinz have arrived safely and safely in the base camp.

Broad Peak – Summit Push 8 July

Oscar Cadiach with Tunc, Michael, Heinz, Toni, Ali and Yousef on the way to the 3. Lager has reported. The camp is planned at an altitude of 7150m and they had already reached 6800m. We assume that they are all well there and are preparing for the summit ascent. Yesterday they broke up in the early morning due to the heat at 03:00 and had reached the 2nd place (6200m). The weather was good and stable, low winds are predicted.

Participant Stefan has had to cancel his expedition and has now arrived in Skardu. We expect him to fly back home from Islamabad on July 10th. We would like to thank everyone for their participation and wish them all the best!

Broad Peak Summitpush 6 July

On Broad Peak, Oscar Cadiach and his troop have broken up on the summit. The planned increase is via a high camp III at 7500m altitude. The 9th of July is planned as a summit day. We wish you all the best!

Broad Peak - Camp 2 29 June

Most of the participants and Oscar were able to reach Camp 2 (6400m) and stay on the mountain twice. For Stefan Diez, the acclimatization is somewhat more difficult and we are still waiting for his decision whether he will continue. The trekking participants have now come back to Askole. After this 1st acclimatization our Broad Peak Expedition team is located in the base camp (4900m) and is resting.

Broad Peak BC 23 June

After some snowy trekking, our team reached the base camp of the Broad Peak at about 4800m. Now the base is comfortably furnished and begins the phase of acclimatization on the mountain.

Baltoro Update 21 June

Our crew runs along the Baltoro Valley to the Broad Peak base camp. Here some pictures from the road, from the trekking to the camp Urdukas (4200m).

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