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UK: +44 (0)7810 375400 & USA: +1 360-570-0715 info@summitclimb.com
UK: +44 (0)7810 375400 & USA: +1 360-570-0715

Do You Know How To Climb? Everest, K2, 7 Summits. 60 Day Deadline: Expeditions, Training, Trekking, Volunteers


Altitude Alert 60 Day Deadline: Climb, Learn, Train, Trek Everest, Cho Oyu, K2, Broad Peak in Tibet, Nepal, Karakoram. 

7-Summits January News Flash: Everyone Summits Aconcagua!

What are you doing and how was your January? Ours has been deep-snowy lately, with lots of skiing, winter ice, and storms. Now is the season for our Everest Training and Glacier Schools, climbing with friends, teaching and practicing the mountaineering skills we need to climb the high peaks. Welcome to The Heart of Winter from Our group of Fun Members: Men and Women of All Ages and Abilities, with Top Experienced Qualified Leaders from Britain, Europe and USA, and the Most Friendly Strong Sherpas on The Mountain. We have delicious food, comfortable hotels, efficient transport and excellent equipment. Share this with your friends and we will send you a "friend referral fee".

READ DOWN for Breaking News of Tibet, Nepal, Karakoram, Volunteer and Charity Non-Profit, our FEBRUARY SPECIAL SALE, and Inexpensive Equipment Sourcing News.

Can you Believe its February Already?

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News: Tibet Is Open! Some groups were blocked from Tibet, but our team is fully allowed and our permits have a few spots left for YOU and YOUR FRIENDS on Everest Summit, North Col, Lhakpa Ri, Training, Cho Oyu, Shishapangma and Advanced Base Camp Trek. Our super experienced leaders David Obrien, Martin Szwed and top notch Sherpas are the most qualified on the mountain and there with you every step of the way. WE NEED TO KNOW IF YOU ARE GOING THIS WEEK! Please read to the bottom of this email for prices and dates. 

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News: Nepal Warmly Welcomes Everest Summit Climbers, Camp 3 Training Members, Lhotse Summiters, Island Peak Climbers, Lobuche Peak, Glacier School Students, Trekkers and Volunteers. Our Nepal permits are nearly full and the weather has been fabulous. Our expert leader Dani Fuller and the famous Jangbu Sherpa and his Sherpa All Stars are ready for you. YOU MUST JOIN US IN THE NEXT 30 DAYS! Please scroll down to see exact price and date for each trip.

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News: Karakoram Permits Due Quickly. What Are You Doing This Summer? Try something new and exciting and the Karakoram is safer than ever! 2018 and 2017 have been strong years for our members, leader Dan Mazur and our mighty Sherpas, leading the way on K2, Broad Peak, Everest Summer Training Climb, Pastore Trekking Peak, K2 Basecamp Trek. Dan Mazur will be leading once again. Dan is a Karakoram expert, with K2 Summit, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum. DON'T MISS YOUR CHANCE BEFORE THE PERMIT CLOSES ON 1 MARCH ! Please see exact prices and dates of each trip further down this email: 

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Volunteer and Charity Non-Profit News.

Get Personally Involved in Mount Everest Foundation Projects: Medical, Education, Cultural and Environmental Preservation. Our Remote Nepal Service Trek is Filling for June and November.One of our SummitClimb leaders Dan Mazur won a Hillary Medal and is touring the country giving presentations in aid of the Mount Everest Foundation and www.CleaningUpMountEverest.org Big Project for 2019. Everest Base Camp Waste Treatment Plant. See it LIVE. DONATE. Needed: Climbing Equipment and Clothing to www.SherpaTrainingSchool.org . Learn Mountaineering and Glacier Travel for FREE. What? Believe It: www.CascadeGlacierSchool.org .

LETS GET ON WITH IT! Please Read Down for each trip: 

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High Quality Inexpensive Equipment Sourcing News: You know this sport requires a lot of climbing, trekking gear and clothing. We are here to help you find the best and least expensive gear and we are glad to check your gear personally and make suggestions. Please check our Equipment Link for cheap and good renting, buying, new and used equipment: Click Here for Kathmandu Equipment Prices

Payment News: Tell Your Friends and Earn A CASH Finder's Fee. Cant afford the cost of an expedition? Put it on your credit card? YES we accept credit cards! FEBRUARY SPECIAL SALE: No Service Charge on Credit Card Payments! 

Spring Climbing and Trekking Trips

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  • Everest Nepal - April-May. 60 days in Nepal. Full Service: $38,450, £30,550, €33,850; Basic Climb: $19,450, £15,450, €17,050. Route first climbed by Hillary and Tenzing. Classic climb with the best weather. Leader Dan Mazur and Dani Fuller. 2018 Expedition Success !! SummitClimbNews.com. Our Review Please Click Here. Success in 2017: EverestNepalNews.com . Please WATCH VIDEO !
  • Everest Tibet Climb - April- May. 60 days in Tibet & Nepal. Full Service: $33,150, £25,950, €28,750; Basic Climb Cost: $23,450, £18,750, €20,350. Less crowded than Nepal, with better views. Leader David O'Brien. 2018 Expedition Success !! SummitClimbNews.com. Our Review Please Click Here. Success in 2017: EverestTibetNews.com . Please WATCH VIDEO !
  • Lhotse - Everest's sister peak, with a much shorter summit day. Full Service Cost: $16,150, £12,850, €14,150; Basic Climb: $9,150, £7,250, €8,050. Leader Dan Mazur and Dani Fuller. 2018 Expedition Success !! SummitClimbNews.com. Our Review Please Click Here. Success in 2017: LhotseClimb.com . Please WATCH VIDEO!
  • Cho Oyu - Good Preparation for Everest . April-May. 38 days in Tibet & Nepal. Full Service Cost: $23,450, £18,350, €20,350; Basic Climb Cost: $16,150, £12,650, €14,050. Most attainable 8000m / 26,000ft peak. Leader Dan Mazur. 2018 Expedition Success !! SummitClimbNews.com. Our Review Please Click Here. Success in 2017: ChoOyuNews.com . Please WATCH VIDEO!.
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  • Everest Tibet Training Climb - Learn everything you need to know and test yourself at high altitude in a short amount of time for a very low price. Do well and transfer to the SummitClimb at no extra cost.  April or May. 28 days in Tibet. Full Service: $10,150, £7,550, €8,650. Less expensive, more remote, less crowded than Nepal. Test yourself at high altitude going to camp 1 at 7000 metres/23,000 feet. Made famous in 1924 by Mallory and Irvine. Leader David O'Brien. 2018 Expedition Success !! SummitClimbNews.com. Please WATCH VIDEO!
  • Everest Nepal Training Climb - Learn everything you need to know and test yourself at high altitude in a short amount of time for a very low price. Do well and transfer to the SummitClimb at no extra cost. April or May. 31 days in Nepal. 16 day option available: Full Service: $10,150, £8,050, €8,950. Sixteen day option: $8,150, £6,450, €7,150. Ideal preparation for high altitude. Go to camp 3 at 7000 metres/23,000 feet. Leader Dan Mazur. 2018 Expedition Success !! SummitClimbNews.com . Please WATCH VIDEO!
  • Lobuche Peak Everest Glacier School - Quick exposure to high altitude at a very low price. April, May Or October, November. 18 days in Nepal OR 5 day option. Full Service: $3,150 £2,450 €2,750. 5 day option: $1350. Excellent short climbing school with a easy 6000 metre/20,000 ft. peak summit.
  • Island Peak - April, May or October, November 22 days in Nepal. OR 5 Day Option. Full Service: $3,150 £2,450 €2,750. 5 day option: $1350. Easy "trekking peak" at 6000 metres/20,000 feet Our Review Please Click Here. Success in 2017: SummitClimbNews.com . Please WATCH VIDEO!

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  • Everest Nepal BaseCamp Walk - . Follow in the footsteps of Hillary and Tenzing to the World's most famous basecamp. April, May or October, November . 17 Days in Nepal. Full Service: $2,150, £1,650, €1,850. World famous base camp.
  • Everest Tibet Advanced Basecamp Trek : Explore Medieval Tibet, A rare trek to the highest base camp in the world. The best views of Everest. Better than Nepal.  Full Service Cost: $5,150, £3,850, €4,350. April, 21 Days in Tibet & Nepal.
  • Service Trek - June or November. 13 Days in Nepal. Flexible dates on offer: Go when you like! Price - Donation: $1,850 £1,450 €1,650 (Gift-Aid eligible UK / IRS deductible US)

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Summer Climbing and Trekking Trips
  • Broad Peak Summit. We blazed the trail to top in 2018. World's Easiest 8000m / 26,000 foot peak! Leader Dan Mazur is a Broad Peak Expert and our Nepalese Sherpas are ready to help you every step of the way. Best Preparation for Everest or K2. June, July, August. 52 Days. Full Service: $15,150 £12,050 €13,350; Basic Climb Cost: $11,150, £8,850 €9,750
  • K2 Summit : Our Team were first on the summit in 2018. Our Sherpas are the best. Leader Dan Mazur is a K2 Summiter. Our Nepalese Sherpas are the best on the mountain! Our Succesful 2018 Team fixed the ropes to the summit. We include Oxygen, Personal Sherpa for each member, high quality equipment and ropes. June, July, August. 52 Days. Full Service: $43,550, £34,650, €38,250. Basic Climb: $14,850, $14850, £11,750, €13,050
  • Everest Training Climb on Broad Peak : . Learn everything you need to know. Do well and transfer to the SummitClimb at no extra cost. Climb to 7,000 metres / 23,000 feet and learn the skills necessary to reach the summit of Everest, K2 or one of the 14 highest peaks. Taught by Dan Mazur and Expert Nepalese Sherpas. June, July. 34 days. Full Service Cost: $11,150, £8,850, €9,850
  • Pastore Peak: Stunning "Trekking Peak" Near K2 and Broad Peak Base Camp. Just 4 days added to the K2 Basecamp Trek.  Date: 16 June to 15 July 2019 (29 days). Full Service Cost: $5,950, £4,750, €5,250. Friendly leader Dan Mazur and Expert Nepalese Sherpas teach everything you need to know.
  • K2 Basecamp Trek with Gondogoro Pass Crossing. This is a "bucket list" trek to the most spectacular base camp in the world. Gorgeous Trek with K2 Expert Dan Mazur through the most densely concentrated region of high peaks in the world. The views are stunning, the pace is careful and gradual, and the people here are some of the friendliest you will ever meet!! 25 days in June. Full Service: $4,850, £3,850, €4,250.

Autumn and Winter 2019 is filling up: Cho Oyu, Manaslu, Ama Dablam, Baruntse, Training Climbs, Trekking Peaks. 2018 Expeditions very successful. NOW Send your SummitClimbApplication.com and refundable 10% deposit to info@summitclimb.com
SummitClimb Newsletter
  • Cho Oyu - Aug-Oct. 38 days in Tibet & Nepal. Full Service: Full Service Cost: $23,450, £18,350, €20,350; Basic Climb Cost: $16,150, £12,650, €14,050. Most attainable 8000m / 26,000ft peak.
  • ShisaPangma: Aug - Oct. 38 days in Tibet & Nepal. Full Service Cost: $23,450, £18,350, €20,350; Basic Climb Cost: $16,150, £12,650, €14,050.nCho Oyu Combo Also Available. Full Service Cost: $18,750, £14,650, €16,250; Basic Climb Cost: $12,950, £10,150, €11,250
  •  Manaslu - 29 August, 2019 - 5 October, 2019. 38 days in Nepal. Full Service Cost: $14,150 £11,250 €12,450; Basic Climb Cost: $9,150 £7,250 €8,050. World's eighth highest & most accessible 8000 metre/26,200 foot peak in Nepal. High altitude "easy" snow climb.
  • Ama Dablam - October or November. 29 Days in Nepal. Full Service: $6,150, £4,850, €5,350; Basic Climb: $2,650, £2,050, €2,350.
  • Baruntse - October or November. 34 days Baruntse & Mera OR 29 days Baruntse only. Full Service Baruntse & Mera: $7,150 £5,650 €6,250. OR Full Service Baruntse Only: $6,650.
  • Mera Trekking Peak Expedition - 22 days in October-November . Perfect introduction to high altitude. Full Service Cost: $3,350 £2,650 €2,950.
  • Everest Nepal BaseCamp Walk - October - November or April, May. 17 Days in Nepal. Full Service: $2,150, £1,650, €1,850.
  • Lobuche Peak Everest Glacier School - October - November or April, May. 18 days in Nepal OR 5 day option. Full Service: $3,150 £2,450 €2,750. 5 day option: $1350.
  • Island Peak - October - November or April, May. 22 days in Nepal. OR 5 Day Option. Full Service: $3,150 £2,450 €2,750. 5 day option: $1350.
  • Service Trek - November or June. 13 Days in Nepal. Flexible dates on offer: Go when you like! Price - Donation: $1,850 £1,450 €1,650 (Gift-Aid eligible UK / IRS deductible US).

SummitClimb Newsletter
  • ChristmasTrek.com and (optional - easy) IslandPeakClimb.com . 22 Dec to 6 Jan. Go to Everest during a less crowded time of year. Celebrate Christmas in the Sherpa capital of Namche Bazaar and bring in the New Year in GorakShep, which is the closest village to Mount Everest.
  • AconcaguaSummitClimb.com Walk to the top of the highest peak in all of the Americas. One of the famous "7 Summits" (non-technical). Climbing Aconcagua may qualify you for Everest Nepal, Everest Tibet, or Cho Oyu. 26 Dec. 2019 to 11 Jan. 2020 or 18 Jan to 03 Feb or 7-23 Feb
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Not only do we have the best British, European. and American leaders and local Sherpas, we also use excellent hotels and equipment, our cooks prepare delicious food, and we pride ourselves on offering very competitive prices.

It isn't as complicated as you might think to reach your desired goal. Join our teams of men and women of all ages and abilities. Please ask lots of questions. We help you every step of the way:

  • We pride ourselves on Excellent Customer Service. We are here to answer questions and love to chat about Mountains, Our Favourite Subject.
  • Equipment Consulting (we check and help you purchase or rent all of your gear affordably) Kathmandu equipment prices
  • Inexpensive plane tickets are still available and we are available to help you find those cheap flights.
  • Interested in becoming a leader, or already one? Please check out the amazing discounts and free hotels at LeaderInTraining.comand DiscountsForGuides.com
  • Need help financing your expedition? We are able to take credit cards for 100% of your payment.

F. Check out our discounts: 5% for groups of 2-3, 10% for groups of 3-4, 15% for groups of 5+, returning members 5%, medical practioners 5%, photographers and journalists 5%. TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND EARN A CASH BONUS! Explore our generous referral fees, finder's fees, commissions for travel agents.

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Our successful team of men and women of all ages and abilities and awesome Sherpas enjoying a sunny photo on the summit of Ama Dablam. 

Enjoy volunteering and service work? Give back with Mount Everest Foundation projects. Remote Nepal Service Trek, Everest Basecamp Service Trek, Cleaning Up Mount Everest. Sherpa Training School

I look forward to answering your questions, hearing your ideas,, meeting, and climbing to the summit together with you. Welcome to our team! - Dan Mazur

Dan Mazur | SummitClimb.com | Telephone UK: +44 (0)7810 375400 | (Telephone USA) +1 360-570-0715 | DanielMazur@SummitClimb.com | Skype: dan.mazur8848 | WhatsApp / SMS / Text Messaging: +13602503407

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