Choose from 6 Autumn Climbs and Treks.

Choose from 6 Autumn Climbs and Treks.

GET READY FOR AUTUMN >> What's the difference between Manaslu | Baruntse | Mera | Ama Dablam | Everest Glacier School on Lobuche | EBC Trek | Service Trek

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FOCUS ON AUTUMN CLIMBS AND TREKS: SEPTEMBER, OCTOBER, NOVEMBER, DECEMBER. Hello I am Dan Mazur and writing to invite you to join one of our excellent climbs and treks this Autumn, a super special time to visit Nepal mountain paradise. Its easy to come here, Just show up at the airport and get your visa on arrival. The locals are friendly and helpful. The food is delicious and the hotels are very comfortable. Affordably buy and rent any equipment you may need. MOST IMPORTANT IS THE FABULOUS CLIMBING AND TREKKING HERE, AMONG THE WORLD’S BEST AND MOST ACCESSIBLE ! READ DOWN TO COMPARE TRIPS!!

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MANASLU in September is the most accessible 8,000 meter peek in Nepal and is one of the easier 8,000 meter peaks. Perfect for your first 8000-er, it stands at 8,163 meters (26,781 feet) tall, the world’s eight highest peak, and easy snow climb. It's a gorgeous snowy Nepalese giant in the Annapurna region, with vast icefields perched above tiny villages in thick forests, surrounded by huge frozen giant mountains poking their heads out of cloud encrusted valleys with jungles, potato fields and yaks grazing on steep slopes far below.

Baruntse and Mera in October. A true wilderness adventure

Mt Baruntse known as Nepal's easier most interesting 7000 metre peak. Three Peaks in One. Grand Traverse in REMOTE RARELY VISITED Valleys near Everest. Trip finishes on the Everest Trail with delicious chocolate cake and the fun nightlife of Namche Bazaar. SummitClimb’s 12 time Everest expedition leader Dan Mazur has led Baruntse 6 times!

Baruntse/Mera come highly recommended, with so much fabulous easy snow climbing and fun scenic trekking packed into just 4 weeks, with incredible views of the entire Everest massif from a spectacular angle! Or climb/trek Mera Trekking Peak on its own in 20 days. Easy snow hike, remote valleys filled with jungles and wildlife. Amazing circle trek through remote Nepal, with stunning views of Everest !

Ama Dablam in November : Asia’s most famous Snow, Rock and Ice Peak. Very accomplishable and lots of fun, with high quality fixed ropes, excellent Sherpa support, and luxurious basecamp.

Ama Dablam, in 28 days or less anytime during November or December is one of Nepal's most iconic peaks. Standing at 6,812 metres / 22,349 feet, located in Nepal, just 12 miles / 20 kilometres from Everest, is perhaps the most visually striking mountain in the world, yet it is very climbable, with only 1 short section of good granite scrambling, containing just two moves (less than one pitch) of USA 5.6, UIAA French 4, British S, Aus 14. For climbers who feel challenged by the moves we offer the option of aid climbing and hauling with pulleys and ascenders.The rock climbing is very easy solid and the snow and ice mixed climbing are quite manageable. All of the climbing is done on professionally prepared safety ropes, accompanied by highly qualified Sherpas. Our leader Dan Mazur is an Ama Dablam expert with 7 ascents.The Ama Dablam expedition offers members a lovely short 4 day trek to the warm grassy basecamp, with ample chance to train and refresh technical skills on cliffs near basecamp. From the Summit, climbers are rewarded with unparalleled views of Everest, Lhotse, and other Himalayan giants. The expedition is Perfect for beginner and novice technical climbers, and there is something for the more experienced climber as well. Top tip: add on a “warm-up” on Lobuche Trekking Peak for the perfect combination, good pre-acclimatization and an additional mountain learning experience. Fit both Lobuche + Ama Dablam into the same 28 day period!

Everest Glacier School on Lobuche : Experience thrilling snow climbing. Learn mountaineering. Good price, short trip.

The Everest Glacier School on Lobuche Peak in just 18 days, provides aspiring mountaineers and trekking peak aficionados with an opportunity to learn essential snow climbing and rope skills in a controlled environment. Lobuche Peak, standing at 6119 meters/20,075 feet, serves as the perfect training ground for those preparing for higher altitude climbs like Everest or Ama Dablam. A beautiful place to learn, practice your skills, and to take an up-close look at the high peaks of the Himalaya. This program caters to climbers of all levels, from novices seeking an introduction to mountaineering to experienced alpinists honing their skills in preparation for more challenging expeditions.

Everest Base Camp Trek (EBC Trek): Classic Trekking Adventure

The Everest Base Camp Trek is a classic trekking adventure that takes participants to the foot of the world's highest peak. This trek is popular among outdoor enthusiasts of all ages and fitness levels, offering a non-technical yet physically demanding journey through the breathtaking landscapes of the Khumbu region. Along the way, trekkers pass through Sherpa villages, Buddhist monasteries, and pristine alpine forests, soaking in the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty of the Himalayas. The highlight of the trek is reaching Everest Base Camp, where climbers prepare for their ascent and soak in the awe-inspiring views of the surrounding peaks.

Service Trek : Sherpa Family Service Trek to the “wrong side" of Everest


The Service Trek combines trekking with community service projects, allowing participants to give back to the local communities while exploring the Himalayas. This unique expedition focuses on sustainable development initiatives, environmental conservation efforts, or cultural preservation projects in remote mountain villages. Participants engage in activities such as building schools, constructing clean water systems, or supporting local healthcare initiatives, gaining a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by mountain communities. The Service Trek offers a rewarding and enriching experience that combines adventure with philanthropy, leaving a lasting positive impact on both participants and local communities alike.


Christmas Trek and (optional - easy) Island Peak Climb. Dec - Jan, 2024, 2025. Go to Everest during a less crowded time of year. Celebrate Christmas in the Sherpa capital of Namche Bazaar and bring in the New Year in Gorak Shep, which is the closest village to Mount Everest. 17 Days. Optional: Add on easy fun Island Peak climb in just one day.

Aconcagua SummitClimb Dec-Jan-Feb. 2024 and 2025. Walk to the top of the highest peak in all of the Americas. One of the famous "7 Summits" (non-technical). Climbing Aconcagua can qualify you for Everest. 17 Days. We have a very experienced friendly guiding team.

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