Everest Climbing Expedition, Himalayan Climbs, Walks, Hikes, Treks, Trekking Peaks spring and autumn 2010 and 2011

Everest Climbing Expedition, Himalayan Climbs, Walks, Hikes, Treks, Trekking Peaks spring and autumn 2010 and 2011

 Photos in slideshow: Valerie Hovland, Tunc Findik, Elselien te Hennepe, Bruce Manning, & Preston Stroud. 

Himalayan Autumn Newsletter - Climbs, Walks, Hikes, Treks, & Trekking Peaks Spring & Autumn 2010 & 2011

Hello Mountain Friends,

Welcome to our summer newsletter with the latest news of our groups of men and women of all ages from climbs, walks, and service work in the Himalayas, as well as updates about rapidly approaching affordable autumn trips to high, medium and low mountains around Mount Everest in friendly, peaceful Tibet, Nepal, Argentina, and Africa.

Thanks for reading down to see what we have been doing and planning at SummitTrek.com and SummitClimb.com!

How is your July? We have just returned from April and May’s very challenging Himalayan season including Everest, Cho Oyu, North Col, and basecamp, as well as a load of charity non-profit service work. Back here at home, we have cool wet, cloudy weather down low, and snow-pack in the mountains where the local glacier’s deep blue crevasses are just coming out from winter's blanket. We recently had a very beautiful walking, ice and snow climb with a fun group of men and women of all ages during our annual Glacier School, where we walk up to our local neighbourhood ice fields, learn all about glacier travel and rescue, then attempt to climb a local 4500 metre/14,800 foot ice, snow, and rock peak.

The famous Hillary Step on the south side of Mt Everest. Richard Pattison on the summit of Mt. Everest (Richard Pattison).

However, before we go off climbing and walking again, let's look ahead a bit. What are you doing this autumn (spring for those of our friends in the Southern Hemisphere)?


* Two 8000 metre/26,200 foot peak expeditions in exotic and peaceful Tibet. One to Mount Cho Oyu, the most accessible of the 8000 metre peaks, 6th highest in the world and located next to Everest. The other is to Mt. Shishapangma, the lowest of the 8000 metre peaks and the only one located entirely in Tibet, less crowded then Cho Oyu. Both expeditions are climbed in just over a month. Now is the time to register and purchase your plane tickets. back to top

Cho Oyu at sunset. Team members trekking down to basecamp after a successful season (Samuli Mansikka).


** Two 7000 metre exciting 30 day climbs in October. One to Mt. Baruntse, a beautiful snow climb on Nepal’s ‘easiest’ 7000 meter/23,000 foot peak near Everest in a remote and unspoiled area, seldom visited, and the other returning to Mt. Ama Dablam, a world classic technical but accomplishable climb on Asia’s most famous mixed rock-snow-ice. Please let us know your interest. These trips will fill during the next 30 days.

*** All of the above expeditions could qualify you for joining one of our spring 2011 affordable expeditions to Everest from Nepal or Tibet, if that is of interest... back to top


We are also offering fun walks to Everest basecamp and Kala Pattar, an exciting trek up Island Peak and remote Mera Peak, as well as our popular Everest View Glacier School to Lobuche East in Nepal and, for the service minded, the annual Remote Nepal Service Walk. Join our fun walking groups of men and women of all ages. Just a few places are left in our friendly groups, so thanks for letting us know soon.

Team on the north summit of Shishapangma. Clockwise from foreground: Jangbu, Gyelzen, Karten, Alejandro, Haris, Bart, and Richard. Team working their way past the gendarme (Dan Mazur).

Please **READ DOWN** for more information about all of our offerings for 2010 and 2011. 

CHARITY NON-PROFIT NEWS: We have been very active in rural Nepal working with the Mount Everest Foundation for Sustainable Development and are always looking for interested people who want to get involved in helping Himalayan families living near Everest to build schools, hospitals, environmental and cultural preservation projects in remote Nepalese valleys where tourists seldom tread. We seek volunteers to join our www.RemoteServiceTrek.org for 2 weeks in November (100% of your contribution for the trek and your international flight are tax deductible).

Our team is just completing a new 300 student school for 12-16 year old students who are preparing to take the college entrance exam. Please become a part of the inspection group of men and women of all ages who will be visiting the school this November. back to top

We support two health clinics, and three health workers in a remote forested district three days walk from the nearest road. With a monthly budget of just $250, £175, €200/month, these clinics provide care for 4000 people who live spread out across several rural valleys. We encourage you to join us and visit the clinics twice a year to check-up, bring supplies, see patients, and recruit staff.

Our newest project focuses on the environment and converts waste to clean energy with locals in 3 sites around Nepal to recycle rubbish to clean cooking gas that can be used in people's homes, providing low cost energy and reducing pollution. We seek volunteers to help us design and build these small simple biothermal energy plants for 1-2 family households in rural, urban and mountainous areas of Nepal.

Join our interesting and enthusiastic group of volunteer men and women to rebuild Nepal’s oldest convent: the Deboche Nunnery, located at the foot of Mount Everest in Nepal’s most beautiful and famous Khumbu Valley. Our latest project is the installation of a water supply line, so residing nuns of the convent don’t have to carry water the half kilometre from the well, especially in the winter months. We are planning the conversion of one of the buildings at the convent into a retreat centre, so please become involved.

Interested to learn more? Please email us your postal address to receive our **NEW COLOURFUL BROCHURE** detailing all of the Mount Everest Foundation's charity non-profit projects. Please also visit www.MEFNews.org to read more, see photos, etcetera. back to top

Our October Service Trek team of 8 nurses in Phaplu after landing from the short flight from Kathmandu (Deha Shrestha). The view from Bhusinga (Erin Coughlin).


SummitClimb and SummitTrek had a very challenging Mount Everest spring climbing and walking season in Nepal and Tibet and planning for the rapidly approaching autumn season is now in full swing.

Nepal and Tibet are peaceful and safe and the local people welcomed us with open arms. In fact, due to the global economy, the Himalayan regions seem to be more calm, quiet and free of tourists than they have been during the previous ten years. Now is a rare opportunity to explore Nepal and Tibet during a friendly and relaxed moment.

Our climbing teams of men and women of all ages put 12 members and 10 sherpas on the summit of Everest during May. On our last two Cho Oyu expeditions we had the good fortune to have 12 members and 7 sherpas on top and congratulations to 4 of our newest team members who went to Everest's 7000 metre North Col this past April and May. We held our annual 'Everest View Glacier School', awarded National Geographic Adventure's '25 best trips', and it was again a good school with 7 members learning glacier travel skills while making a summit climb of beautiful and fun trekking peak, Lobuche East. So welcome to our climbs this September and October.

Our walking groups of men and women of all ages from around the world walked to Everest basecamp, hiked to the top of the scenic view ridge Kala Pattar and some even climbed the famous "trekking-peak" known as Island Peak, achieving their objectives and had a lot of fun with a great group at the same time. We invite you to become part of the team and join us for a beautiful walk this autumn.

Thanks to all of our members and staff and thanks to their families, friends, colleagues and sponsors for their support! Please read the reports and see the photos and videos from our just completed expeditions at www.SummitClimbNews.com , www.SummitTrekNews.com and www.ServiceTrekNews.com .

My name is Dan Mazur, and I am leading this autumn's climbing and walking programmes. I have been lucky enough to lead many basecamp walks, glacier schools and climbing expeditions to Mustagata 5 times, Ama Dablam 5 times, Cho Oyu 3 times, Shishapangma 2 times, Baruntse in November of 2009 with 11 members and 6 sherpas on the summit, as well as Mount Everest 9 times. I was also fortunate to be part of the team that rescued Lincoln Hall from just below the summit of Everest and to lead Greg Mortenson’s “Three Cups of Tea” expedition, featured in the bestselling book. My most recent visit to the region was very challenging, this past May of 2010, with our Everest Tibet expedition. To learn more, please visit www.SummitClimbNews.com . All of our teams were welcomed to the mountains with open arms and the mountaineering authorities and staff have formally invited us back for this Autumn's Cho Oyu, Shishapangma, Ama Dablam, and Baruntse expeditions and walks and next Spring on Everest; climbs and walks from Nepal and Tibet. We have already begun the registration process and there is no better time to put your name on the permit. back to top


Ama Dablam seen from camp 1 at 5700 metres/18,800 feet. Camp 2 at 6000 metres/19,800 feet (Nikos Daniilidis).


I welcome you to join me and our expert staff of highly qualified and friendly climbing and walking sherpas, walking guides, expert cooks, and strong porters for our autumn climbing and hiking season.

In the face of economic factors we have decided to maintain our focus on low prices and excellent service. We offer discounts for groups, medical professionals, and returning members.

All climbs feature western leaders, excellent food, the best sherpas, a comfortable individual tent for each person in basecamp and some of the finest equipment on the mountain. Our leaders are polite and friendly Himalayan experts with multiple ascents of Everest and many visits to Nepal and Tibet. Our Sherpas are kind, friendly and expertly qualified with many climbs of Everest, as well as a wealth of experience with the numerous other peaks and walks we offer.

If our prices seem low, this is because we are now in our 19th year of leading climbs and treks with interesting groups of men and women of all ages. We have developed deep connections with the mountaineering and trekking sectors in Nepal and Tibet. It is our objective to continue running affordable, safe, friendly, enjoyable, and successful climbing expeditions and walks.

Thanks for telling all of your friends! Please remember that we pay you a cash reward for every person you send us. back to top


MUSTAGATA - July: Ski, Board, Snowshoe (Racquette), Walk, Climb the world's 'easiest' 7,500 metre/24,500 foot peak, located in China. One of the highest mountains you could climb in just 25 days. July has the best snow conditions of the year. Leaders Jon Otto and Mike Browder will teach you everything you need to know. Jon has climbed it nine times, and is an expert off-piste skier. You will enjoy his friendship and care, as well as his impressive ability to speak perfect English and Chinese. 4 have joined the trip already. ***URGENT NEWS FLASH*** LAST CHANCE TO JOIN US THIS YEAR!!! SPACES STILL AVAILABLE, BUT YOU MUST CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY. This expedition is an ideal way to test yourself at altitude and excellent preparation for Everest. Full Service Cost: $4450, £2950, €3450. 3 to 27 July, 2010, 2011 & 2012. www.MustagataClimb.com back to top

This is Kristine O'Brien and Gary Kellund resting at camp 2, 6200 metres/20,300 feet on Mustagata (K. O'Brien and G. Kellund). Our all female team, the "Lipstick Blondes" from the UK, in between camp 1 and camp 2 on Mustagata (www.lipstickblondes.com). 

CHO OYU: September or May. 38 days of ‘easy’ snow climbing on the world’s most accessible 8000 metre peak. Led by Dan Mazur and Max Kausch. Our 10th expedition and probably the best possible preparation for climbing Mt Everest. We have 7 members for Cho Oyu in September, so the trip is going forward as planned with space for a few more. Our recent expeditions to Cho Oyu in May 2010 and October 2009 were a great success with 12 members and 7 sherpas on the summit!! Full Service Cost: $10,950, £7350, €8550. 2 September to 9 October or 22 April to 29 May, 2010, 2011 & 2012. www.ChoOyuClimb.com .

SHISHAPANGMA: September climb to the summit of the lowest of the world's fourteen 8000 metre/26,000 foot peaks. Located near Everest. Less crowded than Cho Oyu. Easy snow-climb is an excellent preparation for climbing Everest. We teach you everything you need to know. Get qualified for Everest. Combine with our Cho-Oyu expedition and earn a 20 percent discount. Leader: Arnold Coster has led Shishapangma twice and this is our 5th Shishapangma expedition. Spaces are still available. 4 members have joined and we just need a few more to guarantee this trip. Our 2009 expedition put 6 members and 2 sherpas on the summit!! Full Service Cost: $10,950, £7350, €8550. 2 September to 9 October, 2010, 2011 & 2012. www.ShishapangmaClimb.com .

AMA DABLAM: October (32 days). Led by Dan Mazur and Max Kausch, our 11th expedition to the most famous rock-ice-snow climb in all Asia. Technical but accomplishable, Ama Dablam is 6800 metres high and one of the most photographed peaks in the world, just 20 kilometres/12 miles from Everest. The climbing route ascends fixed ropes up good solid granite rock, then mixed rock and snow, then steeper snow and some ice with fixed line to the summit. While much of Ama Dablam is 'semi-technical scrambling while attached to fixed ropes', the most difficult moves require you to be able to follow fixed lines at a climbing grade of French 4, British severe, and North American 5.7. Four members have joined the team. Full Service Cost: $5650, £3750, €4450. 10 October to 10 November 2010, 2011, & 2012. www.AmaDablamClimb.com . back to top

MOUNT BARUNTSE: October (32 days). Led by Dan Mazur and Mike Browder, our 2nd expedition to Nepal’s ‘easiest’ 7000 metre/23,000 foot peak and make 'the grand traverse', a giant circle around Everest. This trip is 'four trips in one' thus incorporates several big climbs and famous walks. Fabulous walking for everyone over high passes through one of Nepal's finest montane forests of hemlock, giant oak trees and mountain valleys and gorges with racing blue rivers. An ‘acclimatization’ easy-snow-climb of Mera Peak, a spectacular 6500 metre/21,300 foot ‘trekking-peak’ with stunning views of Everest, then moves on to Baruntse’s spectacular ‘easy but high’ snow climbing with amazing views of the entire Everest Massif. Along the way, you will be able to cross the towering 'Amphu-Labtsa' pass and on the way home walk beneath the Everest Massif, exploring the famous Khumbu Valley and stay in comfortable, luxurious teahouses. On the climbing side, Dan will teach you everything you need to know. Four trips for the price of one. Climbing Baruntse could qualify you for Everest. Our most recent expedition to Baruntse last October put 11 members and 6 sherpas on the summit in all safety. 7 members are currently signed. Full Service Cost: $6750, £4550, €5350. 10 October to 10 November 2010, 2011 & 2012. www.BaruntseClimb.com .



Tents lined up. Camp 1. The mountains behind are sub-peaks of Baruntse. Dave, Arnold, Thorsten, and Michael on descent in the West Col couloir.Team making final ascent of Baruntse's second summit. (Dan Mazur). 

EVEREST BASECAMP WALK NEPAL: 18 days in October, April and May. Walk on wide snow-free trails through green terraced villages perched beside rapidly flowing rivers beneath the towering snowy giants of the Himalaya to Nepal's most famous and beautiful basecamp first climbed by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Sherpa; hike the scenic ridge of Kala Pattar with stunning views of Everest. Your leaders Mingma Sherpa and his wife Yangjie Sherpa are highly educated, were raised in this valley, have been to the Hillary School and attended university in Kathmandu. Their English is superb, they are friendly and gracious hosts, and as you walk together each day, they will explain every detail of the trek and answer all of your questions. Full Service Cost: $1850, £1250, €1450. 9 to 26 October, 30 March to 16 April, or 1 to 18 May, 2010, 2011 & 2012. www.EverestNepalWalk.com

EVEREST GLACIER SCHOOL: 22 days in October, April and May. Looking to acquire mountain skills and high-altitude confidence in a short period of time? Join friendly, patient and accomplished British mountain leaders Raj and Abbey for a fun learning trip to ‘easy’ 6200 metre Lobuche Peak with stunning views of Everest. They will teach you everything you need to know to climb in the Himalaya. Course includes 3 days of glacier instruction, followed by a slow, cautious, and very educational 2 day Lobuche Peak climb. 3 members have already signed up for October. Full Service Cost: $2750, £1850, €2150. Seven day option: $1150, £750, €900. Add on a fun trek to Everest Basecamp and Kala Pattar for $450, £300, €350. 9-30 October, 30 March-20 April, or 1-22 May, 2010, 2011, & 2012. www.EverestGlacierSchool.com back to top

ISLAND-LOBUCHE ‘TREKKING-PEAK’ CLIMB: 22 days in October, April and May. Nepal's famous ‘easy’ 'trekking peak'. Climb to 6000 metres in just one day. Fabulous views of Lhotse south face and Makalu. This trip can be done on its own or combined with the Everest basecamp trek, or the Everest Glacier School. Your leader Mingma Sherpa has climbed Island peak 17 times and will teach you everything you need to know. He is highly educated, was raised in this valley, has been to the Hillary School and attended university in Kathmandu. His English is superb, he is very friendly and can explain every detail of the trek and answer all of your questions. 3 members signed up for October. Full Service Cost: $2750, £1850, €2150. Five day option: $1050, £750, €850. 9-30 October, 30 March-20 April, or 1-22 May, 2010, 2011, & 2012.  www.IslandPeakClimb.com , www.LobuchePeakClimb.com

MERA ‘TREKKING-PEAK’ CLIMB: 22 days in October. Walk-climb beautiful, ‘easy’, and remote 6500 metre Mera Peak, with some of the best views of Everest possible. This is a stunning trek through ancient forests beside raging rivers and across high remote passes. A less visited and unspoiled region of Nepal. Leader Raj is a very kind, friendly, and professional British mountain guide and trek leader. Raj has climbed Mera peak 6 times. 4 members have joined. Full Service Cost: $2750, £1850, €2150. 10 to 31 October, 2010, 2011 & 2012. www.MeraPeakClimb.com

REMOTE NEPAL SERVICE WALK: 14 days in November. Walk with us to a seldom-visited area near Everest on a hospital aid and school teaching/building expedition to help poor families help themselves. During this walk, we plan to inspect final construction of a rural high school for 300 girls and boys. The leader is Dan Mazur and this is his 8th service walk, so he knows the region well and the families we are staying with are his good friends, so you will feel like a member of the family during this trek. Join to gain an insider’s perspective and discover an area filled with friendly and kind (but very poor) families that will really appreciate and be thankful for your visit. Donation: $1450, £950, €1150. (100% of your contribution for the trek and your international flight are tax deductible). 20 November to 3 December 2010, 2011 and 2012.  back to topwww.ServiceWalk.org

KILIMANJARO: 9 days in August. Highest peak in Africa. Kili is only easy walking to the top on solid trails, there is no climbing. A fast way to see how you feel at altitude in exotic Africa. Leader Felix Berg has climbed Kili 8 times and speaks fluent English, Swahili, and German. 1-9 August: Cost $2950, £1750, €1950. 1-9 August, 2010, 2011 & 2012. www.KiliTrek.com

ACONCAGUA: February (20 days), led by Max Kausch. Join us for a challenging introductory climb to nearly 7000 metres. We will teach you everything you need to know. Aconcagua is one of the ‘7-summits’ and the highest mountain in the western hemisphere. Climbing Aconcagua could qualify you for Everest. 3 members have currently joined, so we just need a few more to confirm the trip. Cost: $3450, £2350, €2750. www.AconcaguaSummitClimb.com


Gary at 5850 metresgoing for the summit of Lobuche East during our Everest View Glacier School (Keith Whelan). Squash videoing the view from the summit of Lobuche (Keith Whelan).

Now is the time to sign up and start planning for summer and autumn. Thank you very much for emailing and/or telephoning to confirm your place on our climbs.

LOOKING FOR OUR SPRING CLIMBS & WALKS INCLUDING EVEREST, NORTH COL/LHAKPA RI, LHOTSE, ETCETERA? Checkout all of our exciting offerings for 2010 & 2011 at www.SummitClimb.com & www.SummitTrek.com .

PAYMENT NEWS: Please charge the entire cost of your trip to your credit card using our secure payment facility. back to top

REGISTER FOR YOUR TRIP: The time has come to register and pay for your autumn climbs, and it's never too early to send in your application and 10% refundable deposit for 2011. Check out www.SummitClimbApplication.com and www.SummitTrekApplication.com for more information. Payment and all application materials we need from you as soon as possible: 

1. completed application (4 pages);

2. passport photocopy/scan;

3. proof of insurance;

4. personal sherpa order (where applicable);

5. oxygen order (where applicable);

6. full payment;

7. flight information with arrival time, date, airline, flight number. back to top


A) 5% cash paid to you for referring a friend or colleague to our team. So please do tell your friends and everyone who might be interested. Thank you.

B) 5% discounts off the full service cost for groups of 2-3.

C) Free personal climbing sherpa for full-service groups of 3 on Cho Oyu, Baruntse and Ama Dablam, up to a $4450, £2950, €3450 value.

D) 10% discounts off the full service cost for groups of 4-6.

E) 2 free personal climbing sherpas for groups of 6 or more. Up to a $9000, £5650, €6450 value.

F) 15% discounts off the full service cost for groups of 7 or more.

G) 5% for returning members.

H) 10% for doctors.

I) Looking for even lower prices? Bring a friend and join our “basic climbs” available for groups of two or more.

J) Are you a mountain guide or would you like to become one? Learn about the 10% discount when you visit www.LeaderInTraining.com . back to top
Namche Bazaar, the capital of the Sherpa people. See this unique village on our trek to and from basecamp (Tunc Findik). 

PLANE TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE. Return flights to Nepal need to be booked now for the most favourable prices. Please ring or email if you need assistance.

ARE YOU FIT? We want you to be in shape for your walk or climb, so please send us an email with your training inquiry and we will forward training recommendations.

PLEASE EXPRESS YOURSELF! Do communicate all of your thoughts, questions, and ideas. We wish to build another top team this year by working together and enjoy discussing our favourite subject: MOUNTAINS.

CAN’T GO IN 2010? Please join us in 2011 or 2012, as all of the trips mentioned run each year.

I look forward to speaking to you about our upcoming climbing adventures. Please telephone or email at your earliest convenience and let us enjoy the mountains together! back to top

High Altitude Regards-Dan Mazur

Ps. Congratulations on reaching the bottom of this newsletter, you must have the perseverance and patience it takes to walk to basecamp and scale the high mountains. back to top