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Everest News - From Everest Tibet Expedition, Training Climb & ABC Trek

  • everestnews Everest Seen from Basecamp. Photo Franz
  • everestnews The Famous second step. Photo David O'Brien
  • everestnews Our tents at the North Col at 7000 metres-23,000 feet, also known as camp 1. Photo David O Brien and Summit seen from ABC. Ry Fable

Everest news of our recent expedition: Everest Tibet / North Col & ABC Trek 7 April to 5 June

Blog posts: Scroll down for day by day news of our climbing and trekking teams.

April - 21 - Hi this is David O’Brien from Interim base camp. It took on average 5 1/2 hours for us to walk up from base camp. The weather was good, sunny, fairly calm and a good day to progress up the mountain. Today we had a short walk and plenty of sunbathing.

April 19 - Hi this is David O’Brien, yesterday we walked down to the old Rombok monastery, a magical place full of history and spiritual presence. We were fortunate to be able to go down into the hiding cave. Cut into the Himalayan rock and light by yak butter candles, you can really feel the many monks that have spent hours down there.  Today we completed our base camp acclimatisation with a walk up a local hill, great views. Looking forward to heading to interim base camp tomorrow.

April 17 - Hi this is David O’Brien. We woke this morning to a dusting of snow and bright sunshine. The Lama from the Rombok Monastery made the short journey up the valley for our Puja ceremony, the blessing for our adventures to come. The Lama chants prayers for quite some time , followed by a group throwing in the air of barley flour . It’s then beer or coke and many sweet treats to eat.

This evening was Thomas’s birthday and the world famous Summit Climb base camp open mike night ....the best ever. Poems from the UK, quizzes from France and Denmark, songs from Germany and jokes from Australia and Canada. Also a brilliant lecture on Italian sign language from Luca. A very moving speach from Thomas , born the same year as me , proud to be with a great bunch of people.


Puja ceremony. Prayer flags. Photo David O’Brien,


Some of our Sherpas. Sherpas above puja offerings. Photo David O’Brien

April 16 - Hi this is David O’Brien. A beautiful morning at base camp, sun shining and no wind. Today is a relax and do nothing sort of day. Enjoyable for some challenging for others.

everest base camp tibet

Base camp and Everest photo David O’Brien

April 15 - Hi this is David O’Brien. It’s a pleasant 3 1/2 hour drive up over a high pass to get to base camp. The road is paved until the last two kilometres so it’s comfort all the way. All tents were set up when we got here , so after lunch it was time to unpack the duffel bags and get the sleeping stuff sorted.

Team entering the national park. photo David O’Brien

April 14 : Hi this is David O’Brien. In Tingri today for more acclimatisation, a walk up dusty hill which didn’t live up to its name. A big lunch and hanging around in the afternoon sun. All very pleasant, all we need is a country pub!

flags on the road   flags waving

on the walk above Gyirong   team members

On the walk above Gyirong. Photo Manuel b

com eating   heading back

Com eating a plastic bag. Heading back from dusty hill. Photo David O’Brien

temple above Tingri   dinner in tingri

The Temple above Tingri. Dinner in Tingri. Photo David O’Brien

13 April : Hi This is David O’Brien Everest leader. We’ve driven up onto the barren dusty Tibetan plateau today over a high pass of 5200m. Well stay in Tingri (4300m) for two nights to continue our acclimatisation. Tingri is a gritty, no nonsense, everything on a single kilometre strip of road sort of town. You really feel like your in Tibet. If the clouds part well see Everest for the first time; if not it’s a bit more shopping and a rest up in the surprisingly comfortable rooms.

on the way to thingri   high way to thingri

Board on the way to Thingri. High way to Thingri. Photo Martin S.

high way to thingri   view of thingri

High way to Thingri to Cho Oyu basecamp. View of Thingri. Photo Martin S.

lake and mountain   landscape view

Lake and mountain view. Landscape view. Photo Martin S.

member trying to study   player flag

Player flag. Photo Martin S.

national nature reserve   stop over

Qomolangma National Nature Reserve. Stop over on the way to Thingri. Photo Martin S.

   altitude gain

What a altitude gain. Photo Martin S.

stupa during sight seen

Stupa during sight seen. Photo Martin S.

group pic   cloud

12 April : Hi this is David O’Brien leader for Everest Tibet ABC trekkers, North Col and Summit climbers. After a short delay in Kathmandu waiting for Chinese visas we set off on the bumpy bus ride to the boarder crossing at Gyirong yesterday. We crossed with some minutes to spare and onto the flat sealed delightful roads of Tibet, up through the bear inhabited forest, to the Town of Gyirong. Dinner was in a homely family run Tibet style restaurant and after plenty to eat we all slept well in the comfortable hotel. This morning was bright and sunny, just right for our first acclimatisation walk, through scented pine forest to a picture postcard mountain lake with a backdrop of the peaks of Langtang. Everyone is doing well enjoying the company and the sunshine.


11 April : today’s pics and report. after 10 hour of driving on the way both teams (Everest and Cho Oyu) could enter Tibet. We arrived in a small town called Kirong where we’ll rest tomorrow. The town is surrounded by beautiful mountains so we’ll have a hike after breakfast

travelling members   house on the way

8 April : Today is our team briefing and last minute shopping.

7 April: Our members are arriving in Kathmandu and we are checking their gear, then taking them out to the shops to buy and rent/hire what they need. Delicious dinner at a cultural dance restaurant.

Team Rosters:

Everest Summit Team Member

  • David O'Brien (Leader), UK
  • Benoit C. France
  • Axel L., France
  • Manuel B. France
  • Luca C., Italy
  • James S. Australia
  • Stephan C., Canada
  • Morten R. (LIT), Denmark

Everest Northcol Training Climb Member

  • Gera G. Israli
  • Thomas G., Deutsch
  • Gerhard K., Deutsch

ABC Trekkers members:

  • Audrey C. France
  • Nelly S., France
  • Udo H. , Schwerin
  • Stefan G. , Deutsch
  • Christoph S. , Deutsch
  • Nikolaus L. Deutsch
  • Swathi B, USA
  • Michael T. Australia
  • Belinda T. Australia

SummitClimb Climbing Sherpas & Staff - 

  • Tenji Sherpa
  • Chhonga Karma Sherpa
  • Gyalze Sherpa
  • Lakpa Dawa Sherpa
  • PembaRingi Sherpa
  • Sonam Mingmar Sherpa
  • Kipa Sherpa

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