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UK: +44 (0)7810 375400 & USA: +1 360-570-0715 info@summitclimb.com
UK: +44 (0)7810 375400 & USA: +1 360-570-0715

Mountain Network: Let us work together!

Photos in slideshow: Fabrice Imparato, Dan Mazur, Joanna Goodson, Ken Stalter, Ryan Waters, Bruce Manning, & Tunc Findik.
Mountain Network: Let us work together!

Greetings to you, fellow member of the mountain and outdoor community.

You are receiving this email because you are involved with a mountain club, shop, outdoor programme, rock gym, tour expedition operator, ski / snowboard shop, outdoor manufacturer, etcetera.

Would you like to earn extra cash for yourself and your organization, increase membership and customers, meet like-minded folks and make new friends?

 SummitTrek.com team in Everest basecamp. Trekkers walk up Kala Patar view ridge. Mount Pumori in background (Miyako Mori). 

Let's work together. We are the SummitClimb / SummitTrek / Everest Foundation Family. We form a strong alliance of men and women of all ages and abilities who are climbers, walkers, and mountain charity non-profit supporters. Welcome to our team.

How was your February? What have you been doing? Here on the southwest coast of England and the Pacific coast of North America, we ride out a swirling storm. High winds rattle windows, rain pelts gravel beaches at low tide, and bobbing boats plough through salt spray into choppy waves. The rhythmic slap-slap tempo of windscreen wipers keeps time for us, whenever we venture out onto the sea in front of our small village. In the peaks above town, the snow keeps coming, and yesterday, the passes were well buried, making driving like ice skating. Skiing and snowshoeing / racquetting have been superb this week. Powdery snow keeps falling in showers, piling up on towering ridges and loading deep valleys. The frozen glaciers in the peaks are becoming larger this week. Earlier in the month, we explored snowy basins by ski and snowshoe / racquette, and climbed icy glacier walls with ice axe, crampons, rope and harness. It was exhilarating and exciting. The way things have been going lately, it seems winter will be with us a little while longer.
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The famous Hillary Step . (Sange Sherpa))
The famous Hillary Step . (Sange Sherpa). (photo right by Tunc Findik: Cloud plumes roll off the north face of Everest. You can see the daunting west ridge on the right hand skyline leading up to the face. ABC is in the center and just over the gravel moraine from where this picture was taken)
Richie at summit of Everest. Photo Richard
Richie at summit of Everest. Photo Richard . On the summit (Mark Delstanche). Back to top
My name is Dan Mazur and I work for SummitTrek and SummitClimb, now in their 22nd year. In 2012 I led a group of successful men and women climbers of all ages to the summit of Everest. Everyone reached the top and our team was fortunate to be very safe. I also walked with a group of trekkers to Everest basecamp. Additionally, I taught climbing and Everest training in Nepal, Tibet and also in "small" glaciated mountains in Europe and North America. While helping climbers and trekkers pursue their goals, this year I also helped support and work together with indigenous local poor families living near Mt Everest via the Mount Everest Foundation for Sustainable Development (MEFSD).
I am waiting to speak to you on +44 (0)7810375400 in the UK, and 1-360-570-0715 in the USA, Skype: dan.mazur8848 , email: DanielMazur@SummitClimb.comwww.FaceBook.com/DanielLeeMazur , www.twitter.com/@DanielMazur , www.Linkedin.com/in/daniellmazur . You can find more of my contact details below. Thank you.

GIVING BACK TO THE MOUNTAIN COMMUNITY: We have just returned from leading our new FREE of cost, no charge winter climbing school last week, where together with a fun group of men and women of all ages, we learned about ice and snow, winter climbing, camping, avalanche safety and winter rescue techniques. A fun time was had by all preparing for the spring climbing season on Everest as we conducted technical training and had fun in the snow. Please go to www.WinterClimbingSchool.org to see recent images, video clips and descriptions of our experience.


Tak Ogasawara and Dan ready for action. Member are posing for photo. Winter School. Photo by Victor Mesny. Back to top


1. Referral "finder's fees" = We pay you CASH when you bring us new members for our trips, just as these people did in  2012:

Mitch received a £1300, €1500, $1975, cash "finder's fee" for recommending Sandra to our www.EverestClimb.com .

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Paul received a £250, €300, $382,  cash "finder's fee" for recommending Simon to our www.EverestTrainingClimb.com .

Samantha received a £220, €250, $332,  cash "finder's fee" for recommending Holly to our www.BaruntseClimb.com .

Nicolas received a £350, €400, $524,  cash "finder's fee" for recommending Rolf to our www.ChoOyuClimb.com .

Jay received a £100, €110, $147,  cash "finder's fee" for recommending Carla to our www.MeraPeakExpedition.com .

Please send us your friends, colleagues and family's email and contact details, so we can tell them about our exciting trips and you can earn your CASH referral "finder's fee". Thanks!

Do you or anyone you know have a website and want your friends and contacts to find it?  Let us "SWAP LINKS" so we can all share our page visitors at www.SummitClimbLinks.com and www.SummitTrekLinks.com . It's fun and SUPER EASY to do, so please go to: www.summitclimb.com/new/links/_add_link.asp .

3. INCREASE YOUR MOUNTAIN CLIMBING, WALKING, OUTDOOR CONTACTS AND FRIENDS: Join us on Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, and Linked-In. LIKE OUR PAGES AND WE'LL LIKE YOURS. Let's share photos, stories, videos, and conversation together so we can see gorgeous images and stay informed about breaking news in the mountain world:
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Are you, like us, finding out that these "Friends" sites are some of the most exciting places to meet new friends, share photos and ideas?

  Are you aware of anyone who would like to join our team?

A. Increasing discounts for groups of 2-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10+;

B. Very large discounts for larger groups, such as www.WestminsterEverestTrek.com ;

C. Referral "finder's-fee" when you bring us new members;

D. Commissions paid to travel agents and tour operators;

E. Members of mountain and outdoor clubs;

F. Customers of mountain and outdoor shops;

G. Customers of rock gyms;

H. Discounts for aspiring leaders and mountain guides: www.LeaderInTraining.com ;

I. Health care professionals;

J. Education professionals;

K. Returning members;

L. Combining Trips.

5. INTERESTED IN EDUCATION? MOUNTAIN CLIMBING, WALKING AND OUTDOOR TEACHING, AND BRINGING NEW PEOPLE INTO THE SPORT? We offer 10 paid and FREE OF COST, NO-CHARGE climbing schools each year, in Europe, North America, Nepal and Tibet. Come and meet our leaders! For example, please check out www.SeattleGlacierSchool.org , www.EverestGlacierSchool.org www.AlpsMeet.org , and www.WinterGlacierSchool.org .

Tak Ogasawara, age 69, enjoying a ski run while the rest of us walk down. tak ogasawara age 69 cutting a turn on the steep slopes while the rest of us look on in amazement.

Tak Ogasawara, age 69, enjoying a ski run while the rest of us walk down. Tak ogasawara age 69 cutting a turn on the steep slopes while the rest of us look on in amazement. Back to Top

Ridlon Kiphart shows proper downclimbing technique on steep snow slopes. Stewart Wolfe and Ari Karchin belaying Ridlon Kiphart and Jaime Herriot on the ice wall.

Stewart Wolfe and Jaime Herriot crossing the glacier roped together. Stewart Wolfe and Ari Karchin belaying Ridlon Kiphart and Jaime Herriot on the ice wall.

Ari Karchin puts in an ice screw. Victor Masny belays Ari Karchin on the ice wall.

Ari Karchin puts in an ice screw. Victor Masny belays Ari Karchin on the ice wall.

 Group huddle during a sudden snow storm, left to right - ridlon kiphart, victor masny, tak ogasawara, ari karchin, jaime herriot, and eric mcpherson.

Group huddle during a sudden snow storm, left to right - ridlon kiphart, victor masny, tak ogasawara, ari karchin, jaime herriot, and eric mcpherson. Members trying for to use fix rope and climbing equipments. Photo by Victor Mesny

6. TRAINING FOR EVEREST: please visit www.EverestTrainingClimb.com & www.EverestTibetTrainingClimb.com for spring options.  We have a wonderful mountain learning opportunity in July - August: www.ElbrusSummitClimb.com . Every autumn we return to www.BaruntseExpedition.com and www.MeraPeakExpedition.com for this gorgeous walk-climb of Mount Mera at 6500 metres / 21,500 feet and Mount Baruntse at 7000 metres/23,000 feet for some of the best views of Everest imaginable where we teach you everything you need to know. Back to top

(photo right by Fredrik Strang: Trekking between basecamp and interim camp, which is located at 5,800 metres/19,000 feet, and halfway to ABC).  (photo right by Ryan Waters: Climbers approaching the North Col at 6,800 metres/22,300 feet).
Our team ascending the summit ridge on Island Peak (Emil Friis). Our team member on the shoulder to the summit (Stefano Ricci).

7. Are you and friends MOUNTAIN GUIDES / LEADERS OR ASPIRING LEADERS? We offer a leader training programme for people who want to become leaders and also, for those who already are, special discounts for mountain guides, including 10% trip discounts and free hotel rooms: www.LeaderInTraining.com .

Annette and Lhotse summiter Herman Kristen (the first Dutchman to summit Mt. Lhotse in 2008), near the summit of Lhakpa Ri (Peter Hage).Dawa Sherpa assisting Ken Stalter across a crevasse on the North Col (Dan Mazur). Back to top
8. GIVING BACK TO THOSE IN NEED: If you are interested in the charity, non-profit, and service side, please get involved via joining a www.ServiceWalk.org , donating clothing, books, shoes, climbing equipment, medical and educational supplies, books, and/or funds to the www.MountEverestFoundation.org to support and work together with local poor families living near Everest with hospitals, schools, environmental, and cultural preservation. In 2012, we built a new wing on a 400 student high school with new classrooms, a library, and computer room. We also put new floors, walls and windows in a health centre responsible for 4000 people in a very remote district. On Everest we are also busily working with a team of engineers to design a new biogas project to treat the waste from Everest Basecamp and produce sustainable cooking gas and useful farm fertilizer. This project will have a wide ranging impact not just in the Khumbu Valley, but in high altitude mountain environments everywhere. Please let us know how you would like to become part of the team! If you feel the need to get your hands dirty and help, dig in with our twice yearly www.RemoteNepalServiceWalk.org . This trek is for everyone who wants to go to a gorgeous remote hilly farming region near Everest and deliver educational and medical supplies, and help out the villagers as we work on environmental, cultural, social and village projects together. Current programmes include our www.SherpaTrainingSchool.com , which needs your new and lightly used climbing equipment, boots, clothing, and funds for operating expense. We are very active in charitable projects in the Everest region at: www.EverestBaseCampServiceTrek.org , in treating the waste from Everest Basecamp: www.MtEverestBiogasProject.org , and in rebuilding Nepal's oldest convent (1925) with 18 nuns in residence: www.DebocheConvent.org .
(photo right by Murari Sharma: Patale health post worker Jamyang and Dr. Lisa McClellan examine a Nepalese baby.
New Patale health post in progress, Many thanks to Erik Petersen, www.theFitBar.com , Kevin Burke, Bellerina Yeo, Barclays Capital Singapore, and Katharine Peacock (Dan Mazur). Giving out school supplies at the school in Patale. 

Gyelje Sherpa fixing rope in the lower part of the grey tower. Checkout camp two on top of the yellow tower in the lower left. photo by Maaike Braat Jangbu Sherpa fixing rope on the Summit Ridge of Mount Baruntse. Photo Markus

Gyelje Sherpa fixing rope in the lower part of the grey tower. Checkout camp two on top of the yellow tower in the lower left. photo by Maaike Braat. Jangbu Sherpa fixing rope on the Summit Ridge of Mount Baruntse. Photo Markus Back to top

9. www.FundraisingLectures.org : BE PART OF THE AUDIENCE OR HOST YOUR OWN. A great way to connect with the local mountain and outdoor community in your area.

In honour of the 60th ANNIVERSARY OF THE FIRST ASCENT OF MOUNT EVEREST, on 5, 6, 7, and 12 March, we present a colourful and intriguing 1 hour LIVE MULTI-MEDIA SHOW to women and men and kids of all ages, featuring Ms. "Squash" Falconer, the famous motorcyclist, parachutist, and Everest summiter, along with Dan Mazur, 9 time Everest leader and rescuer of Lincoln Hall, world famous climber "Left for Dead" at the summit of Everest. The story was featured on BBC Television, in the London Times, on NBC "Good Morning America" and "Dateline" with Matt Lauer. We encourage you, family, friends, and colleagues to join the team for our live and in-person slide video show. It's going to be an inspirational, fun, and very sociable event where you can meet like-minded folk, share stories and converse with the leaders and members of SummitClimb, SummitTrek, and the Mount Everest Foundation for Sustainable Development before we head off to climb Mt. Everest again this spring.

Dan on Ama Dablam, the world's most famous snow, rock & ice climb (Duane Morrison). Elselien is showing a photo she just took to these local women, surprised and excited; unaccustomed to seeing photos of themselves (J Vavruska). (Anna Moll).


I look forward to chatting, meeting, and working with you as we enhance our strengths in the mountain community.

Thank you very much. Welcome to Our Team and Best Mountain Regards!

-Dan Mazur

Email: Dan@SummitClimb.com and Dan@SummitTrek.com ;

UK Telephone: +44 (0) 7810375400 (evenings best, please leave a message if I am out in the hills);

USA Telephone: 1-360-570-0715 (please leave a message in case I am out hiking and climbing);

Skype: dan.mazur8848 ;

Web: www.SummitClimb.com and www.SummitTrek.com and www.MountEverestFoundation.org ;

Latest climbing news: www.SummitClimbNews.com ;

Latest walking news: www.SummitTrekNews.com ;

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Pps. Congratulations! You made it to the bottom of this email. Wow. You must have the patience and perseverance it takes to be a mountain climber, walker, and outdoor enthusiast!!!
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