Are you 8000 metre / 26,000 foot peak climber

Are you 8000 metre / 26,000 foot peak climber

Photos in slideshow: Fabrice Imparato, Dan Mazur, Joanna Goodson, Ken Stalter, Ryan Waters, Bruce Manning, & Tunc Findik.

Are you an 8000 metre / 26,000 foot peak climber? If so, we have an expedition update and invitation for you.
I hope you are well. I'd be interested to hear what you have been doing lately. We have just returned from 10 weeks in Nepal and it has been busy since our return. Not to mention the 12 hours of "jet-lag".

The reason I am contacting you is because previously you expressed an interest in climbing large Himalayan peaks and I am wondering how your plans are coming along?

I write to you with some exciting news: our Spring 2014 Everest Tibet and Cho Oyu teams summited successfully. We are so proud of everyone involved, well done to our team members: men and women of all ages, and thanks to our excellent leaders and top Sherpas. You can read all about their success at

8000 Metre Facts: You probably already know that their are 14 mountains higher than  8000 metres / 26,000 feet. Mount Everest is the highest, Mount Cho Oyu the 6th highest, and Mount Shishapangma the lowest of the 14. These peaks were made famous by the hard won competition between the first person to climb them all: Reinhold Messner from Italy and his Polish rival Jerzy Kukuczka who climbed them all by more difficult routes and/or in winter without oxygen. Only 15 people have climbed all 14 of them and the first to be ascended, Mount Annapurna, was climbed by a French team led by Maurice Herzog in 1950. Herzog's book "Annapurna" still remains as a classic in mountaineering literature. The team flew in a propellor plane from France to Delhi and upon arrival, were immediately jailed for not having the correct permits. After finally reaching Nepal and dining with the king, they set out to climb Mount Dhaulaghiri, but due to non-existent maps, they ended up getting lost and accidentally climbed Mount Annapurna. I am not going to tell you how it ends but I can say it is a shocking tragedy.

Dmitri on the summit 24 May. Pemba Sherpa Photo Mia Graeffe on Summit of Everest - First Female from Finland to summit Everest from Tibet - Photo Mia Graeffe
Photo by Dawa Lama - Dmitri on the summit 24 May.
Mia Graeffe on Summit of Everest - First Female from Finland to summit Everest from Tibet - Photo Mia Graeffe.     Back to top

This September and October we are offering "basic" and "full-service" climbs on either of 2 big mountains: Mount Cho Oyu OR Mount Shishapangma PLUS the opportunity to combine the two in a special ‘Double-Header’ expedition and earn a special 20% discount on "Shisha". Also, some members have also expressed interest in going to Shisha's main summit, which is a challenging undertaking, requiring SummitClimb to provide extra Sherpas and fixed ropes, which we will gladly do! Don’t miss out!

I invite you to reserve your place in the team NOW and continue our 2014 success in Tibet:

 Cho Oyu cimbing route to summit seen from ABC. Dmitri Nichiporov photo Climbers hiking up to Camp 1. Photo Ry

Cho Oyu cimbing route to summit seen from ABC. Dmitri Nichiporov photo. Climbers hiking up from Camp 1 to Camp 2. Photo Ry Fable. Back to top

MOUNT CHO OYU: There is perhaps no better preparation for Everest. 31 August to 7 October, 2014. Led by Max Kausch / Dan Mazur who will teach you everything you need to know, Cho Oyu is not difficult, in fact it is considered to be the "most-accessible" of the "8000 metre" 26,000 foot high peaks and relatively easy. 38 days in Tibet and Nepal during September-October and April-May. NEW LOW PRICE: Full Service Cost: $12,850, £8450, €9,850; Basic Climb Cost: $6650, £4350, €5050. 20% discount for Cho-Shish "double-header" expedition. For more info please visit: . FULL SERVICE INCLUDES ALL CLIMB AND TREK COSTS, FREE HOTEL AND FREE SHERPAS. All of our Cho Oyu expeditions reached the summit in 2013. In fact, Dan led our October expedition which put 100% of our team on the summit and our skillful friendly Sherpas fixed most of the rope on the route. For more about our track record, please visit: .

Team on the north summit of Shisha. Clockwise from foreground: Jangbu, Gyelzen, Karten, Alejandro, Haris, Bart, and Richard.  Team working their way through Shisha rock band.Back to top


38 days September-October or 15 days in October (our popular Cho Oyu - Shishapangma "double-header"). "Off the beaten track" but very climbable large mountain. Perfect preparation for Everest, located in Tibet and the lowest of the world's 8000 meter / 26,000 foot high peaks. . 

31 August to 7 October, 2014. Full Service Cost: $12,850, £8450, €9,850; Basic Climb Cost: $6650, £4150, €5050.

20% discount for Cho-Shish "double-header" expedition: 5th to 20th October. Full service includes all climb and trek costs, free hotel and free sherpas. Our last expedition put everyone on the central summit. Please go to www.ShishaPangmaNews.comBack to top

Main summit of Shisha? This year, we have a group of people requesting a special trip to the main summit, which means extra time, rope, and Sherpas. Please let us know if you would like to join the challenge.


Alejandro prepares to step onto rock-band number 2 towards the summit. Camp 2 with a storm behind. 

There are only TWO AND A HALF months to go until we head out to these wonderful peaks. 

For further details please check out our dedicated Cho Oyu / ShishaPangma newsletter here: .

Our permits are nearly full, please get in touch with your questions now.

Please email your application: Put your cursor on the "How to Join the Team" button on the upper right of and then go down to "applications" and then choose the relevant one from there. Thank you very much.

I look forward to climbing with you this autumn.

-Dan Mazur

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