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UK: +44 (0)7810 375400 & USA: +1 360-570-0715

Kilimanjaro/Kenya/Safari Cost

  • africa photos Team at Summit. Photo: Bhav
  • africa photos Second cave camp Photo by Jonathan
  • africa photos African Elephant photo by Andrew Wooster
  • africa photos Andrew and Jonnathan on the summit of pt Peter 4900 meters / 16,000 foot. Photo by Jonnathan
  • africa photos Beautiful skies Photo by Jonnathan Barbero
  • africa photos Mackinders valley Photo by Jonnathan
  • africa photos Cheata photo by Andrew Wooster
  • africa photos One climber watching another belay on the pt Peter practice climb Photo by Jonnathan Barbero
  • africa photos Lion club resting on a branch photo by Jonathan Barbero
  • africa photos Walking in the forest towards the Bandas lodge Photo by Jonnathan Barbero
  • africa photos How close! photo by Jonathan Barbero
  • africa photos Masai men preforming their manhood ritual photo by Andrew Wooster
  • africa photos Our Safari van coquering the mud Photo by Arnold
  • africa photos Wild Plant in kili trek.
  • africa photos Impala. photo by Jonathan Barbero

*Our “full-service” expedition includes:

  • Leadership: Cost includes a very experienced and qualified British, European, or American leader (For 8-12 members) For smaller groups we provide a very experienced SummitClimb-trained Kenyan guide.
  • National Park entrance fees;
  • Camping fees;
  • Crater service fees;
  • Local English speaking guides;
  • Porters for gear (one personal porter per person);
  • Group gear: tents, dining tent, medical kit, radio gear;
  • Cook and cooking facilities;
  • 3 meals a day and water while camping;
  • Meals during traveling;
  • Hotel in Nairobi before and after tour (total 2 nights only);
  • Hotels B/B during travel;
  • Transport: Shuttle, Bus, Safari bus, 4x4 Landrover.

Not included:

  • Extra hotel nights Nairobi ($50 sharing double);
  • Telephone bills, emailing costs and other personal expenses;
  • Personal gear for hiking, climbing and camping;
  • Alcohol, extra meals not included in itinerary;
  • Tips.

*Hotel upgrade, single rooms and single tents are possible against modest surcharge.

Trip Pricing:
Kilimanjaro, Mt. Kenya, and Safari Cost (all three trips combined):
  • Full Service Cost $4950 (with Amboseli 2 day safari) or $5550 (with 4 day Serengeti safari).
Kilimanjaro Only-

  • Full Service Cost: $2950 USD.
Mt. Kenya Summit Circuit Trek or Optional Rock Climb Only-
  • Full Service Cost: $1850 USD.

Safari Only-

  • a) 650 USD (Amboseli 2 day safari)
  • b) $1200 USD (Serengeti 4 day safari).

All costs are for groups of 6 or more. For smaller groups, a 25% surcharge may be applied.
Custom Kilimanjaro trips:

At any time we can organize Kilimanjaro tours on request for groups or individuals. The standard 9 day (7 days on the mountain/in the national park) itinerary led by local African leaders (without SummitClimb expedition leader) please email info@summitclimb.com for more details.

Custom Mt Kenya trips:

You can always join us on a trip to Mount Kenya.

If we do not have six or more members signed up – unfortunately that is the case up now- we can still run the trip with a 25% surcharge . That makes a cost of $1950 USD per person.

For groups of 4 to 5 we run the trip with SummitClimb leadership as advertised.

For groups of 1 to 3 we run the trip with local leadership*

*Felix, our man for Africa, trains the KWS (Kenyan Wildlife Service) mountain rescue team. He recruits the best rangers as technical guides, who then lead the tours and the climbing on Nelion an Batian.

Equipment Transport: Our expedition includes transport of all of your equipment from Nairobi to our destinations, and returned to Nairobi. While trekking and climbing on the mountain, we DO NOT ask our full-service members to carry heavy group equipment (although it is an option if you really want to), such as tents, rope, fuel, food, etcetera. We employ porters to carry group equipment and supplies.

Cooks and Food: On the trek our skilled trekking cooks provide delicious meals. Our skillful and hard working cooks prepare three hot meals each day with a very healthy diet of fresh vegetables, cheeses, eggs, and fresh as well as tinned fruits, meats and fish (all meats and fish are prepared separately out of respect for the vegetarians in our midst). They supply you with unlimited hot-drinks, the key to successful acclimatization. On the mountain we provide you with abundant and nutritious locally available quick-cooking food, so that you may prepare at least three meals and lots of hot drinks each day, in our specially designed high-altitude stoves using our butane-propane expedition mix fuel.

Group Equipment: We provide a plethora of top-quality, and time-tested equipment, group gear, and supplies, including: rope, ice, rock, and snow anchor protection; basecamp, advanced basecamp and altitude tents; cookers, fuel, high-altitude food, walkie-talkie radios, bamboo marker wands, etcetera. Please see the above EQUIPMENT link, to study what we bring for your use and safety.

Staff: Our staff, working together through local agencies, are hospitality experts and have, for many years, been arranging overland tours, safaris, raft trips, treks, mountain climbs, trek support staff, cooks, peak climbing permits, satellite phone permits, video and film-making permits, translators, liaison officers, porters, helicopter flights, air tickets, equipment purchase/hire, storage, import/export, shipping, customs clearance, transport bookings, advance hotel bookings, visas, repatriations, and permits.

Safety: BOTH full-service and basic expeditions are allowed access to our extensive communications equipment, medical supplies, first-aid kits, and medical oxygen in case of emergency. Thank you for being a well-prepared and safe team member! back to top

* Our "basic climb" includes:
  • Organization: With local agency;
  • National Park entrance fees and all permit fees;
  • A walkie-talkie radio is provided to stay linked-in with the leader of the full service expedition while on the mountain;
  • Camping fees;
  • Transport: Bus, Safari bus, 4x4 Landrover. back to top
Please consider adding a trip to Rwenzori, "Mountains of the Moon" , if you wish to extend your African adventure.
Matthew hiking at the top of the Western Breach on Kili. D.L.Mazur
High end relaxation after the mountain?

***Zanzibar (3 nights, 4 days) ****service:

1) Flight to Zanzibar. Transfer to hotel Emerson & Green. City tour of the 800 year old stone town, which is historically known for its spices and as being a gold trading center;
2) Drive to Club Breezes or Club Blue on the beach, which are both top end resorts with endless white beaches on the Indian ocean;
3) Relax on the beach, snorkeling, swimming or spa;
4) Afternoon flight back to Nairobi or Kampala.

Prices Per Person:

  • Single: Available upon request.
  • Double sharing: Available upon request. back to top
***Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater Safari(2 nights, 3 days):
1) After breakfast depart to Serengeti stopping on the way at Olduvai Gorge, the archaeological site made famous by Louis and Mary Leaky, also known as, "The Cradle of Humankind". Lunch and afternoon game drive in Serengeti untill 6:30 p.m., dinner, and overnight at Seronera camp site or Sope/Serena Lodge;
2) Full day game drive in Serengeti until 2:30 p.m. Then we will drive to Ngorongoro for dinner with a stay overnight at Simba Campsite or Sopa/Serena Lodge;
3) Breakfast and departure for a full day game drive discovering the beauty and abundance of wildlife permanently residing on the crater floor until 3:00 p.m. and then drive to respective destinations.

Prices Per Person:

  • Camping Available upon request.
  • Luxury Lodging Single: Available upon request.
  • Double sharing: Available upon request (Min 3 people, without transfer from Kampala to Safari and back). back to top
Please ask any questions regarding cost at info@summitclimb.com.

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