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UK: +44 (0)7810 375400 & USA: +1 360-570-0715

Mount Ama Dablam Climb Personal & Team Equipment | SummitClimb

  • amadablam photos Mt. AmaDablam seen during sunset. Photo Bjarne
  • amadablam Monika and Lhakpa Gelbu Sherpa at the summit of AmaDablam. Monika Photo
  • amadablam photos Jessica and Sherpa 10 minutes away from the summit of AmaDablam. Photo Felix
  • amadablam photos Night in Camp 1. Photo John Shelton-Smith
  • Amadablam photo At Camp 2. Photo Max
  • Amadablam photos Lots of exposure as we move from from Camp I to Camp II. Lakba Sherpa leads the traverse at 17,500. Photo Tom
  • amadablam photos Action in Camp 2. Photo Richard Pattison
  • amadablam photos AmaDablam summit with Mount Everest in the background. Photo - Irma
  • amadablam photos Member showing climbing skill. Photo Salima
  • amadablam photos
  • Amadablam photo Amadablam summit. Photo Irma
  • amadablam photos Ama Dablam in the distance. Photo Tom
  • amadablam photos SummitClimb Team Summit. Photo John Shelton-Smith
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  • How to join a team?
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