Do You Know the Difference Between Everest, K2, or Other 8000 Metre Peaks?

Do You Know the Difference Between Everest, K2, or Other 8000 Metre Peaks?

Everyone's Asking: What's the Difference Between Everest, K2, or Other 8000 Metre Peaks?

Hi, what have you been doing? Please tell us about yourself. A Friend Asks Me: " Hey, What is Different Between Everest, K2, or Other 8000 Metre Peaks? "

This is Dan Mazur writing to you from the snowy wind blown rugged shores of the Pacific ocean with icy peaks towering above. My job is training with old and new friends of all ages and abilities to climb 8000ers like Everest and leading teams on K2, Lhotse, Gasherbrum 1 and 2, Broad Peak and Manaslu. Also I enjoy 7000 metre peaks, 6000m "trekking peaks". walking to Everest and K2 base camps, and volunteering with the Sherpa training school.

Friends Are Asking Us:

What is the difference between Everest and K2?


Mount Everest at 8,848 meters / 29,035 feet is the tallest and perhaps most coveted mountain in the world. The south (Nepalese) side is the route first climbed by Tenzing and Hillary in 1953, and the dates we have chosen feature the best weather of the year. The Nepal side of Everest is warmer and less windy than the Tibet side. Leader Dan Mazur is a well organized friendly leader, an excellent teacher, has led 12 Everest expeditions and our Nepalese Sherpas are very friendly, helpful and experienced, with more than 10 summits each.


K2 Climb

K2 is the ultimate climber’s high! At 8,611 m (28,251 ft.), K2 is the world’s second highest mountain and perhaps the most respected summit among climbers. It is located on the border of Pakistan and China and has been summited ten times less than Mount Everest. K2 is steep on all sides, and it creates its own weather = STORMY! Our K2 leader Dan Mazur put the first living Briton and first Americans on the summit. Our super strong Nepalese Sherpas have climbed to the summit of K2!


Climb Everest from uncrowded Tibet

Join the select few who are allowed to climb the pristine North Ridge, with top leader David Obrien (5 Everest Ascents from Tibet). Trip includes personal Sherpas, oxygen, everything. Team Summited in 2019. The Tibet (North) side of Everest is colder, more windy, and does not have the Khumbu Icefall.


What is the difference between each of the 8000 metre peaks we offer?

Gasherbrum 1 OR 2 Climb

45 days in June - July. G2: easiest of the world's fourteen highest 8000 metre peaks. There is no better preparation for Everest. Gasherbrum summiter Dan Mazur leading + super strong Nepal Sherpas: We visit Karakoram each summer. G1 is a little bit more difficult than G2. Climb both for an awesome combination in only 10 extra days.


Lhotse Climb in April and May

World's 4th highest peak climbed from same route as Everest, but Lhotse is easier and much cheaper. Led by 3 time Lhotse summiter Dan Mazur and excellent Sherpas: Last year's team summited.


Our team and Dan Mazur summited in 2019 and our Nepalese Sherpas are ready to help you every step of the way. Good Preparation for Everest or K2. 45 Days. Easy climb, often used as an acclimatization peak for K2.
Manaslu is the lowest 8,000 meter peak in Nepal and perhaps the easiest 8,000er in the world. Join us on a unique climb that is off the beaten path.100% summited in 2019! CHEAPEST 8000er!!
What kind of training should I be doing to climb 8000 metre / 26,000 foot peaks?

Everest Training Climb NepalLed by Dan Mazur in April. Friendly, well organised, good teacher. Strong Nepalese Sherpas are there to help. RARE OPPORTUNITY TO CLIMB 7000M / 23,000 FT FOR GOOD PRICE!! VIEW MORE DETAILS
Tibet North Col - Everest Training : Exotic Rarely visited Tibet. Climb to 7000 metre Camp 1 on the shoulder of Everest . VIEW MORE DETAILS
Everest Training Climb on Gasherbrum 2 : Join Dan Mazur and our helpful Sherpa team in June-July to learn skills necessary to reach the summit of Everest, K2 or one of the 14 highest peaks. VIEW MORE DETAILS

Photo Caption : 1. Nepal Everest Training Climb, 2. Everest Training on Gasherbrum 2, 3. Tibet North Col - Everest Training

What kind of 7000 metre / 23,000 foot peak should I climb?

Ama Dablam during November 2020, Asia's most famous rock, ice, and snow peak, Matterhorn of the Himalaya with leader Dan Mazur (5 times Ama Dablam summiter) and strong Sherpa team: ALL TEAMS SUMMITED IN 2019 ! VIEW MORE DETAILS
Baruntse during October 2020. Grand Circle Traverse of 3 peaks for the price of 1. Remote Nepal's finest, and near Everest. Leader Dan Mazur (6 time Baruntse summiter) with strong Sherpa team. 100% SUMMIT SUCCESS IN 2019 ! VIEW MORE DETAILS
Mustagata, at 7546 metres / 24,750 feet is the highest mountain in the world that can be easily skiied or snowshoed - average slope angle just 18 degrees. Climb it with our very experienced team during June, July, and August.
Aconcagua, one of the most famous 7 Summits. Super Easy Climb during December, January or February in just 16 days with our highly experienced team with more than 100 ascents.
What kind of Lower Altitude Climb should I choose?

Lobuche Peak: Excellent training for higher altitudes. VIEW MORE DETAILS
Pastore Peak is an easy "trekking peak" on to our K2 trek. VIEW MORE DETAILS
Photo Caption: 1. Island Peak, 2. Mera Peak, 3. Lobuche Peak

Where Should I Go for Trekking?

Photo Caption: 1. Tibet Trek, 2. Nepal Trek, 3. K2 Trek

Everest Base camp from Nepalwith Dan Mazur to World's Most Famous Base Camp in April and November:
Exotic Tibet Everest Advanced Basecamp. Rarely visited. Trek all of the way to 6400 metres / 20,000 feet !
K2 Basecamp Trek : This world famous trek is very safe, uncrowded, and much more scenic than Everest Base Camp. VIEW MORE DETAILS
Remote Nepal Service Trek" held 2x each year during June + November. Deliver medicines + school supplies to poor Sherpa villages: VIEW MORE DETAILS


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I look forward to answering your questions, hearing your ideas,, meeting, and climbing to the summit together with you. Welcome to our team! - Dan Mazur

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