Spring Newsletter 2008

Spring Newsletter 2008

Hello, we hope you, family and friends are healthy, had a good holiday, and 2008 is treating you well. Will you be joining us for climbing and trekking in the Himalaya this spring? Welcome to our team of men and women of all ages who love mountain climbing and trekking! Now is the time to send your application. Thanks for telling all friends about our services. If you know anyone who might be interested, please send their postal and email address. By the way, do we have YOUR postal address for our annual Himalayan colour postcard mailing? Please click on one of the links below or just scroll down.

I'm Dan Mazur and while leading my 5th Everest expedition I was involved in a rescue of an Australian climber we found just below the summit of Everest. Maybe you saw me on TV on Discovery Channel or in your local newspaper. The climber, 'Lincoln Hall' was left for dead by his 'team-mates', and his new book is 'Dead Lucky'. In fact there are now 4 books about the rescue. Fortunately we rescued this climber from another team, but turned back to save his life. A difficult decision indeed. Well, in 2008 we return to climb Everest again. Hopefully we won’t need to rescue anyone, but if we do, I will be ready, so please join me. I will be leading Everest Tibet, our Everest Basecamp Trek Tibet in April, as well as our Lhakpa Ri/North Col trips in spring 2008. In the Autumn I will be leading our Cho Oyu and Shishapangma double summit (some crazy members want to ski/board the 2). Photo: Our 3 time Everest leader Ryan Waters with Thomas Haines on the summit of Everest (Lhakpa Sherpa). back to top

On a sadder note, we mourn the passing of Sir Edmund Hillary. Perhaps you will think about marking the moment by sending a contribution to Mount Everest Foundation for Sustainable Development of Nepal and Tibet.

At the foundation, work continues, helping low-income families living on the 'wrong side' of Everest help themselves build schools, hospitals and environmental projects with the Jonathan Peacock Memorial Fund to educate local people to become doctors and nurses through scholarships; also warning travelers of DVT and 'economy class syndrome'. Please visit these pages to get informed, watch the new videos and enjoy the service trek. While there, take a look at the Deboche Nunnery Project, rebuilding a convent providing shelter for Nepal and Tibet nuns. In an effort to stay involved in opening up the formerly 'elite' world of guiding to all kinds of people, last week the foundation sponsored a young woman student from the Alpine Fund in Kyrgyzstan who has a scholarship to attend the National Outdoor Leadership School and learn to become a mountain guide, similar to our own leader-in-training program. Photo: Ms. Dati Sherpa, sponsored by the Jonathan Peacock Memorial Fund, is studying to become a nurse in a remote village on the 'wrong-side' of Everest. (Murari Sharma). back to top

There are some 'inexpensive' flights left, if you hurry, as they are filling fast:

  • UK and Europe - Kathmandu: £680 or €900 on Qatar Airlines includes all tax.
  • Australia - Kathmandu: $1750 Australian dollars on Cathay Airlines includes all tax.
  • USA - Kathmandu: $1200 on Korean Airlines includes all tax.
  • 'Cheap' and good travel and rescue insurance is available:
  • UK and Europe: £70 / €90 or less
  • Australia: $200 Australian dollars or less
  • USA $200 or less.

After arranging your flight ticket, it’s time for us to receive your application materials, if you have not sent them already. Please download them from the upper right corner of our website www.SummitClimb.com 'Contact Us', 'Applications'. Photo: Heading up to climb Lhakpa-Ri perhaps the easiest way to reach 23,000 feet in the whole world. (Tunc Findik).


x1. Advanced High Altitude Climbing, with British, European and American leaders and full Sherpa support:

x2. Easy Trekking in Nepal and Tibet. The best scenery, no snow, great itineraries and very low prices:


x3. Introductory Climbing and Trekking Peaks, we help you buy the equipment, and teach everything you need to know:

x4. Intermediate Climbing, Some of the world’s highest peaks and accomplish-able technical routes with full sherpa support. Photo: Namche Bazaar, the capital of the Sherpa people. See this unique village on our trek to and from basecamp (Tunc Findik). back to top

x5. Skiing, SnowBoarding and SnowShoeing on the world's 'easiest' 7500 metre/24,500 foot peak:

x6. Welcome to our Africa and Aconcagua program. Two amazing summits on two continents with our experienced team:

We offer discounts to public servants, medical professionals, returning members and groups. We also pay you commissions for bringing us trip-members and clients. Group discounts: 2-3 persons receive a five percent discount. 4-5 persons receive a ten percent discount, and 6-8 members receive a 15 percent discount. If you would be so kind as to send the email and postal addresses of the other person(s) in the group, we would be glad to send them the information and a colour card as well, in order to get them excited for the trip. Thanks! back to top


Our Africa and Aconcagua trips are in the field. with our excellent leaders Doug, Dave, and Ryan. Watch the current news.

If you are requesting a good Sherpa for Everest, Lhotse, or Cho Oyu. we need you to reserve now as we have 29 of the best and when they are all reserved, that’s it.

Same goes with your Oxygen order for Everest, Lhotse, or Cho Oyu. We need your O-2 order now.

Our leaders are among the best. Please visit the leader slideshow. We are looking for leaders, so please join our leader training programme.

Going to Tibet this spring? If you would like to enter from Lhasa we can arrange a flight over Everest for you, and then a drive in from exotic Lhasa.

New trips: Lhakpa-Ri in March, Cho-Oyu + Shishapangma double summit in September and October (some crazies want to ski/board it!) . Our new Cho Oyu trek will take place in September. Join us.

Do well on Lhakpa-Ri in April and progress directly to Everest or Cho-Oyu in May.

Skiers, Snowboarders, Snowshoers: Mustagata, Cho Oyu, and Shishapangma; would you like to join us for the descent? Photo: Dawa Sherpa assisting Ken Stalter across a crevasse on the North Col (Dan Mazur). back to top


New Winter Mountain School any weekend this winter. Announcing our new school in the White Mountains of New Hampshire in January and February. Leader Bill Yeo is an Everest summitter and excellent teacher.

Glacier School in July, 5 days of free glacier travel and crevasse-rescue (no-cost) instruction while attempting to summit a 4000 metre/14,500 foot peak. back to top

Watch for our lecture tour in Autumn 2008 and Winter 2009. We want to tell our stories to YOUR group and raise money for charity non-profits at the same time.

Join our Service Trek and help the local people help themselves in June and November.

Please keep the questions coming. For easy and rapid help, take a look at the specific questions and answers section on our website. We have been working a lot on these "q & a"s, so tell us if they have been of help, or how we could make them better.

Do get in touch, as I look forward to discussing our favorite topic: Mountains!

Thank you very much. I await your reply, wish you all of the best, and look forward to meeting and making your trip a success.

Yours, Sincerely, Daniel Mazur back to top


184 Bishop Road, Bristol, BS7 8NB, UK (+44) (0)7810375400

POB 123, Lakebay, WA, 98349, USA 360-570-0715

1. Pps. Do we have your current postal address? We send out colourful Himalayan cards twice each year and would like to post you one so would you please email your address? Thank you.

2. Ppps. Would you like to have a conversation about this? Please call me anytime at: 360 570 0715 or at: (+44) (0)7810375400 (evenings are best). If I am not here, be sure to leave a message with your number and I will call you right back!

3. Pppps. Thanks for telling all of your friends about what we are trying to do. -Please tell your friend and ask them to mention you on question 16 or 17 of the registration forms and we will send you a 'finder's fee' cheque.

4. Ppppps. Not ready to go this Spring? We have a lot coming up this Summer and Autumn. Also there is always 2009.

Are you still reading? WOW Congratulations, you might have the perseverance it takes to go to Everest and trek/climb a big mountain! back to top