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The Sir Edmund Hillary Mountain Legacy Medal

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Dr. Daniel Mazur receive Sir Edmund Hillary Mountain Legacy Medal at the International Mountain Museum in Pokhara on December 11, 2018

On the occasion of the 11th International Sagarmatha (Everest) Day observances, organized by the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), NMA President Santa Bir Lama and Sir Edmund Hillary Mountain Legacy Medal project director Dr. Seth Sicroff signed a Memorandum of Understanding committing to the collaborative presentation of the next three Hillary Medals (2018-2020) at the International Mountain Museum in Pokhara in conjunction with the NMA's annual Mountain Festival, timed to coincide with observance of the Unite Nations' International Mountain Day (December 11).

On the same occasion, President Lama and Dr. Sicroff announced that Dr. Daniel Mazur will receive the upcoming Sir Edmund Hillary Mountain Legacy Medal. The SEHMLM will be presented to Dr. Mazur at the International Mountain Museum in Pokhara on the occasion of the NMA's Mountain Festival, on December 11, the UN-designated International Mountain Day.

Dan on Ama Dablam, the world's most famous snow, rock & ice climb (Duane Morrison). Aspiring Sherpas learn technical climbing together with our team of men and women of all ages and abilities from around the world.

Mazur, who holds a PhD in Social Policy Analysis from the Heller School at Brandeis University, is one of the most successful Himalayan mountain climbers and expedition leaders in the history of the sport; his prolific achievements include seven ascents of Mount Everest and two of K2. But, as Sicroff noted in explaining Mazur's selection, he is being accorded the Sir Edmund Hillary Mountain Legacy Medal in recognition of his many years of work in numerous projects on behalf of mountain communities in Nepal and Central Asia. One project that the SEHMLM Selection Committee deemed particularly meritorious is the rehabilitation of Devoche Convent, in the Khumbu. (See Mount Everest Foundation for Sustainable Development in Nepal/Tibet.)This nunnery had long languished in the shadow of the world-famous Tengboche Monastery, and Mazur's work has not only alleviated the hardships of life at Devoche but also served as a reminder that gender equity issues persist even in the relatively enlightened Sherpa society. At the other end of the development spectrum, Dan has been developing waste-management technology to help clean up the Everest area.

Just as impactful as the projects undertaken at the personal initiative of Dr. Mazur is his recruitment and mentorship of other humanitarians to engage in their own projects; most of these were drawn into the work as a result of participation in expeditions organized by Dan's parallel enterprises, Summit Climbs and Summit Treks.

In announcing Dr. Mazur's selection, Sicroff emphasized the classic mountaineering values that Mazur has adhered to in his personal and commercial recreational climbs: respect for the mountains and for the communities that they sustain; comradeship, and absolute commitment to the safety and survival of all climbers, whether members and staff of his own team or participants in other expeditions; devotion to the conviction that adventure is essential to the physical, moral and spiritual welfare of all human beings, of all societies, and of the human species in general. In these respects, Dr. Mazur is a worthy steward of the legacy of Sir Edmund Hillary.

Lincoln Hall finds his glasses in the snow. Lincoln Hall after we put his hat and gloves on but before we put him on Oxygen.

December 11, 2016 (International Mountain Day) The eighth Sir Edmund Hillary Mountain Legacy Medal was presented to Peruvian engineer César A. Portocarrero Rodríguez at the Hotel Tibet International in Boudhanath, Kathmandu.

October 15, 2016 Hillary Model, Hillary Medal, an 87-page article by Dr. Seth Sicroff, explores the originality of the development assistance model established by Sir Edmund Hillary, and the relation between that model and the selection of recipients of the Sir Edmund Hillary Mountain Legacy Medal

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