Why Karakoram peaks are different. 1 March Deadline

Why Karakoram peaks are different. 1 March Deadline

URGENT: March 1st Team Joining Date for July and August: Will you and/or your friends join us this summer? We only need your passport scan and a 10% refundable deposit to BEGIN THE PERMIT PROCESS NOW!

Inside this newsletter: What's the difference between K2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum, Pastore Peak and K2 Trek?

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Hello, My name is Dan Mazur. I am super excited to be leading SummitClimb’s Karakoram trips this summer, together with our strong and experienced Nepalese Sherpa team. I have climbed all of the peaks we offer, including K2 Summit, together with some of the 1st Americans and the 1st Briton to climb to the summit and live. Its time for us to submit our permits now so if you think you might like to go, we need your refundable 10% deposit and your passport scan now.

How to choose between K2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum 1 or 2, Pastore Peak and K2 Trek

K2 Climb - K2 is the second highest mountain in the world, thought by many to be the ultimate climb - more difficult than Everest, steep on all sides, with mixed technical climbing between C1, C2, and C3. Summit Day is a challenging ice climb. K2 requires constant alertness to descend, and to top it off, there are frequent snow blizzards, rain, and windstorms.

2 Italians were 1st: Achille Compagnoni & Lino Lacedelli on 31 July, 1954. SummitClimb’s expedition leader Dan Mazur put the first living Briton, Jonathan Pratt on the summit with some of the first Americans, Ed Viesturs and Scott Fisher. Dan Mazur, together with amazing strong Nepalese Sherpas, is leading his fifth SummitClimb.com/K2 expedition which begins on 21 June 2024. JOIN US!

Broad Peak - World's 12th highest mountain and one of the 'easiest' 8000 metre peaks and is just across the Godwin Glacier from K2. Broad Peak has no large icefall to traverse. A lot of it is a gentle ridge and snow slope climb. There is one 20 metre pitch of mixed scrambling, well fixed with rope.The last pitch to the summit is a long flat ridge. First climbed by a team including Austrian Kurt Diemberger in 1957. SummitClimb’s leader Dan Mazur has led 4 expeditions there and is looking for members to join the team on SummitClimb.com/BroadPeak : 21 June, 2024. New fun Option to Combine K2 and Broad Peak together

Gasherbrum 1 and Gasherbrum 2 are sister peaks, the world's 11th and 13th highest mountains and both are considered to be very climbable. The Gasherbrum Glacier leads from BC – C1, from which you can climb both peaks. G1 is more technical, with mixed climbing. G2 is a steep snow climb, and considered to be easy! G1 was climbed by Americans in 1958, and G2 by Austrians in 1956. It is possible to climb both from the same Camp-1 and SummitClimb leaderDan Mazur has done so. Join him and professional Sherpas this June: SummitClimb.com/Gasherbrum

K2 Base Camp Trek - K2 is the second highest mountain, and is thought by many to be the best base camp trek in the world, much more beautiful and less crowded than Everest. The trek offers an optional finish over the spectacular Gondogoro-La pass.

Briton Martin Conway became the first westerner to trek to K2 in 1892. SummitClimb’s trek leader Dan Mazur has led 9 treks to K2 Basecamp and is leading another in June-July 2024. Join him at SummitClimb.com/K2BaseCampTrek

Easy Trekking Peak Near K2 - Pastore Peak is an easy "trekking peak" and just a 5 day addition on to our K2 trek. We will teach you everything you need to know. Because Pastore Peak is so straightforward and right next to K2, people have been climbing it for as long as there have been K2 treks. SummitClimb’s leader Dan Mazur has done it three times and is looking for people to join him in June 2024: SummitClimb.com/PastorePeak

Spring Everest and Surrounding Peaks (a few last minute spots have opened up): WHO CLIMBED WHAT FIRST?

Attention Everyone! Now is the 60 day deadline for our Spring Nepal season. Are you coming?

Mount Everest Nepal - Route first climbed by Hillary and Tenzing. Classic climb with the most experienced team. Sir Edmund Hillary from New Zealand and Namgyal Wangdi - Tenzing Norgay from Nepal and India made the first ascent on 29 May, 1953 at 11:30am . SummitClimb Leader Dan Mazur climbed Everest together with Into Thin Air Anatoli Boukreev and Vladimir Balyberdin, attempting to become the world’s fastest humans to summit Everest. During their 14th successful Everest expedition, Dan and David put 8 members and 10 Sherpas on the summit in May 2023. A few spots on our 2024 Everest permit have just opened up. Please tell your friends!!!

Everest Nepal Training Climb - Train and prepare to climb Everest by carefully ascending to Camp 3. Learn about high altitude Everest expeditions, glacier travel and ice climbing. Everest’s Camp 3 lies just above the infamous Khumbu Icefall and the Western Cwm. George Mallory was the first foreigner to see it in 1921 and its fame has remained ever since. This Spring Dan will be leading a team of 7 aspiring climbers seeking to refresh their skills and learn the ropes and crevasses along the way to 23,000 feet / 7000 metres. Option to climb to Everest and/or Lhotse Summit at No Extra Cost!!

Mount Lhotse Climb - Climb the world's 4th highest peak by the same route as Mount Everest, but at a much lower cost. Climbing Mount Lhotse is the best possible preparation for climbing Mount Everest. Lhotse was first climbed in 1956 by Reiss and Luchsinger. SummitClimb’s leader Dan Mazur climbed it in 1996 with French Superstar Ms. Chantal Mauduit and since then Dan has climbed it twice more. Each Spring he leads a Lhotse expedition and this year 2024 is no exception. Are you able to join the team?

Everest Glacier School on Lobuche Peak - Learn high altitude mountain skills and climb a 6000 meter / 19,500 foot peak with great views of Everest. Located on the famous easy trekking Cho La Pass at the cusp of the EBC Trek and Gokyo Trek, Lobuche was surprisingly not officially climbed until 1984, by Larry Nielson and Ang Gyalzen. Summitclimb has been climbing Lobuche Peak since the mid 90s. With its central location it is an ideal place to perfect and learn big mountain climbing and trekking skills in a short period of time. National Geographic rated SummitClimb’s Everest Glacier School on Lobuche as Best New Trip.

Everest Base Camp Trek to world's most famous basecamp through the stunning Everest National Park in the footsteps of Sir Edmund Hillary and Namgyal Wangdi - Tenzing Norgay. The inimitable George Mallory became the first foreigner to trek to EBC in 1921 and SummitClimb have been leading treks there since the early 1990s. In fact they are doing several EBC treks in 2024 and you are welcome to join team leader Dan Mazur for this incredibly beautiful and friendly trek amongst the fascinating Sherpa people.

Mount Ama Dablam – Asia’s most famous snow, ice, rock, mixed climbing peak. The Matterhorn of the Himalaya. Easy, fun solid rock & mixed climbing, Safe fixed ropes. The expedition is Perfect for beginner, novice and expert climbers who are looking for something more spicy than a snow climb. Ama Dablam was considered unclimbable until the first ascent in 1961 by an international team during Sir Edmund Hillary’s infamous Silver Hut expedition. Now SummitClimb offers two expeditions each year including April and November. Nowadays Ama Dablam is very climbable and interesting, a fun challenge, welcome all comers! Many members combine Lobuche with Ama Dablam for a very good “warm-up” on a smaller, easier peak.

Everest North Officially Open!

Mount Everest from Tibet - Climb the uncrowded Tibet North Col route made famous by possible 1924 summit of Mallory and Irvine. Dan Mazur, Myles Osborne, Andrew Brash, and Jangbu Sherpa rescued Lincoln Hall (left for dead by his team) from Mushroom Rock at 8600 metres / 28,000 feet. SummitClimb has run 8 successful Everest Tibet expeditions, and we are seeking members for 2024 Spring.

North Col Tibet Training Climb - The North Col on Everest is 7000 meters/23,000 feet high. It is a spectacular location with incredible views and on main climbing route for Everest from Tibet. Quick, inexpensive, "easy" way to reach 7000 m / 23,000 ft. See how you feel at altitude on Mt. Everest. The North Col was first climbed by George Mallory in 1921, during the British reccie expedition . Now, in just a month you can travel to Tibet and climb the North Col

Everest Tibet ABC Trek - Trek advanced base camp on "Golden Highway". High altitude trekking on good, snow-free trails. The views of Everest from the Tibet Base Camp trek are the best in the world . This trek allows you a rare opportunity to walk to advanced basecamp (ABC). At 6400 meters/21,000 feet, ABC might be the highest "walkable" point in the world. In 1919 British Army Officer John Noel dressed up as a local and snuck into Mt Everest Tibet, which was closed. He started “Everest Fever” when he came home and told the Alpine Club and Royal Geographical Society all about it. SummitClimb’s leader Dan Mazur is a member of both and you can trek Tibet Everest ABC with him during 21 days in April.

Volunteer Charity Treks in 2024

Each year interested trekkers join us to visit Nepal’s remote district of Okhaldhunga (on the ‘wrong’ side of Everest) to explore and meet with the local people and also bring medicines, care, educational materials and teaching. It’s a fulfilling adventure. We are not sure when the first foreigners came, but it was probably a long time ago.

NEWS: Trip Advisor awarded SummitClimb the Traveller’s Choice of 2022 and 2023.

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