Let's clean up Everest in the New Year.

Let's clean up Everest in the New Year.


NEWS: Everest EnviroTreatment Plant Wins UIAA Mountain Protection Award

Lets All Join Together to Clean Up Human Waste on Mount Everest! Greetings to Mount Everest Foundation for Sustainable Development supporters. Thanks for caring about Everest environment and people who live there. The Mt Everest Biogas Project has won an important award and we encourage you to join us in support of this very critical cause.


Mount Everest Biogas Project
Wins 2017 Mountain Protection Award

International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation (UIAA) recognizes volunteer-run non-profit organization for its visionary solution to the decades-long impact of human waste on Mount Everest . Read More

First-of-its-Kind Mount Everest Biogas Project Wins Prestigious Mountain Protection Award From the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation (UIAA)

Co-founder, Garry Porter, on-site in Gorak Shep, Nepal

Mingma Tenjing Sherpa conducting field tests at the future home of the Mount Everest Biogas Project

Honored among a distinguished group of twenty-two nominees from around the world, the Mount Everest Biogas Project is the fifth winner of the annual Mountain Protection Award, joining projects from around the globe, from Ethiopia to Tajikistan. Read our full press release here.

The MPA winner was announced at the UIAA General Assembly, which took place in Shiraz, Iran on October 21, 2017. Watch videos here.

Designed to reclaim and preserve the majestic beauty of the world’s tallest mountain, this unique sanitation solution is the first solar-powered human waste biogas system of its kind that will utilize 100% of the human waste created at Everest Base Camp.


From Dr. Carolina Adler, UIAA Mountain Protection Commission President:

The UIAA MPA Assessment Team considered that Mount Everest Biogas Project “perfectly meets the aims of our Commission in that it is clearing up the waste of mountaineers and trekkers in an iconic location. There are multiple benefits for the “downstream” Sherpa population (notably less polluted water) and providing the project proves a success this technology can be applied to other high altitude mountain locations where climbers and/or trekkers have created a waste disposal problem.” Learn About Us

UIAA endorsement is a major landmark for our organization.

After seven years of design and testing, the team has brought this pilot project to construction-ready, with groundbreaking planned for as early as next spring. To sustain the region’s climbing tourism industry for years to come, our team is ramping up our fundraising effort to bring this project to life. Contribute here

Healing the Human Impact on Mount Everest

Lakpa Rita Sherpa is a world renowned climber and mountain guide who has summited Mount Everest 17 times. Watch this video where Lakpa explains the waste issues at Everest Base Camp, the effects they are having on the local communities, and the solution we are working to implement. Watch videos here.

Mount Everest Biogas Project

Launched in 2010 in affiliation with Engineers Without Borders and Architects Without Borders, the Mount Everest Biogas Project is a volunteer-run non-profit that has designed an innovative, 100% sustainable solution to address a mounting environmental and human health hazard: the annual dumping of 12 tonnes of untreated human waste generated each year at Everest Base Camp, a number that has ballooned since Sherpa Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary first ascended in 1953.

Thank you for your ongoing support!