Everest View Glacier School, Basecamp Trek, Island Peak Nepal climbing trekking news autumn 2010

Everest View Glacier School, Basecamp Trek, Island Peak Nepal climbing trekking news autumn 2010

(Photos in slideshow: Valerie Hovland, Tunc Findik, Elselien te Hennepe, Bruce Manning, & Preston Stroud)
News of our recent expedition: Everest View Glacier School & Everest Basecamp Trek Autumn 2010

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Trip Summary: http://www.everestglacierschool.com/ : We began our trip with a stunning and memorable flight on a 16 seat propeller plane to the little mountain airport of Lukla, followed by a gorgeous trek up through the forested green foothills along the Everest trail. We saw many big icy mountains popping out above us as we walked along easy wide snow free trails. The villages up here are small and quaint with pretty houses and terraced potato fields. Our staff looked after us so well during the trek and we ate and slept well.

After about a week of walking and rest days, we came to a beautiful grassy meadow and set up cho la basecamp at 4600 metres/15,050 feet. We rested for a day and then walked up to the cho la pass at 5320 metres/17,500 feet, where under the superb instruction of Ang Sangay and Raj, we practiced using ice axe and crampons, how to use ropes and ice screws, snow bar anchors, how to climb up and down on snow and ice, and how to travel safely roped together on a glacier.

After further rest, we walked for an easy few hours over to Lobuche Basecamp at 4600 metres/15,050 feet, and rested a bit more in the grassy fields at the base of Mount Lobuche. In Cho La basecamp and Lobuche basecamp we had our own cook and dining tent where the friendly staff cooked delicious meals and gave us lots of hot drinks.

The following morning, we walked to the rocky Lobuche high camp at 5357 metres/17,550 feet, set up tents near the lake, and rested for the afternoon. Early next morning we woke up before dawn, and went for the summit with our head torches, following our trusty leaders Raj and Ang Sangay, along with three other sherpas. We walked on rocks for a while, and then put on our crampons when we came to snow and continued walking uphill.

The ridge was snowy and steep going, but we were still hiking, we were not dangling on any ropes. There were no cliffs, only steep snow.

The sun came out and lit up the beautiful snowy ridge, and we reached the summit around 10am. From Lobuche Summit, elevation 6119 metres/20,050 feet, we could see a wonderful view of Everest and many other mountains, truly a breathtaking place to be on such a bluesky morning!

We returned to high camp and had a delicious lunch, then walked down to Lobuche basecamp for a well deserved massive delicious dinner. After a very sound sleep, the next day we set off for Everest basecamp on the "Everest basecamp extension" and over the next few days we explored basecamp and the view ridge of Kala Patar.

All in all this trip was a wonderful walking exploration, mountain learning and first mountaineering experience. The Everest Glacier School is perfect preparation for Baruntse, Ama Dablam, Everest Nepal Training Climb, Everest Tibet Training Climb, Shishapangma, Cho Oyu, and Mustagata. Welcome to our team for the next school: 9 to 30 October, 2011, 8 to 29 April, 22 April to 13 May, and 9 to 30 October, 2012.

This is SummitClimb, a lot of great men and women from around the world (Keith Whelan). Karma, Dan, Squash, Mark and Phoebe in Cho La basecamp (Keith Whelan). Keith and Squash on the 6119 metre summit of Lobuche East on 12 april at 12:30 (Keith Whelan). Squash on the practice ladder behind the ice fall doctor's tent at Everest basecamp (Squash Falconer).

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27 October, 2010

Team reports in live (click here to listen)

Hi, this is Ryan Nielsen with the Everest View Glacier School and Everest Basecamp Trek. Today is October 27th.

Today everyone is resting up after a wonderful summit of Lobuche East and later today we’re going to be heading over to the village of Lobuche. Then we’ll prepare to go to Everest basecamp and Gorak Shep later and finally end the trip with a summit of Kala Pattar. After that we’ll quickly head back to Lukla and hopefully enjoy the remainder of this beautiful weather that we’ve gotten to have a safe flight back to Kathmandu. It’s been a wonderful trip so far and it’s kind of sad to see it wrapping up. Thank you. back to top

 Our comfortable and fun SummitClimb Everest Basecamp (Keith Whelan).

26 October, 2010

Whole team on the summit of Lobuche East!

Team reports in live (click here to listen)

Hello from everybody on the Everest View Glacier School team. This is Grace McDonald. It’s about 8:30 in the morning and we’re standing on the summit of Lobuche East. We are all extremely tired, but very happy to be here. It’s a beautiful morning. We can see for miles around. We can see Everest for the first time, Pumori, Makalu, Ama Dablam, Lhotse, Nuptse, pretty much everything. It’s fantastic up here. Now I’m going to pass the phone around. I had a tough climb, but Raj got me up here, so all thanks go to Raj.

Hey, this is Jonathan with the glacier school. We all made it up here. I’m glad to have experienced this with my friends and new friends that I’ve made along the trip. I want to thank Raj, our excellent leader, for all of the support and guidance and our sherpas for getting us up here one way or another. It was fabulous. The ceiling at the top of the summit is absolutely unlike anything else. Now here’s Ryan.

Hey, this is Ryan. We’re just enjoying the beautiful day that we have up here. There’s no way that we could have made it without the amazing support that we had from the people on the team, the leaders, and the sherpas. We couldn’t have done it without them. This is absolutely spectacular! I’m not looking forward to the climb down, but it’s going to be an adventure. I’m going to pass it off to Andrew.

This is Andrew with the Everest View Glacier School. I’m just glad to have made it to the top of the summit on a perfectly clear day. I’d really like to thank the sherpas for literally dragging my bag up to the top of the summit for me when I was having some trouble. I can’t say enough how great the team is. All right.

Hi, this is Raj, the leader of the Everest View Glacier School. We are standing on the summit. We will probably be standing here for another 10 minutes and take more photographs. Then we have a long ways back to our camp. We’ll be sending in some more dispatches later on when we get back to basecamp. Thank you. Bye. back to top

Enjoying the view. Members on the summit of Lobuche East (Max Kausch). 

25 October, 2010

Team reports in live (click here to listen)

Hi, this is Jonathan Barbero with the Everest View Glacier School and Everest Basecamp Trek. Today is October 25th.

Our team is resting in Lobuche East high camp at 5300 metres/17,500 feet. We’re all feeling strong for our summit push tomorrow morning. We plan to depart at around 3:00 a.m. and arrive at the summit of Lobuche East at 9:00 a.m. The weather the last few days has been very clear and we’re all excited for tomorrow morning. Our fingers are crossed for a successful summit. Thank you. Bye. back to top


Putting on our crampons at the crampon point on the way up to Lobuche Peak (Dan Mazur). Team roped together for glacier travel at 5650 metres on Lobuche East (Dan Mazur).

23 October, 2010

Team reports in live (click here to listen)

Hi, this is Grace McDonald with the Everest View Glacier School and Everest Basecamp Trek. Today is October 23rd.

Today we hiked up to the Cho La and did some training. We learned how to climb with an ice axe and crampons, abseiling down ice cliffs, and ascending properly. We headed back down to camp. It was a really long day. The weather was okay, but got pretty cold towards the end. Everybody is finishing up dinner and resting because we’re all quite tired from the long day, but looking forward to our climb in a few days. Okay, thanks. Bye. back to top

Setting off for Cho La basecamp the morning after a big snowstorm in Dzongla (Dan Mazur). Team practicing roped glacier travel on the Cho La glacier (Dan Mazur).
19 October, 2010

Team reports in live (click here to listen)

Hi, this is Amy Meyer with the Everest View Glacier School and Everest Basecamp Trek from Pheriche. Today is October 19th.

All members are doing well. We stayed another night in Pheriche because the lodge is so nice and the food is really good. The clouds cleared and we got great views of the mountains. We did an acclimatization hike to 4700 metres/15,400 feet. Most of us are still battling the sniffles, but we are determined to win.

Tomorrow our group splits with the Everest Basceamp Trek going to Lobuche and the glacier school going to the Cho La Glacier for their training sessions . Bye, bye. back to top

Ama Dablam seen from the Cho La pass (Squash Falconer).

18 October, 2010

Team reports in live (click here to listen)

Hi, this is Grace McDonald with the Everest View Glacier School and Everest Basecamp Trek from Pheriche. Today is October 18th.

We started the day out in Deboche and went to a nice little nunnery, where we had a good tour and some wonderful tea. Then we went to Pangboche and had tea at one of our sherpa’s houses, before going for lunch where the sky broke and we finally saw the mountains after a few days of rain and clouds. Then we took a nice little detour because we were all feeling pretty good to Dingboche for tea again and various other drinks at the Everest Lodge.

We’re now in Pheriche and we’re staying tonight at the Himalaya Lodge. We just had a candle light dinner and hot showers. A few of us have the sniffles, but other than that everyone is feeling good and looking forward to the climbing. From where we’re at we can see Lobuche now, so we’re all very excited. Okay, thanks for following our expedition. Bye, bye. back to top

A Buddhist statue atop Dugla Hill, with Ama Dablam in the background (Elselien te Hennepe).

16 October, 2010

Hi everyone, this is Raj, leader of the Everest View Glacier school and Everest base camp trek reporting in from Namche.

Today is 16th of October, the third day of our trek and we are resting and acclimatizing in Namche at 3500 metres. Namche is an important Sherpa village with cafes, internet and bakeries. It is also the gateway to Mout Everest.

We reached Namche yesterday in the evening after a wondeful hike up the Dudh Koshi river. The two hours uphill from Jorsale, from where we entered the National park was jammed with trekkers going up to Namche. Everyone was stuck in Kathmandu due to delayed flights because of the bad weather. So, there were hundreds of trekkers up the way. It was fun, as we all stayed together and trekked. There was a little drizzle in the afternoon and it kept the temperature down as we all struggled uphill. Overall, we all enjoyed it and it was a wondeful trek. We stopped a lot to take photographs and wait for the yaks to pass us.

Today, the 16th of October, the EVGS and EBC memebers trekked to Kunde to acclimatize. The weather was not really good as it is raining here today, but it was important to hike today to acclimatize and gain more elevation. Everyone is now back from the hike and is resting now.

Tommorow, we will be leaving for Thyangboche/ Deboche. The trek is beautiful, and hopefully if the clouds disappear, we will be seeing Ama Dablam, Lhotse, Thamserku and Everest. We will be walking through the rohodendron forest and will arrive at the famous Thyangboche monastery.

All the memebers are doing well, strong and happy. We will be posting more dispatches later in the coming days.

Thank you for following our news site.

Raj - Leader - Everest View Glacier school, and Everest base camp trek. October 2010. back to top

14 October, 2010

Team reports in live (click here to listen)

Hi, this is Ryan Nielsen with the Everest View Glacier School and Everest Basecamp Trek. Today is October 14th.

We’ve just made our way into Phakding and just wanted to send a message. Everyone is doing very well. We’ve had a great trek today, doing a short little walk. We finally made it to Lukla after 4 days of sitting in the domestic terminal of the Kathmandu airport. There were delays due to weather, airport accidents, and all kinds of things, but we finally made it up here having a great time on a nice brisk cold night. We’re looking forward to getting underway with the rest of the trip and our hike up to Namche Bazaar tomorrow. We’ll be calling in later. Bye. back to top

Namche Bazaar, the capital of the Sherpa people. See this unique village on our trek to and from basecamp (Tunc Findik).

13 October, 2010

We flew to Lukla today. Yeah! our entire team is nearly up here. That is very good for us, as other teams have been delayed, due to three days of bad weather, a plane crash in Lukla yesterday (no one was injured, thank god) and an airlines labour union strike at the airport today. Here is a photo of mike wearing his duvet down jacket at the Kathmandu airport out on the tarmac on a hot day. They said his rucksack was too heavy so he put on his duvet down jacket. Good on ya mate! back to top


12 October, 2010

Today a plane crashed in Lukla. Thank god no one was hurt. One of our members, Brian Cross from Birmingham snapped some photos. Currently the story is that the brakes failed and the plane crashed into the wall at the end of the runway, damaging the nose. I am sure there will be more news after further investigation by the ministry of civil aviation. back to top


11 October, 2010

Hi, this is Max Kausch, the leader of the Ama Dablam trip writing the first dispatch from Kathmandu.

After the winds that came with end of the monsoon, Kathmandu is suddenly cloudy and it has been difficult to fly to Lukla. But I'm sure we will manage to get there.

Most of the members for our 3 trips already arrived and are busy with last minute preparations. Yesterday we all went to a restaurant and took a table with more than 40 seats!!!

Our team having dinner in Kathmandu (Max Kausch).

We are planning to fly to Lukla tomorrow the 12th at 5am.

Here is the team rooster for the expedition:

Everest View Glacier School Team:

  • Ms. Grace McDonald - Canada
  • Jonathan Barbero - US
  • Ryan Nielsen - US
  • Andrew Wooster - US 

EverestBasecamp Trek: