Reach Out to Women who lead the Mount Everest Sherpa Community

Reach Out to Women who lead the Mount Everest Sherpa Community


Working Together With Women who lead the Mount Everest Sherpa Community: Exciting new project to encourage / repair cultural strength.

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My name is Dan Mazur and I am writing to you as a 12 time Everest expedition leader and a supporter of the Mount Everest Foundation For Sustainable Development (MEFSD). You are receiving this email because of your interest in causes associated with MEFSD. Thank you very much for your support!!

Over a decade ago, while trekking in the Himalaya with Marcia Macdonald and Laura Rose, our hearts were captured by the plight of the nuns at the Deboche convent, the oldest Buddhist nunnery in Nepal. The convent had fallen into disrepair and the nuns, many of whom had risked their lives to escape persecution in Tibet, were without adequate heat, water or sanitation facilities.

Over the next few years we made incremental improvements before partnering with Architects Without Borders, who donated their time to design a new residence and teaching/meditation hall for the nuns. Then, in the midst of the planning and design process, the 2015 earthquakes hit, devastating the convent further and setting us back.

After much effort, we are finally hard at work constructing a new, eco-friendly and seismically engineered residence building! The attached photos show the progress made over the past two months, all of it done by hand, without heavy machinery or high-speed tools.

We have raised over 90% of the funding required to finish this building before winter, but we need help to get it done.

Won’t you consider joining with us to give the nuns a new home, and help preserve this spiritual and cultural landmark? Your donation is fully tax-deductible, and every penny will be spent on construction of the new residence. Please tell your friends too!

Please visit  or  to learn more and donate.

Thank you! The Deboche Project

Photo Caption: Front of the new residence hall showing real progress made in September. Progress on Deboche Project as of 29 Aurgust, 2017. One of the nun from Deboche. Marcia and team at Khumbu valley. Photo Deboche Project. Amadablam and Budish stupa in Khumbu valley. Photo Nicole.

The Deboche Project is a registered tax exempt 501(c)(3) charity #47-2983163