June Newsletter: Welcoming our team back from Everest

June Newsletter: Welcoming our team back from Everest

Photos in slideshow: Fabrice Imparato, Dan Mazur, Joanna Goodson, Ken Stalter, Ryan Waters, Bruce Manning, & Tunc Findik.

Welcoming our team back from Everest

Hello Mountain Adventurer,

Welcoming our team back from Mount Everest! I hope you are well and enjoying June so far.

My name is Dan Mazur; I am a climbing and walking leader for SummitClimb and SummitTrek. I just came back today from this season's successful Himalayan expeditions where our team of 6 men, 3 women and 8 sherpas made it to the summit of Mount Everest!! Our team included Australian, Canadian, American, British, Nepalese, Malaysian, Chinese, Japanese, Finnish, Swedish, German, Swiss, French. It also included the oldest ever Australian person to reach the summit, Ms. Janice Smith. Congratulations to everyone!

For more about our very successful just-fulfilled Everest season, please go to www.SummitClimbNews.com .


Janice Smith at Summit of Everest on 27 of May together with Gyalje (Photo by Tenji Sherpa). Beow Lim & Tenji Sherpa at Camp 2 (Dan Mazur).

I am writing this email to you from beautiful, friendly, exotic, safe, peaceful Tibet in a quiet 3rd floor hotel room in the Tibet border town of Zhangmu. We are just an 8 hour drive from Mt. Everest and only 4 hours by car from Kathmandu, Nepal's capital city. If you have never been climbing nor walking in Tibet, you must come and see it now before it develops. Tibet is very friendly, fun, much less crowded and less touristic than Nepal. When you go to Tibet you can feel the ancient medieval texture of the place, kind of like Nepal was 20 years ago. Back to Top

At the moment, from my very clean and comfortable Tibetan hotel room atop this all-inclusive hotel I can see glimpses of the stunning river gorges clad in lush emerald green forests of pine and bamboo that carve their way down from the mighty Tibetan plateau through a chain of rapidly rushing waterfalls cascading into lovely verdant Himalayan Nepal. Many winding paths are strung out in the canyon linking ancient temples. Joss incense sticks stand smoldering and prayer bells are tinkling in the breeze. Like so many charms dangling from a charm bracelet, babbling streams and hanging tropical cloud forests, unique songbirds, rocky arêtes jutting out of steaming temperate rain forests, and colourful prayer flags flickering in the breeze along ridges drop away in distant layers through the mist across vast valleys like an expansive Tibetan water colour scroll painting.

Our comfortable dining tent. (Beow Lim). Yaks are taking down climbing gear to Base camp. (Janice Smith)

We just drove down here to the Nepal/Tibet border this afternoon following on from our entirely safe and successful fun Tibet - Everest expedition, which wound up yesterday. In addition to climbing to our planet's highest top, we had a very rewarding season of specially designed Everest high altitude training climbs, introducing new members and old hands into our fun and fantastic Himalayan high mountain sport. In fact, this season, across Tibet and Nepal, we brought together more than 20 men and women from around the world, together with 20 Nepalese sherpas and Tibetan people, and helped everyone do their best to achieve their goals. We provided exciting and fulfilling trips this April and May for men and women from ages 21 to 68, with 9 of our team members reaching the summit of Everest and 9 members graduating from our camp 3 training climb with flying colours by perfecting their rope, ice axe, and crampon technique and attempting to climb up to 7000 metres / 23,000 feet on Mount Everest itself. Back to Top

Also, new and old friends joined us for the adventurous walk to the base of Everest and the wide snow-free trails to sample the thin air available while visiting the world's most famous basecamp. For more about our exciting, beautiful and culturally stimulating walk with friends: www.SummitTrekNews.com. 



Alex Holt and Stewart Edge with Dorje Sherpa, first views of Everest (Stewart Edge). Beccy, Mel, Squash, Lakpa Nuru, Daniel and Gavin on the trail to Pheriche (Beccy Cresswell). Rob and Beccy on the trail with a yak (Beccy Cresswell).  Stewart Edge at the Tengboche monastary(Stewart Edge).

Just completed last week, we also had a very successful climbing expedition to the 6th highest mountain in the world, known as Cho Oyu, which is located just next to Everest and known as the world's best possible preparation for Everest, with 3 members and 3 sherpas on the summit. Congratulations to the team on a very good job, well done! Back to Top

Please check out www.ChoOyuNews.com .


Palden Sherpa rapelling vertical ice pitches at 6800m - Max Kausch. The first icefall 6700m - Mark Van't Hof

Being perched at this moment on the cusp of Tibet and Nepal is getting me excited to encourage you to join me and our super sherpas in just a few months for our autumn 2012 high and medium altitude climbing and walking programme.

SummitClimb and SummitTrek, now in their 21st year, have been around a long time in the climbing and walking business. I have worked for many outdoor pursuits, climbing, and trekking companies, and from what I have seen, SummitClimb and SummitTrek have a longstanding history of running good quality affordable climbs and walks in the Himalaya, Aconcagua, and African regions. Their British, European, American and Australian leaders and their sherpas and staff seem to be very experienced, well trained, and loyal to the company. The food on their trips is delicious, and I see they spend a lot of money on new equipment each year. SummitClimb and SummitTrek have offices in Nepal, Tibet, China, UK, USA, and Germany, and it looks like they have also built good rapport with local Nepal, Tibet, and China government climbing and walking permit officials, embassies, visa and border officials, Sherpa labour organizations, porters, yak drivers, hotel owners, restaurateurs, and airlines.
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Mia Graeffe summit at Lhotse with Sherpa (Grace). Team member crossing a ladder over a deep crevasse in the massive Khumbu Icefall. We have fixed rope and ladders laid through the whole maze of shifting glacial seracs (Sandra Le Duc). Everest Base Camp (Mia Graeffe). View of Nuptse, Lhotse, Everest and Ama Dablam just 15 minutes walk from Namche. (Sandra Le Duc).

Because of their 20 plus year relationship with all these people and agencies, inside information, and local knowledge, SummitTrek and SummitClimb seem to have some of the lower prices I have seen. It is very easy for them to organise teams and permits to visit Tibet and Nepal, Africa, and Aconcagua (Our permits have always been granted. We have never been denied a permit) and the costs are very affordable, so I strongly encourage you to join me in a few months for the next climbing and trekking season coming up in September, October, November and December.

!!!!URGENT MUSTAGATA TRIP IS STILL ON...!!!!!! . We are getting our permits and supplies organized for this expedition this week and need to know if you will be joining us right now. Please contact me immediately so we can get you signed up.
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Returning from the summit, SUCCESS! On the summit (Photos by Jon Otto).

MOUNT MUSTAGATA WAS SELECTED BY NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC AS "BEST ADVENTURE DESTINATION 2012". Our leader Jon Otto has climbed Mustagata 9 times and he speaks perfect English and flawless Chinese. Not only that, but due to Jon's expertise, we have our own private basecamp and separate route on the mountain, following the traditional and nearly forgotten route of famed explorers Eric Shipton and Bill Tilman in 1947. At 7500 metres / 24,500 feet Mustagata is the world's 'easiest' peak of its size because the average slope angle is only 18 degrees, equivalent to a "novice" ski piste or run. Climbing Mustagata qualifies you for Everest. www.MustagataExpedition.com . 30 June to 24 July 2012 and 2013. 25 days in China. Full Service Cost: $4950, £3150, €3750; Basic Climb Cost: $2450, £1550, €1850. Last expedition was a grand success, please go to www.MustagataNews.com .

LETS GO CLIMBING IN TIBET TOGETHER IN SEPTEMBER!!! I personally invite you to join me and new + old friends, and become a member of our climbing team for Tibet's beautiful 38 day Mount Cho Oyu Expedition this September:

MOUNT CHO OYU: Full service includes everything: Dan Mazur as leader, Sherpas, hotels in Kathmandu (4 nights), and all expenses during drive to basecamp (BC), yaks to advanced basecamp (ABC), good food and accommodation on drive in, all meals, cooks, food and tents and all group equipment on trek, in BC, ABC, & climb, all climbing permits, all group climbing equipment, ropes, tents, radios, sat phones, etcetera, and I look forward to you joining me and our top Sherpa team for the climb. FOR MORE PLEASE GO TO www.ExpeditionChoOyu.com !!! ***Please hurry now, only a few places are left.***
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There may be no better preparation for climbing Everest than a prior ascent of Cho Oyu. This will be my 6th Cho Oyu expedition, and I am looking forward very much to climbing Cho Oyu with you this September. I am a relaxed, well organised, and friendly leader and I will teach you everything you need to know about high altitude climbing. Personally I feel that Cho Oyu is one of the most beautiful of the world's fourteen "8000 metre / 26,000 foot high peaks" . Cho Oyu is not difficult, in fact it is considered to be the "most-accessible" of the "8000 metre" peaks. Cho Oyu is relatively easy but it is very large and located very near Everest, so is not to be underestimated. About 1/2 of our members use oxygen for the climb and 1/2 do not, the choice is yours. If you choose to, we offer the "40 percent buyback" where we repurchase unused bottles and equipment returned in good condition, so it is as if you "hired" your oxygen equipment and bottles. The dates and cost are: 2 September to 9 October 2012 and 2013. 38 days in Tibet and Nepal. Full Service Cost: $11,850, £7,450, €8,950, Basic Climb Cost: $6250, £3950, €4750. Refundable 10 percent deposit and application due now. More than 10 succesful Cho Oyu expeditions. Please go to www.ChoOyuNews.com .


Way to C2 Mark at 6600m - Max Kausch. Mark working on vertical ice pitch at 6700m - Max Kausch

Looking for something high, but further away from the beaten path? Please join our top Everest expedition leader Arnold Coster for Mount Shishapangma in Tibet.

MOUNT SHISHA PANGMA: 38 days September-October or 15 days in Oct (MOUNT CHO OYU COMBINATION). 'Easy' snow climb of the less crowded & lowest of the world's 14 eight thousand metre, 26,000 foot high mountains, located in Tibet near Everest. Led by Arnold Coster who teaches you everything you need to know. Arnold is a 4 time Everest Summitter, and this is his second Shishapangma expedition. Our sherpas are extremely experienced, our food is delicious and our tents and equipment are among the best. Climbing Shishapangma qualifies you for Everest from Tibet, Everest from Nepal and Lhotse. You may wish to combine with Cho Oyu to climb Shisha in just 14 days and save 20%. Our last Shishapangma expedition put everyone on the summit! Please go to www.ShishaPangmaNews.com . Full Service Cost: $11,850, £7,450, €8,950; Basic Climb Cost: $6250, £3950, €4750. FULL SERVICE PRICE INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOU NEED, FREE HOTELS, TRANSPORT, PERMITS, MEALS, ARNOLD COSTER AS LEADER, EQUIPMENT, TENTS, ROPES, RADIOS, COOKERS, FOOD, EVERYTHING. Optional trip to Lhasa, add $2450. www.ShishapangmaExpedition.com .
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Max helping Grace to hold the Canadian flag at the summit of Shishapangma (Jangbu Sherpa). Grace and Max at the summit of Shishapangma (Max Kausch). Summit ridge on October 4th – photo from 7800m (Max Kausch).

So that is our Tibet Himalayan program for September and October. By the way, I also wanted to mention that you and friends and family are welcome to accompany our Tibet climbing teams as a trekker and walk to basecamp. For more please checkout www.ChoOyuTrek .com and www.ShishaPangmaTrek.com . All right, that seems to be enough for now, let's leave Tibet behind, and move on.

Come to Nepal with me and climb during October and November. After we finish Cho Oyu (and maybe Shisha for some of you too) please come out and join me for Nepal's finest 7000 metre, 23,000 foot high climb, with something for everyone, offering excellent introductory learning for the novice beginner climber, and also superb climbing for the advanced alpinist.
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I love sharing our Baruntse climb with our members, as the Baruntse Expedition really is a "grand circle" climbing trip through the Everest Himalaya. This is a very rarified glimpse of three peaks in one, Mera Peak, Baruntse and the Amphu Labtsa pass: www.BaruntseExpedition.com - Full Service Cost: $7,650, £4,750, €5,550. Price includes everything for the climb and walk: free sherpas, free hotels, and internal flights. 34 days in October-November. Just 15km / 10 miles from Everest, Baruntse is known as Nepal's 'easiest' 7000 metre / 23,000 foot peak. Our Baruntse expedition offers something for experts, beginners, novices, as well as intermediate climbers. Hiking on snow which is steep and exposed at times, but not technically difficult. This is my 4th Baruntse climb and I will be glad to teach you everything you need to know, and share some really fun technical mountaineering pitches with you. Let's join together to make a great 'circle-trek' through remote valleys near Everest. "Three trips in one" includes easy Mera "trekking-peak" 6500 metres / 21,500 feet high and a crossing of the famous "Amphu-Labtsa" pass at 5800 metres / 19,000 feet. Climbing Baruntse qualifies you for Everest, Cho Oyu, Lhotse, and Shishapangma. www.BaruntseNews.com .

Special for beginners and novices!!



Leader spots from below while a team member climbs the final headwall to the summit and Jangbu, chief sherpa, gives a thumbs up. Members on the summit of Mera Peak with Everest and Lhotse behind. Team member coming back from summiting the main peak. Team members ascending the main summit of Mera Peak on ropes fixed by our strong sherpa team. Climbing on to the Mera summit plateau. Peaks behind include Ama Dablam, Nuptse, Everest, Lhotse, Island Peak, Baruntse, Makalu and Chamlang.

MOUNT MERA ‘TREKKING-PEAK’ CLIMB: 22 days in October. Join Himalayan expert Dan Mazur and friends for this gorgeous walk-climb of Mount Mera. A beautiful, ‘easy’, and remote 6500 metre / 21,300 foot high 'trekking peak', with some of the best views of Everest possible. This is a stunning trek through ancient forests alongside raging rivers and across high remote passes. A less visited and unspoiled region of Nepal. PRICE: $2950 £1850 €2150. www.MeraPeakExpedition.com , and www.MeraPeakNews.com . Back to Top

One of the most important and iconic Himalayan climbs we offer is Ama Dablam. She is perhaps one of the most photographed mountains in all of the Himalaya, beautiful and extremely famous as "Asia's most famous Rock, Ice, and Snow Climb, Technical But Do-Able". Unlike other Himalayan peaks, Ama Dablam is not a long snow slog. Are you into technical but do-able high altitude sport rock, snow, and ice climbing and good quality warm solid granite just 20 km, 12 miles from Everest? Come and join our expert leader Arnold Coster for the best rock ice and snow in all of Asia.

MOUNT AMA DABLAM, Asia's most famous rock, snow, and ice peak: the Matterhorn of the Himalaya, which is technical, but climbable: www.ExpeditionAmaDablam.com - Full Service Cost: $6850, £4250, €4750. Basic Climb Cost: $3250, £1950, €2250. Price includes everything for the climb and the walk to basecamp: free sherpas, free hotels and free internal flights. 29 days in October-November (or extend your trip until December if you prefer). Located just 15 km / 10 miles from Everest. Among the most photographed peaks in the world. Everything for the novice to the expert climber. Beautiful rock is solid granite "scrambling". Basecamp is located in a lovely grassy meadow. The hardest pitch is 12 metres / 40 feet of French class 4, British Severe, or North American 5.7. You will be following, not leading, on secure fixed ropes. Test yourself to 7000 metres / 23,000 feet. Leader Arnold Coster is very experienced and friendly. He will review all needed skills on small cliffs around the warm and sunny basecamp. Climbing Ama Dablam qualifies you for Everest, Cho Oyu, Lhotse, and Shishapangma. DATE UPDATE!! We now offer the Ama Dablam expedition anytime during a flexible window from 10 October to 1 December. If you can't make our standard dates, no worries. You can just show up anytime you like before 1 December. ***2011 Summit success: 10 out of 11 members on the summit! View the latest news at: www.AmaDablamNews.com .
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Bill Dwyer on the way to the summit of Ama Dablam - Peter Hamel.  Big yak on the way to Ama Dablam - Romain Hoffmann. Basecamp at night time  - Liam Suckling. From left to right - Sange Sherpa, Max Kausch and Romain Hoffmann at the summit of Ama Dablam - Grace McDonald.

Are you excited about climbing but wondering how to get started? Everyone has to begin somewhere, so why not join our Everest Glacier School Team this autumn, learn the basics about equipment and climbing from our friendly instructors and then put your new skills to work on a 6000 metre / 20,000 foot high peak with great views of Everest, all in just 3 weeks? Back to Top

www.EverestGlacierSchool.com - REDUCED PRICE: $2950 £1850 €2150,  Seven day option: $1450, £950, €1050. . Price includes everything for the climb and the walk to basecamp: free sherpas, free hotels and free internal flights. Friendly leader Ang Sange Sherpa, has led 14 Glacier Schools, and is an excellent instructor and a very friendly person, and teaches everything you need to know. 22 days (or 7 days for the school and climb only) during April, May, or October. If you feel well enough on the April trip you can transition directly to the Everest Nepal Training Climb or Cho Oyu. ***2011 expedition 100% summit success! View the latest news at: www.EverestGlacierSchoolNews.com . AWARDED NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC'S "25 BEST NEW TRIPS".



At the summit with Everest, Lhotse, Pumori, and more - 6119m (Sean McLane). On Summit of Mount Lobuche (Sjoerd Wever). View of Everest, Nuptse, Lhotse, Changtse, and the Khumbu Glacier from the Summit of Lobuche (Sjoerd Wever). View from the summit of Lobuche East (Max Kausch).   Approaching to summit of Mount Lobuche (Sjoerd Wever).

ISLAND PEAK IS GUARANTEED TO RUN!!: 22 days in October, April and May. Nepal's famous ‘easy’ 'trekking peak'. Climb to 6000 metres in just one day. Fabulous views of Lhotse south face and Makalu. This trip can be done on its own or combined with the Everest basecamp trek, or the Everest Glacier School. Your leader Ang Sange Sherpa has climbed Island peak 17 times and will teach you everything you need to know. He is highly educated, was raised in this valley, has been to the Hillary School and attended university in Kathmandu. His English is superb; he is very friendly and can explain every detail of the trek and answer all of your questions. 5 members signed up for October, so the trip is going forward 100% as planned. Full Service Cost: $2950, £1850, €2150. Five day option: $1350.  www.IslandPeakExpedition.com .

Looking for something a bit easier??

EVEREST BASECAMP WALK NEPAL: 18 days in October, April and May. Walk on wide snow-free trails through green terraced villages perched beside rapidly flowing rivers beneath the towering snowy giants of the Himalaya to Nepal's most famous and beautiful basecamp first climbed by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Sherpa; hike the scenic ridge of Kala Pattar with stunning views of Everest. Your leaders Mingma Sherpa and his wife Yangjie Sherpa are highly educated, were raised in this valley, have been to the Hillary School and attended university in Kathmandu. Their English is superb, they are friendly and gracious hosts, and as you walk together each day, they will explain every detail of the trek and answer all of your questions. REDUCED PRICE!  - Cost: $1850, £1150, €1450. www.EverestNepalWalk.com , www.SummitTrekNews.com .

Hey now, after all of this fun, exploration and adventure, is it not time to give something back to the local people and environments we meet?? If you feel like it, please join our team and get involved in our worthwhile and meaningful service projects.

 First views of the high peaks of the Himalaya (Dave Dogruel). Hong pointing the way to the next village (Lilia Wong)

www.RemoteNepalServiceWalk.org - Donation: $1450, £950, €1050 (100% of your contribution for the trek and your international flight are gift aid eligible). Price includes everything for the walk: free sherpas, free hotels and free internal flights.. 15 days November - December or June. Join experienced friendly leader Dan Mazur and staff of the Mount Everest Foundation for Sustainable Development (MEFSD) to walk the beautiful green foothills beneath Mount Everest and explore ancient uncut forests and terraced farmlands. Visit friendly farm families living a traditional life, and deliver needed medical and educational supplies to remote schools and hospitals. Try your hand at school teaching, building construction, and seeing patients. This is a low altitude trek, you will never step on snow nor walk higher than 2700 metres / 8850 feet. Discounts for medical professionals and teachers. ***During our recent trek, members delivered needed medical and school supplies and clothing, also tried their hand at teaching and seeing patients. View the latest news at: www.ServiceTrekNews.org . Back to Top

WILDERNESS FIRST AID CERTIFICATION COURSE DURING NOVEMBER TREK TO EVEREST BASECAMP: Outdoor enthusiasts who have an interest in providing medical care in “remote” environments such as wilderness settings or in developing countries are encouraged to attend. While you trek to Mount Everest basecamp, this course is designed to educate and certify participants in the recognition and treatment of a variety of medical problems commonly encountered in wilderness environments and settings remote from hospital or definitive care. Upon completion of this intensive educational and training activity, participants will be able to: Establish a set of treatment priorities for care of the sick or injured in wilderness settings, demonstrate basic aspects of improvised care, rescue and evacuation,  and learn basic field skills enabling students to be more capable in a setting remote from hospital care.  Cost: $4750, £3050, €3850. This is a certification course. Upon completion of all requirements and successfully passing the exam you will receive a Certified Wilderness Responder Certificate. Not only that, but you will also trek to Everest basecamp and climb the famous Everest viewing ridge of Kala Patar! www.WFR-Everest-Trek.com .





Woodcutters carrying firewood over the Monjo bridge (Dan Mazur). Gompa in the cliff side at Cheplung (Dan Mazur).(Sujata Karki). Hermits hut in a cave at Jorsalle (Dan Mazur). Dan enjoying daisies in Jorsalle (Sujata Karki). Lovely rosebush in Ghat village. Back to Top

CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEARS IN NEPAL - EVEREST BASECAMP TREK: 14 days from 22 December to 6 January. We plan to celebrate Christmas in the Sherpa capital of Namche Bazaar and bring in the New Year in Gorak Shep, which is the closest village to Mount Everest. Walk on wide trails through lovely terraced villages perched beside rapidly flowing rivers beneath the towering snowy giants of the Himalaya to Nepal's most famous and beautiful basecamp first climbed by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Sherpa; hike the scenic ridge of Kala Pattar with stunning views of Everest. Your leaders Mingma Sherpa and his wife Yangjie Sherpa are highly educated, were raised in this valley, have been to the Hillary School and attended university in Kathmandu. Their English is superb, they are friendly and gracious hosts, and as you walk together each day, they will explain every detail of the trek and answer all of your questions. Full Service Cost: $1850, £1250, €1450. ADD ON A FUN EXTRA 3 day trip to Island Peak for $1350 !

ACONCAGUA HOLIDAY CLIMB: NEW DATES NOW ADDED! 20 days in December 2012 and January / February 2013. SPECIAL LOW PRICE. One of the famous "7-summits". A brilliant introduction to high altitude mountaineering on the highest mountain in all of the Americas. 7000 metres / 23,000 feet. Leader Max Kausch: experienced, friendly, speaks perfect English + Spanish. Max has climbed Aconcagua five times and teaches everything you need to know. There is no "climbing" on Aconcagua's easy terrain; it's just a walk on rocky (and occasionally snowy) trails. However, it's still challenging, as with high altitude,  occasional snow and wind on summit day, crampons, ice axe, mountaineering boots and winter clothing are required. High altitude for a low price and a short duration of time. Climbing Aconcagua qualifies you for Everest, Cho Oyu, Lhotse, and Shishapangma. Our last Aconcagua expedition was very safe and successful! REDUCED PRICE: $2950 £1850 €2150. www.AconcaguaSummitClimb.com .


West Face of Aconcagua seen from BC (Max Kausch).  View of Camp 3 6000m (Thomas Pfeiffer).

Join us for our next Africa Expedition to Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya and Wild Game Viewing Safari in August or February 2012 and 2013:  www.AfricaSummitClimb.com . Back to Top

KILIMANJARO / MT KENYA / SAFARI: Our Africa expedition combines a wide variety of mountain and safari travel at a reasonable price, allowing you to do and see quite a bit in just 20 days.

    * Kilimanjaro, 1-9 August or 14-22 February (9 days): Cost $3150, £1950, €2350.

    * Mt. Kenya trek or optional rock climb, 13-20 August or 21-28 February (8 days): Cost $2150, £1350, €1550.

    * Safari: Ngorongoro, Serengeti, Myanyara (3-4 days): $1150, £750, €850.



2nd cave camp on Rongai Route, Kilimanjaro. Photo by Arnold Coster. On the summit of Kili. Photo by Arnold Coster. Andrew and Jonathan on the summit of Point Peter 4900m / 16,000 feet. Photo by Arnold Coster. Arnold on the summit of Kilimanjaro. (Andrew Wooster) 
It's time for you to confirm your place in our rapidly filling teams for Autumn 2012 and also for Spring and Autumn 2013. Before joining us, please be sure you understand everything about the trip, so do ask lots of questions. I am here to answer any and all. I enjoy chatting about mountains, my favourite topic. Please feel free to email, telephone, or Skype me. In case I am out climbing and walking when you ring, please do leave a message so I can ring you back. Thank you very much.

After all questions are answered to your (and our) satisfaction, please send your completed and signed application (email is preferable). To find the application, please go to www.SummitClimb.com or www.SummitTrek.com and in the upper right hand corner you can download it from the "Contact/Application" button. Many thanks!

Also, we need your refundable 10% deposit to hold your place in our expeditions, which fill rapidly due to our low prices. Regarding our charges, we have made every effort to encourage people to climb and walk in the Himalaya and Aconcagua and Africa by keeping our prices as low as possible. Also, our charges are low because our company was founded and is run by climbers and walkers who would not feel comfortable charging more than we would be willing to pay ourselves.

I ENCOURAGE YOU TO PAY THE ENTIRE COST OF THE TRIP WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD, make a bank transfer, post a cheque, or pay cash, the choice is yours.

www.SummitClimb.com to view our full catalogue of offerings for 2012 & 2013, including Everest climbs, Lhotse, and much more.

www.SummitTrek.com to view our full catalogue of offerings for 2012 & 2013, including Everest training climbs and walks, glacier schools, trekking peaks and much more. Back to Top


A) 5% cash paid to you for referring a friend or colleague to our team. So please do tell your friends and everyone who might be interested. Thank you.
B) 5% discounts for groups of 2-3.
C) Free personal climbing Sherpa for full-service groups of 3 on Cho Oyu, Baruntse and Ama Dablam, up to a $5450, £3350, €3850 value.
D) 10% for groups of 4-6.
E) 2 free personal climbing sherpas for full-service groups of 6 or more. Up to a $11,000, £6850, €7850 value.
F) 15% for groups of 7 or more.
G) 5% for returning members.
H) 10% for medical doctors.
I) Looking for even lower prices? Join our “basic climbs” designed for those who want to "Do It Yourself".
J) Are you a mountain guide or would you like to become one? Learn about the 10% discount when you gain valuable leadership experience and help lead the team. To see if you would like to join the programme, please visit www.LeaderInTraining.com .

PLANE TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE. Return flights need to be booked now for the most favourable prices. Please ring or email if you need assistance in finding the cheapest and best fares and routes.

We want you to be in shape for your walk or climb, so please send us an email with your training inquiry and we will forward fitness programme recommendations.

PLEASE EXPRESS YOURSELF! Do communicate all of your thoughts, questions, and ideas. We wish to build another top team this year by working together and enjoy discussing our favourite subject: MOUNTAINS.

CAN’T GO IN 2012? Please join us in 2013, as all of the trips mentioned run each year. 
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Well, it's nearly breakfast time here at the hotel restaurant in Tibet, so I have to get going, the group is meeting in the Lobby and we are going to cross the border into Nepal in an hour or two. It has been really nice chatting to you and I am looking forward to further discussion with you, to meeting, and to climbing and walking together very soon.


Thanks for reading, and I would like to speak to you personally and at length about our favourite topic: MOUNTAINS. Please email or Skype me at your earliest opportunity. In case I am out walking and climbing when you call, do leave a clear message with your name, email address, and phone number.

Please do keep the questions coming, and lets carry on the discussion. I look forward to chatting, meeting, and to climbing and walking together in Nepal and Tibet. Thank you very much.

Welcome to Our Team and Best Himalayan Regards!
-Dan Mazur
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Pps. Congratulations, you made it to the bottom of this email. You must have the patience and perseverance needed to be a Himalayan, Aconcagua, and African climber and walker!
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