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UK: +44 (0)7810 375400 & USA: +1 360-570-0715 info@summitclimb.com
UK: +44 (0)7810 375400 & USA: +1 360-570-0715

SummitClimb heading back to Nepal Himalayas

Join Us Now or Never: Nepal Peaks and Paths: 30 - 60 Day Deadline

Final chance to join us this year also book now for 2018.

60 day deadline for our October trips
Ready for our exciting Autumn climbing and trekking season in Nepal? Our Mt Manaslu climb starts in just 2 weeks and only 7 weeks until our October expeditions begin. Wow!!

Join our friendly team of men and women of all ages and abilities organised and led by me, Dan Mazur, 9 year Everest expedition leader, together with our experienced British and American leaders, and super strong, helpful Sherpas, many who have climbed Everest more than 5 times!!

NEWS New Trip! We have just been training and exploring around remote Karakoram region, home to Mount K2, world's 2nd highest peak and the most beautiful and exotic mountain domain on our planet. We are putting together a whole new program for you during June, July, and August of 2018. Please go to KarakoramNews.com for more.

We are still busy working with the Mount Everest Foundation rebuilding Nepal in the aftermath of the 2015 earthquake.: www.MountEverestFoundationNews.org
Cheap flights are still available, we will help you find one. Also we will help you source cheap equipment for rental or hire. It’s time to book your insurance too go to www.PreTripNewsletter.com to see exact trip details and don’t forget we take credit cards for 100% of your trip payment.
Everest News

www.ManasluClimb.com - Best preparation for Everest.

manaslu summit
In September and first week of October, for 38 days, join our expedition to Mount Manaslu, Nepal's easiest 8000m / 26,000 ft peak. Famous for easy snow climbing, located in the stunning Annapurna region, Manaslu is the world's 8th highest peak and a very straightforward mountain. EXPEDITION LAUNCHES IN JUST 15 DAYS. ONLY 2 SPOTS LEFT ON THE PERMIT! Leaders Dan Mazur and Dani Fuller: Full Service Cost: $12,850, £9,650, €11,450
www.BaruntseClimb.com - Uncrowded grand circle traverse near Everest.

barunste summit
Three peaks for the price of one. Easy snow climbing with something for everyone: novice, intermediate, and expert. 32 or 29 days in October or November. Amazing remote trekking off the beaten track. Take a breath-taking flight to Lukla, cross a high grassy rocky pass into Chetra mountains, trek through jungles with deer, snow monkeys. Follow a raging river into alpine terrain. Ascend Nepal's highest trekking peak: "Mera" easy snow climbing at 6500m / 21,300 ft with amazing views of Everest, Lhotse, Cho Oyu, Baruntse, Island Peak. Trek through remote high river valley into alpine lakes region, climb up a smooth snow ridge to the summit of Baruntse, Nepal's most classic 7000m / 23,000 ft peak. Incredible summit views! Finally, trek/climb over the awesome Amphu Labtsa pass at 5800m / 19,000 ft and pop out into Khumbu Valley Everest basecamp trek, with luxury teahouses, yummy cappuccino, cold beer and chocolate cake, finishing up your grand circle traverse back in Lukla. Climbing Baruntse qualifies you for Everest. STARTS IN JUST 60 DAYS. ONLY 2 PLACES AVAILABLE. Leaders: Dan Mazur and Dani Fuller. Full Service Cost: $8,950, £6,750, €7,950.
www.AmaDablamClimb.com - Not just another snow plod.
amadablam climb action
Asia's most famous rock and mixed climb: easy technical, very climbable. 29 days: October or November. The most photographed Himalayan peak, Mount Ama Dablam, a 6800 m / 22,000 ft. dry sunny mountain featuring good, easy, solid rock climbing with firm snow, protected by well fixed ropes and strong Sherpas. Located just 20km / 12 miles from Everest. Short expedition, only 4 weeks, no glacier to cross, grassy basecamp, trek follows Hillary's Everest trail. Climbing Ama Dablam qualifies you for Everest. BEGINS IN ONLY 60 DAYS. JUST FOUR SLOTS ARE LEFT. Leader: Dan Mazur. Full Service Cost: $5,550, £4,150, € 4,950. Basic Climb Cost: $2,650, £2,050, €2,450.
Go High and Long! 6000 metre / 19,500 foot "Trekking Peaks".

Test yourself at altitude on a real expedition in just a few days.

Learn mountaineering skill, then go for a fun and easy summit.

island peak climb
www.EverestGlacierSchool.com - Opening the peaks to all kinds of people of all abilities. Learn Climbing: practice skills on a 6000m / 19,000 ft peak. 18 days (or 5 days for the school and climb only) during October or November (also offered in April or May). Join for the school itself, or combine with AmaDablamClimb.com or BaruntseClimb.com . YOU HAVE 60 DAYS TO SIGN UP. Qualified leader: Teelay Nuru Sherpa. Full Service cost: $2,450, £1,850, €2,190, Five day option: $1350 .

www.MeraPeakClimb.com - Ascend Nepal's highest "trekking peak". 22 day trek in October, with two days of easy fun snow climbing at 6500m / 21,300 ft with stunnng views of Everest, Lhotse, Cho Oyu, Baruntse, Island Peak. Amazing remote trekking off the beaten track. Take a breathtaking flight to Lukla, cross a high grassy rocky pass into Chetra mountains, trek through jungles with deer, snow monkeys. Follow a raging river into alpine terrain. 60 DAY BOOKING DEADLINE. Leaders: Dan Mazur and Dani Fuller. Full Service Cost: $3,150, £2,350, €2,750

www.IslandPeakClimb.com - Nepal's easiest and most famous trekking peak. Climb to 6,000M / 19,500 ft in just 1 day. Trip runs for 22 days (includes visit to Everest basecamp) or 5 days (climb only) in October or November (also offered in April or May). Perfect as a "stand alone trip" or combine with AmaDablamClimb.com . Full Service Cost - $2,950, £2,250, €2,650. 5 day option: $1350 .
Are you a Trekker, Walker or Hiker?

are you trekking
Everest Base Camp Trek : Trek through lush green valleys with tiny villages and waterfalls, to enter the highland of our planet's most famous basecamp, ringed by many peaks and mighty Everest herself, in the footsteps of Sherpa Tenzing and Sir Edmund Hillary. 17 days in October, November, April, and May - Cost $1,850, £1,350, €1,650 . www.EverestBaseCampWalk.com

www.RemoteNepalServiceTrek.org  - "Give-Back" by bringing medicine and books to poor Sherpa families living on the "wrong side" of Everest. 12 days in November (also June), for "normal" people who love short low altitude treks through gorgeous green mountains visiting friendly families in tiny villages far from the beaten path, staying in lovely Sherpa homes. Minimum Donation: $1,450 (discounts for medical or education pros)

www.ChristmasEverestTrek.com  - Christmas and New Year Holiday Plans? Its not too early to get into the Festive Spirit! Dates fit your Xmas break : 17 Dec 2017 to 1 Jan 2018. Optional: add on Island Peak (above). REDUCED PRICE! - Cost: $1,850
April and May trips already filling: Everest Tibet or Everest Nepal Summit, Everest Training Climbs up to Camp 3 in Tibet or Nepal, Lhotse Summit, The Choice is Yours!

everest nepal
www.EverestNepalClimb.com - Date: 8 April to 6 June, 2018. 60 days in Nepal. Full Service Cost: $36,450, £27,450, €32,550; Basic Climb: $15,150, £11,950, €14,250. AUTUMN: 20 August to 20 October, 60 days in Nepal. Autumn Cost: $44,950; Autumn Basic Climb Cost: $25,150.

www.EverestTibetClimb.com - Date: 8 April to 6 June, 2018. 60 days in Tibet & Nepal. Full Service Cost: $28,450, £21,350, €25,450; Basic Climb Cost: $13,050, £10,250, €12,250

www.LhotseClimb.com - Date: 8 April to 6 June, 2018. 60 days in Nepal. Full Service Cost: $14,850, £11,150, €13,250; Basic Climb: $5,150, £3,890, €4,650.

www.EverestNepalTrainingClimb.com - Date: 8 April to 8 May, 2018 and 22 April to 22 May, 2018. 16 day option: 18 April to 3 May, 2018 or 2 May to 17 May, 2018. Full Service Cost: $8,650, £6,550, €7,750. Sixteen day option : $6,350, £4,750, €5,650.

www.EverestTibetTrainingClimb.com - Dates: 8 April to 5 May, 2018 & 22 April to 19 May, 2018. 28 days in Tibet. Full Service Cost: $8,950, £6,750, €7,950. Add on an ascent of Mount Lhakpa-Ri for $4,850.

Interested in becoming a leader, or already one? Please check out the amazing discounts at www.LeaderInTraining.com  .

Please contact me as soon as possible. I enjoy questions and discussing our favourite topic: MOUNTAINS. Thank you very much. Welcome to our team! Yours Sincerely - Dan Mazur

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