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Remote Nepal Earthquake Support Trek

Dec 12 - Said our goodbyes and set off from Patle for a beautiful five hour trek. Came up over a hill to see the Himalaya! Absolutely breathtaking! Stopped for lunch and hopped in a jeep that took us to Okhaldhunga. Another perfect day.

Dec 11 - Enjoyed big village celebration program and delivered backpacks and buffs to the students. Experienced a traditional Sherpa dance and music. Grand opening of new hospital. Big village meeting with idea exchange. What a day!

Dec 8 - Update on the new school project and reconstruction of the earthquake destroyed health post: Today the team walked all of the way to Patale Village and are staying in the home of Jangbu Sherpa.. Incredible hospitality and compassion!!

Dec 7 - Getting closer now, to the site of the new school and rebuilt hospital: www.RemoteNepalServiceTrek.org : We took Jeep ride to Jafre & stopped for mountain viewing . First view of Mt Everest . Fantastic view ! Today we are heading to Patle village. Clear beautiful day . Perfect

Dec 6 - Latest news on construction of a new school and rebuilding the healthpost after 2015 earthquake: We have landed safely in Phaplu. Finally, we met Jangbu Sherpa! Having tea at Everest Tea House before taking a Jeep to Jafre. Enjoying every bit of the experience!

Villager and health post. Health post from distance. 

Project land for three class room for Shree Janta School. Shree Janta School Student.

Everest seen from the foot hill of trekking. Monastary at Jafre

Everest view is amazing from Jafre

Villager use basket to carry baby here and there.

Old monastry for the village. Dati receiving medicine for health post.

Team mate hiking during service trek. Team posing for photos.

Donation giving and celebrating with Sherpas.

Jangbu Camille posing for photo.

Sherpa dancing and donation giving away.

Camille distribution school bags village kids. Donation group 2 service trek.

Opening health post.

Rechel, Deha and Camille for photo Everest background. Road are being developing.

Ariel view of Health post. Mountain view during Trekking..

Team mate and view.

Everest views.

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