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Elbrus Climb 2014
Seattle Glacier School
Cho Oyu Sept- Oct 2014.
Shisha Pangma Sept- Oct 2014.
Ama Dablam Climb Oct-Nov 2014
Baruntse Climb Oct-Nov 2014
ShishaPangma trek September 2014
Cho Oyu trek September 2014
Mera Peak Climb Oct. 2014
Island peak October , April & May
Everest Glacier School Oct. 2014
Everest Basecamp Nepal Oct. 2014
Kilimanjaro, Mt. Kenya, & Safari, Aug & Feb. 2014
Service Trek November 2014
Sherpa Training Climb Nov. 2014
Christmas & New Year EBC Trek
Aconcagua Winter 2015 (Dec/Jan/Feb)
Everest Tibet Climb Apr. 2015
Everest Nepal Climb Apr. 2015
Lhotse Climb Apr. 2015
Everest Nepal Training Apr-May 2015
Everest Tibet Training Apr - May 2015
Cho Oyu Climb Apr. 2015
ShishaPangma Climb Apr-May 2015
Everest Glacier School Apr-May 2015
Everest Basecamp Nepal Apr-May 2015
Advanced Basecamp trek April - May 2015
Service Trek Jun. 2015
Mustagata July 2015
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Cho Oyu Expedition
Everest Tibet Expedition, Training Climb & ABC Trek
Everest Nepal - Lhotse Expedition & Training Climb
Everest Basecamp Trek Nepal
Mount Everest Foundation News - Service Trek Spring
Mustagata Expedition
Everest Glacier School & Basecamp Trek
Baruntse & Mera Peak Expedition
Ama Dablam Expedition
Island Peak Expedition
Mt. Elbrus - 6 on the summit
ShishaPangma - 7 on the summit
Ama Dablam- 7 on the summit
Baruntse (7 on the summit) & Mera Peak (6 on the summit)
Africa News: Kilimanjaro, Mt. Kenya & Safari
Seattle Glacier School
Alps Mountain Meet
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Recent News - From Our Expeditions Around The World
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Cho Oyu Expedition
Cho Oyu Expedition, Led by Angel Armesto
Everest Tibet Expedition, Training Climb & ABC TrekEverest Tibet, North Col, & ABC Trek, Spring 2014, Led by Scott Patch
Everest Nepal - Lhotse Expedition & Training ClimbEverest Nepal, Lhotse, & Training Climb, Spring 2014, Led by Dan Mazur
Aconcagua ExpeditionAconcagua Expedition, Led by Max Kausch
Cho Oyu - 8 on the SummitPerhaps the best possible preparation for climbing Everest. Considered to be the "easiest" of the fourteen 8000 metre / 26,000 foot high mountains. 6th highest mountain on Earth. Located near Everest in Tibet.
Mustagata Expedition Mustagata Expedition, led by Arnold Coster
Baruntse & Mera Peak Expedition Barunste & Mera Peak Climbing Expedition Autumn, Led by Felix Berg
Ama Dablam Expedition Ama Dablam Climbing Expedition Autumn, Led by Dan Mazur
Mt. Elbrus - 6 on the summit Mount Elbrus - highest peak in all of Europe and one of the fabled "7 summits". 'Easy' and safe snow climb to 5650 metres / 18,600 feet. This is an ideal trip for aspiring climbers who wish to test their skills at high altitude in 11 days during July.
ShishaPangma - 7 on the summitShishaPangma - Perfect preparation for Everest, located in Tibet and the lowest 8000 meter / 26,000 foot high peak. Can also be combined with Cho Oyu for a special "double-header" expedition (20% discount).
Everest Tibet Expedition Training ClimbEverest Tibet, North Col, Spring 2013, Led by Arnold Coster
Everest Nepal - Lhotse Expedition & Training ClimbEverest Nepal Training Climb, Spring 2013, Led by Dan Mazur
Seattle Glacier School Seattle Glacier School 2011 - Led by Dan Mazur
Everest News (Francais)

Everest Tibet News From Jacques Puyo Led by Dan Mazur
Lincoln Hall TributeLincoln Hall, one of Australia's most celebrated climbers and authors has passed away.
Alps Mountain Meet Alps Mountain Meet March 2011, led by Dan Mazur