Rescue of Rick Allen: BBC Television Program produced by Jaqueline Paul.

Rescue of Rick Allen: BBC Television Program produced by Jaqueline Paul.

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Rick Allen Memorial Fund: The Mount Everest Foundation

New Television Video Clip: SummitClimb team rescues fallen British Climber from high on Broad Peak

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MISSING - The story of the drone rescue of Scots climber Rick Allen, by Dan Mazur and SummitClimb Team
  • Rick Allen disappeared at 8000m/26,000ft on his way down from the summit of broad peak, the world's 13th highest mountain. He was reported dead by his team mates who took his sat phone and descended.
  • At 8am Japanese basecamp cook ferman saw a backpack laying on snow at 7500m/24,000ft. Ferman went to polish camp to look telescope. Ruckack is alive and moving!
  • Polish climber Bartek Bargiel has special high altitude drone. Bartek uses drone to video Rick Allen climbing to dangerous ice-cliff
  • Three Basecamp army liaison officers radio Camp 3, and Fred, David, Tenji, Jake, Bond, Dmitri, and Dan Mazur bring Rick Allen Camp 3 safe
  • After 3 days SummitClimb team return Rick Allen to Basecamp. Rick can walk and talk, but has freeze injuries and facial bleeding cuts, from falling off summit rock cliff and hitting head


Drone spots Scots climber feared dead in Himalayas. Bartek Bargiel used his Drone to locate Rick Allen.

Broad Peak Route Map

Mr Allen following his rescue from Broad Peak in the Himalayas  

Karakoram Medical and Educational Support for Askole Village Hospital and School

karakoram medical support

Askole is the village at the trailhead to the K2 trek. The villagers have a very simple life here. When we saw the very basic conditions at the village school and health post, our team members decided they wanted to help! Thanks to Sue DeArman and Karla Piecuch.

Mr. Nafees, Dr. Lee Levin, and Dr. Farman : Thanks to K2 trekkers, Broad Peak, and K2 expedition, we resupplied the Askole health clinic.

karakoram medical support

Askole Medical Clinic Update

   karakoram medicine   medicine

K2 Karakoram Askole Village Medication Fund – By Dr. Dave and Deb Hannaford, SummitClimb, and SummitTrek Team. We made sure that all the medications were delivered to the Doctor Farman in Askole.

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