Thanks for the Himalaya!!

Thanks for the Himalaya!!


How are you and what have you been doing? Any exciting mountain climbs, treks, or training? Its late November and we have much to be thankful for. Start of Winter; bright white mountain snow falls heavily, skiing is good, ice climbing begins. My name is Dan Mazur. I have been leading SummitClimbs and SummitTreks for 10 years. I enjoy our fun groups of friends: men and women of all ages and abilities. We have wonderful Sherpas, good equipment, and, if I may say so, well organized qualified leaders.

Thanks For 2017 Summits!!

CLIMBING NEWS: Due to good weather, this year's September, October, and November expeditions have all been successful, allowing our Manaslu, Baruntse, Ama Dablam, Lobuche, Mera and Island Peak teams to reach their summits. We had a beautiful safe June - July in Pakistan where friendly locals treated us like Kings and Queens and we visited K2, Broad Peak, Pastore Peak, the Gasherbrums and trekked all around the Karakoram, in preparation for the 2018 season. In April and May we reached the summit of Everest on both sides; Tibet - North and Nepal - South, also Mount Lhotse (world's 4th highest). We had a series of Everest training climbs up to camp 3, also Everest View Glacier Schools on Lobuche Peak. Please go to  for more.

"Thank you" Himalayan People and Environment, Working Together With
Mount Everest Foundation for Sustainable Development.

Current projects include: 1) service treks to poor villages, 2) building schools and hospitals, 3) waste treatment plant at Everest basecamp, for which we just won a UIAA award, 4) a Sherpa training school, and 5) rebuilding the oldest convent near Everest. Donations received on 28 November will be doubled by Facebook and the Gates Foundation. Please go to and



  • Christmas 2017 Everest Base Camp Trek
  • New Year 2018 Island Peak Climb
  • Kilimanjaro, Mt. Kenya, & Safari
  • Aconcagua Winter 2017-18 (Dec/Jan/Feb)
  • Free, No Charge Winter Glacier School


  • Everest Tibet Climb Apr. 2018
  • Everest Nepal Climb Apr. 2018
  • Everest Tibet Training Apr - May 2018
  • Everest Nepal Training Apr-May 2018
  • Lhotse Climb Apr. 2018
  • Everest Glacier School Apr-May 2018
  • Tibet ABC trek April - May 2018
  • Everest Base Camp Nepal Apr-May 2018
  • Island Peak April-May 2018
  • Lobuche Peak April-May 2018


  • Remote Nepal Service Trek June. 2018
  • K2 Expedition June, July, and August 2018
  • Broad Peak June, July, and August 2018
  • Pastore Peak June, July, and August 2018
  • K2 Trekking June, July, and August 2018
  • Gasherbrum (I) June, July, and August 2018
  • Mustagata July 2018
  • Elbrus Climb July - Aug 2018


  • Cho Oyu Sept- Oct 2018
  • Shisha Pangma Sept- Oct 2018
  • Manaslu Sept-Oct 2018
  • Ama Dablam Climb Oct-Nov 2018
  • Baruntse Climb Oct-Nov 2018
  • Mera Peak Climb - Trek October
  • Everest Glacier School Oct-Nov
  • Everest Basecamp Nepal Oct -Nov
  • Island Trekking Peak Oct-Nov
  • Service Trek Nov 2018

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SummitClimb Leader Dan Mazur is presenting a UK charity / non-profit slide video presentation tour 5-15 Feb, 2018. Featuring exciting high altitude stories, images, and video footage from Karakoram K2, Everest Tibet and Nepal. Join the audience or host a fascinating lecture.

Please contact me as soon as possible. I enjoy questions and discussing our favourite topic: MOUNTAINS. I look forward to meeting and climbing to the summit together with you. Welcome to our team! - Dan Mazur

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