• Experience and learn mountaineering with men and women of all ages and abilities on the large glaciated mountains near Seattle, free of cost. Send in your application early to be put on the waiting list.
  • Climb with the expedition leaders of Summitclimb, get your mountaineering questions answered, and share your knowledge with the group.
  • Get advice from experienced climbers on what equipment and clothing to buy and rent/hire at many reasonably priced Seattle climbing stores.
  • Test your equipment in the mountain environment while we live and travel on snow.
  • Learn, practice or master glacier travel and ice climbing skills.
  • Take part in a summit attempt on one of the most glaciated mountains in North America, a 4000 metre/13,00 foot high snowy volcano near Seattle.
  • Walk away from the school with more mountaineering confidence
  • Meet new people that are into the sport and make friends
  • Become inspired to take on a more ambitious mountain
  • Dates and Cost
    • Summer Glacier School: Saturday 24 June to Saturday 1 July, 2017. Ice and snow camping, climbing, summit attempt, with Dan Mazur
    • Winter Glacier School: 1 - 7 January, 2017. snow camping and skills, glacier travel, ice climbing, with Daniel Mazur
    • Special one and two day Glacier Ice refresher courses. With Dan Mazur and Staff.
    • All courses, Winter and Summer. Free of cost, no charge
Recent News: We just returned from the mountain where our school participants learned about self rescue, roped glacier travel, and ice-axe technique while camping in the snow for an entire week. We finished with a successful ascent of a 14,000 foot, 4400 metre high glaciated volcano on a clear windy day with panoramic views extending all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Please click HERE to see the full news report.

Our www.WinterGlacierSchool.org was a grand success. Please Click Here to see how the course went and to join our Winter School in January. Welcome to Everyone!
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