• Run by the MountEverestFoundation.org.
  • Dates : 14 to 26 June or 17 to 29 November. 13 Days in Nepal. Or, flexible dates on offer: Go whenever you like.
  • Price - Donation: $1,450 £1,050 €1,250 (Gift-Aid Eligible UK / IRS Tax-deductible US) (100% of your contribution for the trek and your international flight are tax deductible).  (Converted 16-08-2016)
  • New Flexible Date Option: arrive anytime during any month of the year.
  • We offer 5% discounts for teachers, medical practitioners, environmental, energy and sanitation engineers who perform service work along the trek.
  • Leader: Jangbu Sherpa , Everest friendly walking expert: 21 base camp treks. 14 Everest expeditions.
  • Add on an extension of volunteer work at the beginning or end of the trek in Kathmandu.
  • Trek to visit remote health clinics, schools, sanitary and environmental projects.

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  • We welcome all members to join this trek, including medical practitioners, educators, farmers, gardeners, technicians, builders, foresters, renewable energy professionals, and everyone else. You don't have to be an expert to make a difference.
  • Walk on snow-free paths at low elevation in the foothills near Mt. Everest through green terraced villages, rushing rivers, suspension bridges, ancient old-growth forests, stay in rustic local travelers inns and camp in verdant meadows.
  • Visit a beautiful, quiet, and pristine remote region on the "wrong side" of Everest where no tourists go.
  • See how local farm families are helping themselves.
  • This low-altitude trek may represent the most affordable low budget trek you could do in Nepal.
  • We help you buy and rent inexpensive mountain climbing, trekking, hiking, and walking gear, equipment, clothing, boots, shoes for sale, purchase and hire at affordable, cheap, low prices.
  • Enjoy this trek with our western leader and top quality sherpa staff who are with you all of the way.
  • Please Click Here for a shocking video of a wind borne avalanche hitting basecamp and a 3d interactive map of basecamp , the Khumbu icefall and Everest summit.

  • Please view our new Service Trek video clips.  
  • Please Click Here for a heart touching drone video of Nepal depicting how her people have been badly affected by the earthquake.

  • Please contribute to the rebuilding effort at Everest Earthquake News .

Greetings from Mount Everest
, where we are working with kind and friendly local Tibetan and Nepali people to help adapt to the changes brought by an earthquake which struck the Everest region on 25 April, lasting about 40 seconds. This was the largest earthquake for 80 years. About 2 in 10,000 have tragically passed away in collapsed antique farm style buildings made of mud and stone with no support nor concrete. In the high mountains, ice shook loose in a few places, and unluckily, basecamp was hit. As the tremor came at noon, most everyone was up and around and able to run away. However, some did not make it. We send our deepest condolences to the victims families and friends. Lets work together to rebuild Nepal.
Our Recent Service Trek just returned from a successful trip to rural Nepal. Please Check Here . Please also visit MEFNews.org and our "Archived News" for more stories of past trips.
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