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UK: +44 (0)7810 375400 & USA: +1 360-570-0715

How to Join the Team

  • Join the Team Just above the Khumbu Ice Fall. Photo Sam
  • Join the Team Members and Sherpa enjoying day at Camp 1 Everest. Photo Squash
  • Join the Team Team Summit. Photo Scott
  • Join the Team Climbing up to next camp. Photo Felix
  • Join the Team Cho Oyu Advance Basecamp. Photo Fergal
  • Join the Team Members hiking up from high camp for Summit. Photo Dan Mazur
  • Join the Team Khumbu Ice Fall. Photo Sam
  • Join the Team Second step on the way up in Everest North side. Photo David
  • Join the Team Yaks are in Everest Tibet Basecamp. Photo David O Brien
  • Join the Team Members climbing up for summit of Island peak. Photo Emil Friis
  • Join the Team Ski down from Summit of Mustagata. Photo John
  • Join the Team High Camp at Mera Peak. Photo Dan Mazur
  • Join the Team Michael Tomordy and the South Face - Max Kausch
  • Join the Team Everest base camp group on trek in to Basecamp. Photo Deha
  • Join the Team Members at Summit of Lobuche. Photo Martin
  • Join the Team At Pangboche gate. Photo Brain

Welcome to our team! Please join us. Whether you are interested in becoming a team member, leader, or mountain cooperation, feel free to ask lots of questions. We enjoy discussing our favourite topic: MOUNTAINS.

After all of your questions are answered, please submit your signed application and refundable 10% deposit to hold your place.

Need help shopping for plane tickets? We are here to help.

Need us to check your gear and suggest inexpensive places to rent or buy it? Please check out our new equipment purchase and rental service for free. Find the best and cheapest climbing and trekking equipment, clothing, shoes, sleeping bags, rucksacks, etc. at rock bottom prices. Email your list. We are glad to help. Gear purchase and renting is simple, easy and affordable in Kathmandu, where there are more than 100 mountain shops! We personally check all of your equipment in Kathmandu. Please bring what you have and we'll look at it and help you find any missing pieces. No gear? We will find every single piece for you. See the list and Kathmandu prices at .

Please take a look at our detailed descriptions for each trip and let us know what questions you have before joining. It may be beneficial to take a look at our 
Frequently Asked Questions sections to learn more about the adventure you are interested in.

Please study our , for everything you need to know before your trip.

You may also wish to fill out our online
Request Information form and Newsletter Subscription form and be sure to tell us which expeditions you are interested in and mention your experience, qualifications, etcetera . Please send us your email, postal address, and telephone number (which will remain absolutely confidential, we never share your addresses, phone numbers, or any personal details).

Carefully read all of the associated information here on the website, ask questions and discuss it with us, print out your application from this website, then complete, sign, and email the application forms, and additional required documents immediately. Include your 10 percent refundable deposit, passport photocopy, 2 passport size photos (name printed on reverse), proof of insurance, and other required documents such as flight itinerary (may be sent now or follow later).

We accept credit cards, cheques, bank transfers, and cash payments. Click here for payment options.

Here is a checklist of what we need to have in your file at least two months before the trip begins. We encourage you to send an electronic scan of all of the below documents, please be sure they are signed. Thank you:

[ ] Completed Payment. Please state any payments made and what for.
[ ] Trip Registration Form (part of 4 page form),
[ ] Signed Participant Release and Acknowledgement of Risk (part of 4 page form),
[ ] Signed Terms and Conditions of Booking (part of 4 page form),
[ ] Signed Medical Form (part of 4 page form),
[ ] 1 Passport sized photo, which is a simple, very clear picture of your face, sent as an email scan. (We simply require a picture of your face against a white background. You can take it yourself for free with your own digital camera or smart phone),
[ ] Exact photocopy of passport identification pages,
[ ] Exact photocopy of complete flight itinerary,
[ ] Proof of mountain rescue, travel, accident, and repatriation insurance (cancellation insurance is advised).
[ ] Climbers, please make your Sherpa order (if any) crystal clear at this time, personal sherpa, quarter sherpa, etc.
[ ] 8000 metre climbers, Please make your oxygen order (if any) crystal clear at this time, number of bottles, masks, etc.

Ready to book? The links to applications for our walks and climbs are below.

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Aconcagua: International Applicants

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Service Trek: International Applicants

Service Trek: US Applicants

Welcome to our Summit Climb and Summit Trek and Mount Everest Foundation for Sustainable Development Team.

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