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Ama Dablam Climb and Trek Expedition News October and November

Ama Dablam News
News from Ama Dablam Expedition

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20 Oct - Today our group was treated to an amazing experience, which i am sure most of us will never have the chance to be a part of again. Our team leader Martin and assistant team leader Christina were married in a traditional Nepali wedding at the base of AmaDablam. No Cathedral could match the beauty of that setting and the joyous celebration amongst our teammate and Sherpa friends was a truly wonderful thing to be a part of. It involved day drinking, throwing of rice and some sort of powder and comical dancing amongst the sherpas and climbers. The puja ceremony also went off without a hitch and our climb has been blessed by the local lama. The international portion of our team moves to camp 1 for an acclimatization night tomorrow, but for now we are all simply happy to have had such a great time bonding with our Nepali and non-Nepali teammates by celebrating love as they do.

ready to have breakfast   ready to breakfast
Team members ready for breakfast.
mountain view
ready for woship   ready for tea
ready for tea   ready for tea
Team member ready for tea.
ready for tea   chinese banner

17 Oct -
climbing team member   managing rope
Team member climbing.
mountain with tent   member looking on the road
Mountain view with tent.
making rope   team climbing
rady for food
mountain view from village
Mountain view.
team member with buddha statue
Team member with Buddha statue.
mountain view   lady in camera
Amadablam looks beautifull behind cloud. Team member posing for photo background Ama Dablam.
mountain covered by cloud   mountain with cloud
Ama dablam covered by clouds. Taboche covered with clouds.
carrying bag   team members walking
Hiking toward Ama dablam basecamp.
team members with statue   walking in the narrow path
Team members with Tenji Sherpa statue.
watching view
Amadablam seen from Tanboche.
posing for camera  watching view

At basecamp. Trekking toward basecamp.

15 Oct - Kathmandu to Namche. Yvon Chouinard once said "The word 'adventure' has just gotten overused. For me, adventure is when everything goes wrong. That's when the adventure starts." As our team takes a rest day in Namche, we have had time to reflect on the adventure of the past few days. That's when the adventure starts." We woke up at 4am on the 12th eager to begin our journey to Ama Dablam from the Kathmandu airport. As we entered the terminal with our caravan of luggage we were treated to a large photo of the beautiful mountain, but this would turn out to be a cruel joke on that day. Things do not run smoothly in the Kathmandu airport and that day they didnt run at all. Due to weather, all flights to Namche were cancelled and we ended up waiting until 1:30 before we elected to give up and go home. However, it was a blessing in disguise, because we decided to avoid this chaos and take a helicopter to Lukla, which allowed us to better appreciate the beautiful scenery on the way to Lukla. Sadly our team leader Martin would not be able to join the rest of the group until the day after we arrived in Lukla. In Lukla we marvelled at the absurdly short runway and were teased by views of the mountajns through a dense fog. Our Russian teammate Uri joined us in Lukla and Blake made an abortive attempt at teaching everybody a Russian card game. By this point our team is close and it is hard to imagine pursuing this sort of expedition without a good group of friends. This is perhaps one of the best parts of climbing in a group of strangers, most people who don't climb don't really understand why anyone would want to subject themselves to the hardships of high altitude mountaineering and meeting a whole new team of people who get it is a truly enriching experience. Our team is very strong and we are all confidently looking forward to climbing this peak, one of the most beautiful in the world. Martin, our leader, has an inspiring and reassuring record of 8000m summits, including Everest. He leads a group of 4 Americans, a Texan, 2 Australians, a Norwegian, a Russian and a German. The other half of our team is made up of Germans and has been at base camp for 2 days. After one night in the gateway to the Khumbu that is Lukla we trekked to Namche and were thoroughly humbled by Uri, the eldest of our group, who beat us all to Namche with ease. Namche is perhaps the most charming town in Nepal, sitting on the side of giant hills, walking anywhere is a light workout. However, we have countered this by frequent trips to the local German bakery, which also serves excellent pizza. We spent the night in Namche and were treated to our first view of Ama Dablam and Everest the morning after. Ama Dablam may be shorter than Everest, but its hard to beat its dramatic shape and steep slopes. Our team cannot wait to finally be before the open arms of ridges to which it owes its name. Tomorrow we leave for Pangbuche, but first we will take picture before the memorial to Tenzing, which ironically says "Dont climb."

12 Oct
First view of AmaDablam   Clothes hanging
AmaDablam and Lhotse Shar seen while trekking toward Pangboche. Climber's Signature at Tea House Resturant. Photo Martin
Baar on the road   Taking picture by Team Member
Bar on at Namche Bazaar. Trekking towards to Namche. Photo Martin.
Breakfast time for Team members   Ordering for drinks
Lunch time. Bar time.
looking menu   view from sky
Martin looking for food. Landscape view. Photo Martin.

dog in the bridge   enjoying in the bridge by Team member  roads
Dog in the bridge. Team member in the bridge. Cloudy day at Namche.
Namche Bazaar , Amadablam news
LandScape View of Namche Bazaar. Photo Martin

View of Namche from our Lodge   Beautiful day to hike toward Namche Bazaar

View of Namche from our Lodge. Beautiful day to hike toward Namche Bazaar. Photo Martin

suspension bridge near Phakding    Trail toward Namche Bazaar

Suspension bridge near Phakding. Trail toward Namche Bazaar. Photo Martin

1st Group landed at Lukla Airport    stupa while we are hiking

1st Group landed at Lukla Airport . stupa while we are hiking . Photo Martin

Our duffle bags ready to transfer    having nap

Our duffle bags ready to transfer. Having nap

team ready to departure to Domestic Airport    Team members are waiting for heli to fly lukla

Team ready to departure to Domestic Airport. Team members are waiting for heli to fly Lukla

flying above the clouds while flying to Lukla airport via helicopter  khundruke seen from heli

Flying above the clouds while flying to Lukla airport via helicopter. Khundruke seen from heli. Photo Martin

Martin ready for heli ride   helicopter ready for flying Lukla

Martin ready for heli. Ready for flying to Lukla.

bags in Airport   Team members inside the pool

Team members bags in Airport. Team members in pool.

11 Oct - Busy few days in Kathmandu with the members buying last minute supplies, equipment & getting to know each other, Second group are ready to leave tomorrow. While 1st Group are already in Namche.
amadablam news    amadablam news
Murari Sharma, Expedition Leader Martin and Christina F. receving permit from DOT.
amadablam news

Sightseeing around Kathmandu City before expeidition.

Team Roster
AmaDablam Team Roster

  • Martin S. (Leader) Germany
  • Martin W., (Leader-in-Training) Germany
  • Blake T., (Leader-in-Training) USA
  • Charles C. USA
  • Nicole C. USA
  • Christina,  Germany
  • Harold O., USA
  • Daniel B., USA
  • Brian C., USA
  • Ryan M., Australia
  • Brock M.,  Australia
  • Morgan W., USA
  • Iurii P., Russia
  • Erland B., Norway
  • Jon W,  Israel
  • Omer S., Israel
  • Steve M., USA
  • Laura R., USA
  • Mark A., USA
  • Jürgen M., Austrian
  • Alexander Z., German
  • Angela Böbel German
  • Franz K, Osterreich
  • Rita L., Osterreich
  • Christian L.,Osterreich
  • Christophe R., France
Climbing Sherpa

  • Tenji Sherpa
  • Lakpa Tendu Sherpa
  • Lhakpa Dawa Sherpa
  • Ang Dorjee Sherpa
  • Phujung Bhote
  • Wangchhowk Sherpa
  • Galbu Sherpa


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