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Ladies Trekking
Welcome to Ladies Trekking Club! We share the thirst for adventure, trekking and discovering the world. The membership of our club is free. Please help us find as many women from around the world who have climbed Kilimanjaro or who have dreamed of doing so. To mark International Women’s Day on 8 March 2014, Ladies Trekking Club is planning to design a unique flag bearing all of their names and to take it to the Roof of Africa. Our goal is to include the names of at least 10,000 women on the flag. Our undertaking is designed to be a show of respect to all women around the world. In so doing we will be giving them our support and our message: we should all think – and act – big and value education. <div id="wrap-join-link" class="join-us"> <a id="join-link" href="">JOIN US</a> and pass on this message to every woman you know would like to register herself to this mission!