Salesforce Everest Medical Patient Record Keeping System For Khumbu Valley by Andrew Dunn

Salesforce Everest Medical Patient Record Keeping System For Khumbu Valley by Andrew Dunn

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Salesforce Everest Medical Trek
The Salesforce Team, under the leadership of Andrew Dunn and Mingma Sherpa, made their second annual service trek into the Khumbu Valley. Last year they did construction work on Nepal's oldest convent, the Deboche Nunnery. This year's goal was development of a patient records management and referral system which will be applied in rural medical facitilies of Nepal. The Khumbu Valley was chosen because of its rural nature and availabilty of wifi. The Salesforce team designed the system for 6 months prior to the trek, and then, during their journey from Lukla to Everest Base Camp, met with representatives of the health posts and hospitals in the Khumbu Valley to present the software and also donated 10 laptops and a cc tv camera system for Khumjung's Sir Edmund Hillary High School. For their awesome generosity we are all deeply grateful. Please enjoy the photos. Thank you very much!
everest medical trek meeting 
enjoying   working

members in clinic  in hotel
inside room   members enjoying

taking breakfast   members with mountain backgroud
team members   village with small house
crossing bridge   sitting on stone
walking   climbing
having tea   having tea
walking in grass   team members
looking on camera   trekking
walking   walking
yak on hill   members posing
members climbing   village
cow   group with statue
members with mountain backgroud  
carrying food   member working
village view   beautifull bar
beautifull environment   in hotel
team members   on the trekking
members   members
trekkers   village from distance
walking and taking photo   walking in bridge
walking on stone   everest medical team
Team Roster
  • Amanda d.
  • Paul L.
  • Kelly B.
  • Manish S.
  • Fotios Z.
  • Andrew D.
  • Fang L.