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Baruntse and Mera Peak Climb & Trek Expedition Recent News Autumn

Baruntse & Mera Peak
Autumn: news of our expedition

12 October to 14 November

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23 Oct - Team Mera on the SUMMIT of MERA Peak. Congratulations SummitClimb Team.

22 Oct - Trek across the Mera La, which is at about 5300 metres/17,400 feet to Mera Peak basecamp at 5100 metres/16,700 feet.

21 Oct - Walk to Khare at 5000 metres/16,400 feet, organize equipment. Team doing good. 


Trekking to Kare. Kipa and Mr. Wang at Tea House enjoying food.


Mr. Wang and Kipa at Kare.  Team at Tea House.

19 Oct - Hiked from Kote 3500m / 11450ft to Tangnag 4300m / 14100 ft. Stunning scenery and blue sky's members doing great.

17 Oct - Trek across the Zetra La pass (4600 metres/15,100 feet), to the village of Chatra La (4200 metres/13,800 feet)

Photo Dani

16 Oct - Today after a 3 hours walk up quite step but easy ground we have arrived at Kharkateng 4000 meters / 13150 foot.  All members are doing well.

15 Oct - Trek from Lukla to Chutanga (3474 metres/11,400 feet). All is well.

14 Oct - Arrive lukla safe. All members are fine. We decide to stay in Lukla today.

13 Oct - Busy few days in Kathmandu with the members buying last minute supplies, equipment and getting to know each other, we are ready to leave tomorrow.

Team at Hotel. Team at Kathmandu resturant.

12 Oct: The Baruntse - Mera Peak Team is arriving and the expedition is starting now. Hooray!

Baruntse Team:
  • Daniel F. , (Leader) British
  • Mathias S. , Deutsh
  • Simon H., New Zealand
  • Dagobert W, Osterreich
  • Iris W., Osterreich
  • Jakob K., Osterreich
  • Gordon G., British
  • Michael S., Australian
  • Ms. Sanni R. Finland
  • Ms. Clare L. Irish
  • Yanzhong W., Chinese
  • Peter D, Australian
  • Ramon G., Espanola
  • Samo M., Slovenia
  • Ms. Lena S. Finland
Mera Peak Team:

Climbing Sherpa

  • Jangbu Sherpa
  • Ngang Nuri Sherpa
  • Sange Sherpa
  • Ang Dorjee Sherpa
  • Gyalzi Sherp
  • Pasang Nuri Sherpa

Base Camp Manager

  • Kaji Tamang


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