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Everest Water Pollution

Water Sampling which took place in GorakShep in May 2012 and was done by Arnold Coster and Jon Kedrowski for more details please visit www.cleaningupmounteverest.org

During April and May of 2012, Arnold Coster and Jon Kedrowski, while engaged in the month long project of climbing to the Summit of Everest with a succesfulSummitClimb Everest expedition, heroically spent their rest days below basecamp studying the contamination of the drinking water and the drainage of the soil for installation of a biogas digester to convert the human waste from basecamp into useful cooking gas and fertilizer for local farmers. Well done Jon and Arnold! Here is a preliminary report of their findings.

Water Sampling in the Upper Khumbu Valley.
This is the area where basecamp tents are pitched near the Khumbu glacier
This image shows the sites where the water testing took place. This is GorakShep – a busy tourist village at the bottom of the Khumbu glacier 5,180 meters / 17,000 feet
Another view of GroakShep this time with Pumori in the background. The red area indicates the Spring sites that we tested.
These are the Lake sites and Spring sites which were tested. Glacial lakes were tested and showed E-coli to be present.
 Notice written in Rock. Testing at GorakShep – e-coli present, Mossy Springs >9.2/100ml.
GorakShep Main and West springs – Minor e-coli present which means it is OK for USEPA drinking standards. Lobuche village.
Lobuche Spring – E-coli present. Pond Spring Khumbu Glacier & 400m downstream at the waterfall, again e-coli present but just a trace this time
The blue arrows indicate the flow of the water sources. Another view of the sites which were tested. ChangriShar / ChangriNup Glacier results: 2.2/100ml again E-coli is present .

Tests taking place. Camp 2 again E-coli is present at both water sources.
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