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The Beginner’s Guide To Climbing Mt Everest – a practical guide and tips. By Michael Tomordy
The Author is: Michael Tomordy - Forward by: Dan Mazur. Dan is an active mountain climber, expedition leader and received the Sir Edmund Hillary Mountain Legacy medal on December 11 2018. 25% of proceeds go to the Charity, "Mount Everest Foundation For Sustainable Development" In Nepal and Tibet. The MEF is a registered charity of Nepal number 326/060/61. Author’s Description: I wrote this simple practical guide or “tip book” following my successful Summit on 23 May 2018 and realized that there was much I learnt on the mountain, prior expeditions and similar challenges, that could help others achieve their Goal, and more importantly that I had not been told, read in books, watched in documentaries or exaggerated in the movies! This practical guide is primarily written for the “Amateur” or beginner Mountaineer, and covers Physical, Technical and Mental Training aspects as well as the route and more practical matters. However but much of its content equally applies to those whom are more experienced. This Guide is written to provide practical guidance and tips to hopefully make your experience better and help you achieve Mt Everest Summit . It is intended to be complementary to your Expedition Company and Leaders advice, both pre-arrival and on the mountain. Finally I also believe many of the items covered in this practical guide can equally be applied to other similar rigorous challenges. I wish you success and safe return from “Your Everest”, whatever it might be.
Farm Boy Publishing Company
Wild Tales of Adventure and a bit of Inspiration from the FarmBoy who Found his Soul in the Mountains and Canyons of the World.
Scenic Trails Research
Ron Strickland's nine books are about hiking or oral history. The former include guidebooks, a memoir, and a literary anthology. The five oral history books showcased the culture and twentieth century history of America's regions.
The first woman to climb Everest from both sides
Cathy O`Dowd, the first woman to climb Everest from both sides has re-released her fantastic book, `Just for the Love of it`, in e-book format with us. The book is riveting and would be a fantastic read for anyone interested in mountaineering. We, at Crux Publishing, would be most grateful if you would post the following link to Cathy`s book on Amazon on your page for your followers to see:
Canoeing Expedition on San Francisco river, in Brazil, from the source to the mouth at a distance of 2700 km, which lasted 100 days and was paddled solo.
Creative Paths to Freedom
Author of Finding the Gypsy in Me - Tales of an International House Sitter and world traveler, Teresa Roberts, explores various aspects of creative living on her website Creative Paths to Freedom.