Enjoy the Festive Season. Where Will You Climb and Trek Next?

Enjoy the Festive Season. Where Will You Climb and Trek Next?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Himalayas

My name is Dan Mazur and I work for SummitClimb and SummitTrek, now in their 10th year offering high quality good value climbs and treks. I am writing to Offer You a Special Gift Early Booking Discount. Please contact me now to take up the offer and do tell your friends. Also, have you heard about our "Finder's Fee"? We pay you a cash reward for every member you send us! PLEASE READ DOWN TO SEE 2018 TRIPS.

SummitClimbNews.com: Highlights from 2017 and our friendly teams of men and women of all ages and abilities: Everest Spring climbing season members summited from both Nepal and Tibet !! Spring Everest Training Climbs and Glacier Schools introduced many new climbers to the high mountains. Autumn climbing trekking season finished with amazing weather and many successful ascents of Manaslu, Ama Dablam, Baruntse, Mera Peak, Everest Glacier School, Island Peak,and Base Camp Treks. Ready For 2018?

New Trip: Leader Dan Mazur, Sherpas & Team enjoyed a safe summer 2017 with friendly locals exploring K2 Summit, Training Climb, Broad Peak, Gasherbrums, Pastore Peak & K2 Trek. You and friends are invited for June, July, and August 2018 Karakoram-K2-Broad Peak Season. Join me, Dan Mazur, and our trusty Sherpas, in our planet's most densely concentrated region of towering peaks and massive flat "walking" glaciers. Please Visit KarakoramNews.com to experience the beauty and preview our coming plans.

We Support Mount Everest Foundation: 1) Service Treks to poor Sherpa villages, 2) Building schools and hospitals, 3) UIAA Awarded environmental sewage treatment plant on Everest, 4) Sherpa Training School (Seeking Sherpa Donations of Climbing Gear, Clothing and Boots) , and 5) Rebuilding the Earthquake Destroyed oldest convent near Everest. Please checkout www.MountEverestFoundationNews.org  .

I INVITE YOU AND FRIENDS TO JOIN 2018 TRIPS: Read DOWN to see additional services!

www.AconcaguaSummitClimb.com - December, January, or February. 17 days in Argentina. Full Service: $4,350 , £3,390, € 3,650. Basic Climb: $2,850. Easy high altitude 7 Summit Peak.

www.EverestTibetClimb.com - April- May. 60 days in Tibet & Nepal. Full Service: $28,450, £21,350, €23,850; Basic Climb:: $13,050. Less crowded than Nepal, with better views.

www.EverestNepalClimb.com - April-May. 60 days in Nepal. Full Service: $36,450, £27,450, €30,550; Basic Climb: $15,150. Route first climbed by Hillary and Tenzing. Still the best.

www.EverestTibetTrainingClimb.com - April or May. 28 days in Tibet . Full Service: $8,950, £6,750, €7,550. Add on Mount Lhakpa-Ri for $4,850. Perfect preparation for high altitude.

www.EverestNepalTrainingClimb.com - April or May. 31 days in Nepal. 16 day option available: Full Service: $8,650, £6,550, €7,250. Sixteen day option: $6,350. Ideal preparation for high altitude.

www.LhotseClimb.com - April-May 60 days in Nepal. Full Service: $14,850, £11,150, €12,450; Basic Climb: $5,150. World's 4th highest. Climbed from the same route as Everest for 1/2 price.

www.EverestTibetTrek.com - April or May. 20 Days in Tibet & Nepal. Full Service: $4,350, £3,250, €3,650. High altitude yak paths to advanced basecamp (ABC). Fine views. Exotic Tibet!

www.EverestBaseCampWalk.com - April, May, October, November. 17 Days in Nepal. Full Service: $1,850, £1,350, €1,550. Follow Hillary &Tenzing's footsteps. World famous base camp.

www.IslandPeakClimb.com - April, May, October, November. 22 days in Nepal. OR 5 Day Option. Full Service: $2,950, £2,250, €2,550. 5 day option: $1350. Easy "trekking peak". Climb in 1 day.

www.EverestGlacierSchool.com - April, May, October, November. 18 days in Nepal OR 5 day option. Full Service: $2,950, £2,250, €2,550. 5 day option: $1350 . Excellent short climbing school.

www.ServiceTrek.org - June or November. 13 Days in Nepal. Flexible dates on offer: Go when you like. Price - Donation: $1,450 £1,050 €1,200 (Gift-Aid eligible UK / IRS deductible US). Visit beautiful remote Sherpa villages & families. Deliver medicines, school supplies, clothing.

www.K2SummitClimb.com - June, July, August. 52 Days. Full Service: $43,550, £30,750, €36,550. Basic Climb: $14,850. Leader Dan Mazur is a K2 summiter and has led K2 three times.

www.BroadPeakClimb.com - June, July, August. 52 Days. Full Service: $14,850, £11,450, €12,450; Basic Climb: $9,850. Easier 8000 metre / 26,000 foot high peak. Led by Dan Mazur.

www.K2EverestTrainingClimb.com - June, July. 34 days. Full Service: $8650, £6650, €7450. Learn high altitude climbing and test yourself, in a short period of time for less money.

www.PastorePeak.com - June-July OR August-September 29 days. Full Service: $5,950, £4,050, €5,050. "Trekking peak" near K2. Fun to try snow climbing at 6000 metres / 19, 500 feet.

www.K2Trekking.com - June-July OR August. 25 days. Full Service: $4,850, £3,750, €4,050. Amazing walk on flat glaciers amongst towering Himalayan giants with K2 summiter Dan Mazur.

www.Gasherbrum1.com - June, July, August. 52 Days. Full Service: $14,850, £11,450, €12,450; Basic Climb: $9,850. Also known as Hidden Peak. Led By Hidden Peak summiter Dan Mazur.

www.Gasherbrum2.com - June, July, August. 52 Days. Full Service: $14,850, £11,450, €12,450; Basic Climb: $9,850. "Easiest" 8000 metre / 26,000 foot peak in the Karakoram.

www.ChoOyuClimb.com - September-October. 38 days in Tibet & Nepal. Full Service: $14,850, £11,150, €12,450; Basic Climb: $8,850. Accessible 8000m / 26,000ft peak. Drive to base camp.

www.ShishaPangmaClimb.com - September-October. 38 days in Tibet & Nepal. Full Service: $14,850, £11,150, €12,450; Basic Climb: $8,850. Cho Oyu Combo Available. Lowest 8000er.

www.ManasluClimb.com - September-October. 38 days in Nepal. Full Service: $12,850, £9,650, €10,850; Basic Climb: $8,150. World's easiest 8000m / 26,000ft peak. Gorgeous trekking.

www.AmaDablamClimb.com  - October or November. 29 Days in Nepal. Full Service: $5,550, £4,150, € 4,650; Basic Climb: $2,650. Famous moderate rock, ice, snow climb. Good fixed ropes.

www.BaruntseClimb.com - October or November. 34 days Baruntse & Mera OR 29 days Baruntse only. Full Service Baruntse & Mera: $8,950, £6,750, €7,550. OR Full Service Baruntse Only: $6,650. Three peaks for price of 1. Remote, near Everest. Easy high 7000m / 23,000 foot peak.

www.MeraPeakClimb.com - October. 22 days in Nepal. Full Service: $3,150, £2,350, €2,650. Remote, near Everest. Easy snow trek. Highest "trekking peak" in Nepal. Stunning Everest Views.

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SummitClimb Leader Dan Mazur presents an exciting Himalayan climbing charity / non-profit slide video presentation tour 5-15 Feb, 2018. Featuring fascinating high altitude stories, images, and video footage from Karakoram K2, Everest Tibet and Nepal. Join the audience or host a fascinating lecture (open dates available).

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