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UK: +44 (0)7810 375400 & USA: +1 360-570-0715 info@summitclimb.com
UK: +44 (0)7810 375400 & USA: +1 360-570-0715

Cascade & Seattle Glacier School, rope, ice, rock and snow climbing

Our free of cost, no charge www.CascadeGlacierSchool.org and www.SeattleGlacierSchool.org
Just returned from the mountain. Please enjoy the photos!

Our group of 10 men and women from around the US and the World had a brilliant time. Everyone summited and we had a week of training and equipment and skills review in brilliant weather on a high glacier mountain near Seattle at more than 14,000 feet (4500 metres) high. Please click here to join our next glacier school: www.EverestGlacierSchool.com  or www.CascadeGlacierSchool.org . Welcome to the team!!

Photos from Paula Leonard





Photos from Sarah McHugh:





Photos from Jing:






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  • How to join a team?