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UK: +44 (0)7810 375400 & USA: +1 360-570-0715

Aconcagua Cost

  • aconcagua Michael Tomordy and the South Face inter - Photo Max
  • aconcagua climb Approaching Camp 1 - Plaza Canada - Max Kausch
  • aconcagua expedition Michael Tomordy and an army expedition - Thomas Pfiffer
  • aconcagua climbing View of Camp 3 6000m / 18500ft - Photo Thomas Pfiffer
  • aconcagua trekking Michael Tomordy at Aconcagua Provincial Park entry - Max Kausch
  • aconcagua photos Having pizza at 3400m - Max Kausch
  • aconcagua mountain Looking at the South Piramid - Max Kausch
  • aconcagua photos Independencia Hut at 6400m / 19,000 ft - Photo Max Kausch
  • aconcagua photos Trekking to Confluencia - Photo Max Kausch

* Our “full-service” expedition includes:

  • Leader: Cost includes a very experienced and qualified British, European, or American leader;
  • Hotels and meals in Pentitentes on a twin sharing basis in tourist class hotel; 
  • Private transfer to and from Pentitentes and Park Gate; 
  • Assistant guides and cooks; 
  • 5 days of hot delicious meals and tents at BC and 2 days at Confluencia; 
  • Mules for group and personal gear (25 kg/45 pounds, personal) to and from BC; 
  • All meals on the mountain; 
  • Camping equipment including tents, stoves, etcetera; 
  • Group climbing equipment. 
  • Transfer from Mendoza airport to Mendoza hotel is included.
Basic Option: Includes everything up to BC (transport, hotel, BC logistics, Approach camp logistics + tents, food, airport pick up, etc) From there you will need your own tents, stoves, food, etc.
*Not Included:
  • Personal climbing permit. About: for January U$ 860 & for February U$ 625;**
  • Hotel and meals in Mendoza,hotels are $95/double room and meals about $30 USD/day;
  • Items of personal nature, individual travel costs, delays, taxis, etc.;
  • Personal Argentina entry visas if applicable;
  • Staff and leader tips (about $200 is recommended)
  • Duffle bags for packing your personal equipment on mules;
  • Recommended travel Insurance;
  • Personal clothing or equipment;
  • Alcoholic drinks and personal snacks; 
  • International flights to Mendoza and back to your home country
  • Any extra costs related to an early leave of the expedition due to medical or personal reasons;
  • Staff gratuities.
  • Porters - they are available for a daily fee of:
    • P. Mulas- Canadá:                               US $ 145
    • P. Mulas- Nido de Cóndores:                US $ 220
    • P. Mulas- Cólera:                                US $ 270
    • Cólera- P. Mulas:                                US $ 270

* Note: These prices are per porter to ascent the equipment. The same prices are to descent. Porters carry up to 20kg each. They all go back to Base Camp. Payment is for every tract. Rates are accumulative. For more details please Click Here

** Note: The permit price can and probably will increase next season. Aconcagua National Park has control on this and they won't reveal the permit price until November 15th. This is why we don't include the permit in the expedition total price.

Equipment Transport: Our expedition includes transport of all of your equipment from Mendoza to our destination, and returned to Mendoza. While trekking to basecamp, we DO NOT ask our full-service members to carry heavy group equipment (although it is an option if you really want to), such as tents, rope, fuel, food, etcetera. We have mules to carry personal and group equipment to basecamp. Above basecamp, we may ask you to carry a portion of the group equipment, depending opn your strength and body weight.

Mule driver on the way to basecamp
Here is our mule driver, Rafael Sosa, on the trail to basecamp. These people are colorful characters, and do a good job of delivering our equipment and supplies to basecamp. Aconcagua is visible in the background (Daniel Mazur).

Cooks and Food: Meals along the trek and at basecamp are prepared by our staff so you don't have to cook. Fresh, tasty food and hot drinks are prepared for you in a full kitchen. We normally have a whole dining tent for ourselves. The leaders help making sure all members are fed properly and fill water bottles above basecamp. For more about where we stay and what we shall eat,  please click here .

Group Equipment: We provide a plethora of top-quality, and time-tested equipment, group gear, and supplies, including: rope, ice, rock, and snow anchor protection; basecamp, advanced basecamp and altitude tents; cookers, fuel, walkie-talkie radios, etcetera. Please see the above EQUIPMENT link, to study what we bring for your use and safety. back to top

Staff: Our staff, working together through local agencies, are hospitality experts and have, for many years, been arranging overland tours, safaris, raft trips, treks, mountain climbs, trek support staff, cooks, peak climbing permits, satellite phone permits, video and film-making permits, translators, liaison officers, porters, helicopter flights, air tickets, equipment purchase/hire, storage, import/export, shipping, customs clearance, transport bookings, advance hotel bookings, visas, repatriations, and permits.

Safety: BOTH full-service and basic expeditions are allowed access to our extensive communications equipment, medical supplies, first-aid kits, and medical oxygen in case of emergency. Thank you for being a well-prepared and safe team member! back to top

Please ask any questions regarding cost at info@summitclimb.com.

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