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Africa, Kilimanjaro Trek, Mount Kenya Rock-Climb and Trek, Wild Game Safari News

  • africa news 2nd cave camp africa
  • africa news Lion club resting on a branch. Photo by Jonathan Barbero
  • africa news Andrew and Jonnathan on the summit of Pt Peter 4900m
News of our recent expedition: Africa, Kilimanjaro Trek, and  Wild Game Safari News 


Trip Summary: Our team of men and women of all ages had a wonderful time in East Africa this season. Welcome to the gorgeous, friendly countries of Kenya and Tanzania.

Our trip to East Africa features a walk to the top of Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest mountain: www.KiliTrek.com . We use the gorgeous, easy, and less crowded Rongai walking route for our ascent.

the Kilimanjaro team reached the summit.

the kilimanjaro team summit

The team has arrived at Barranco camp for their 3rd night on the mountain.

Kili Summit  Lion seen during our safari

Kili Summit. Lion seen during our safari.

Zebra and other wide animal seen during africa tour Team

Zebra and other wide animal seen during africa tour. Team Kili.

landscape of africa tour Hippopotamus under water

landscape of africa tour. Hippopotamus under water.

Bird sight seen Water buffalo at jungle safari

Bird sight seen. Water buffalo at jungle safari.

Panarama view from resort

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