Rebuilding the Patale Health Post and School

Rebuilding the Patale Health Post and School

   Contribute financially: The local people need your donations by cheque and also online using your credit card (please click the link below): 100% of funds raised will go to supporting Nepal earthquake relief projects rebuilding schools, hospitals, and communities 

Projected Patle Health Center Structure. 

The Crew to Patle

Land for School. Health Post

Temple. Glenn and Jangbu
Happy New Year, friends! Namaste. The last time we communicated we were preparing for our trip to Nepal from which we returned a little over one month ago. Our trip was an exciting, fulfilling, and productive, experience of a lifetime!

Exciting. Glenn had shared with Rachelle, Carla and me, stories about his experiences in Nepal -- about the people and the beautiful Himalaya. We each had our own ideas of what it would be like to actually meet the people Glenn had talked about and who we had seen in pictures and to see the mountains. But, we had to experience all of it for ourselves to truly understand. Especially in the village of Patle -- I have never been surrounded by so many smiles and so much kindness. Students and teachers walking to school an hour and a half one way, women carrying heavy buckets of water to boil, men building a house using no power tools, babies giggling as they chase after small goats... So simple and so happy! We could learn a lot from the people of Patle. It was exciting to meet the people, to sleep in a tent under so many bright stars I could barely see the sky, to experience the breathtaking Himalaya, and emotional to make the same trek as Glenn did in 2016, with Jangbu, whistling, and leading the way.

Fulfilling. What a special feeling seeing an almost completed Health Post knowing it's the result of the heart and soul of Glenn's vision, made possible by you. I hope you, too, feel a sense of fulfillment that you have provided a better place for a community to seek healthcare.

Productive. This is Glenn's favorite part of the trip. We learned and accomplished so much during our stay:

The Health Post looks great, but still needs some finish out on the inside -- painting, furniture, a stove for heat, and solar panels to provide hot water. All of these things have been funded (except maybe more furniture) and the work will continue. We heard just yesterday that the solar panels will be delivered to the village and installed next week. Dati Sherpa, the sole nurse at the Health Post requested a raise and we agreed to fund her salary increase. Dati not only sees all of the patients at the Health Post, she also delivers all of the babies in the village! We hope she will stay working at the Health Post for years to come.

While in Patle, I participated in discussions regarding the new school and met Pemba Sherpa (who has summited Everest only seven times compared to Jangbu who has summited 17 times) who will work with Jangbu on the project. The new structure will be three 16x16 rooms and in the evenings will serve as a dorm for the teachers who live far away. This three room structure will be adjacent to a larger seven room school as well as a four room school currently being built by the government. (The larger school was built about two years ago, financed by private donors.) Glenn agreed to a budget for the school and funds have been wired to purchase raw materials to be delivered as soon as possible while the weather will allow. Having the three "schools" on one "campus," will allow students to complete all grades in one location. Construction on the new school is dependent on the weather and availability of labor. (Attached is a picture of the land for the new school -- look a bit up a hill to the right of the green roofed big school.)

We are hoping construction costs stay close to budget so that once the school is complete, there are funds remaining to make the educational experience more fun for the students. This will also help encourage the children to stay in school through all levels as many of the kids stop going to school around age 16 to take jobs. Suggestions to make school more appealing are to have organized sports, computers, and playstations. Once the school is complete, we hope to be able to help provide amenities and programs that will be useful tools to attract and retain more students. Until then, we agreed to purchase 25 English dictionaries!

And the best for next to the Health Post is being cleared for a helipad! This means that when the school is completed, there is a way for Glenn to travel to the village to visit the Health Post and school -- by helicopter from Kathmandu! Brings full circle t exciting, fulfilling, and productive.

In a world filled with so many uncertainties, these things I know for certain: That Glenn and I remain passionate about seeing his project through -- and that none of this would be possible without your generous support. Thank you for your support, your friendships and for reading this lengthy update. We will send another update when we receive information on the progress of the school.

With gratitude,
Glenn & Camille
On going Patle Health Post









Tentative Budget for rebuilt Patle Health Post  
  1. Wages - $3000
  2. Cement - $2000
  3. Sand - $2000  
  4. Rock Dust - $1500 
  5. Steel Roof - $2000
  6. Wood and Transportation - $2000
  7. Iron Pipe and Transportation - $2500
  8. Nails - $200
  9. Miscellaneous - $1000 
 Total = $15,200
 The only health post in all of Patale district, serving 600 famiies, was destroyed by an Earthquake. Damage Patle Health Center.  Damage wood from Patle Health Center. Photo Jangbu
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Please have a look at the photos and budget below for Patale Health Post, serving 600 families, which was totally destroyed in the 25 April earthquake and subsequent 12 May aftershock. Please also consider the tragic loss of the Charmading School, with 3 buildings 14 classrooms, a library, computer room and office block for 500 students. Thank you very much for your support and kindness to the Sherpas. Please consider a donation to Everest Earthquake Fund . Thank you from all of us at the Mount Everest Foundation.  
Please "Click here to view " Mount Everest Nepal Earthquake - 
Please Click Here for a heart touching drone video of Nepal depicting how her people have been badly affected by the earthquake.

Click Here for a shocking video of a wind borne avalanche hitting basecamp and a 3d interactive map of basecamp , the Khumbu icefall and Everest summit.

Please Click Here - Dan Mazur Base Camp Earthquake TV clip:

  • Recent Nepal Earthquake Trek Photos
Murari and Alistair Soon inspecting the medicines donated by Pharmacy Outlet, Wintergarden, Brisbane. 
Jasmine Broecking with Street Dog Care  team.  Street scene in Sankhu post earthquake. 
  Lifestraw Family filter demonstration- 18,000 litres of clean pure water on gravity feed - no batteries required. Earthquake Ruins of Sankhu Village.
 Mike and the villagers check the filtered water. Temporary shelters and sandbags amidst the rubble in Sankhu village.
Ruined streets of Sankhu Vilage. Mike, Murari and Madan with the final filter setup.
Many dogs have been displaced by the earthquake, thus the need for Street Dogs Rescue Camp. Jasmine Broecking of Street Dog Care and Nir Thapa Magar of Nir's Toast Bakery with the Life Straw water filter sent by Claire Martine of Silung Trinetra


 Villagers and Mike working together to assemble the filter. Murari and Mike speak to the locals about setting up a water filter in Sankhu Village.

Water filter team unloading and setting up. Mike shows a filter replacement cartridge to the villagers.
Tentative Budget for rebuilt Patle Health Post    Tentative Budget for rebuilt Charmading School
  1. Wages - $3000
  2. Cement - $2000
  3. Sand - $2000  
  4. Rock Dust - $1500 
  5. Steel Roof - $2000
  6. Wood and Transportation - $2000
  7. Iron Pipe and Transportation - $2500
  8. Nails - $200
  9. Miscellaneous - $1000 
  1. Wages - $3000
  2. Cement - $2000
  3. Sand - $2000  
  4. Rock Dust - $1500 
  5. Steel Roof - $2000
  6. Wood and Transportation - $2000
  7. Iron Pipe and Transportation - $2500
  8. Nails - $200
  9. Miscellaneous - $1000 
 Total = $15,200  Total = $15,200 X 3 Building = $45,600

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Jamyang and Pasi Sherpa are Mount Everest Foundation employees. Their house was severely damaged. The villagers whose houses were destroyed are sleeping under bamboo matts. Photos by Jangbu Sherpa


Nawang climbing sherpa from summitclimb and Dati Sherpa, nurse from Patle health post setup temporary Kitchen after Earthquake. Helping hand from SummitClimb Climbing Sherpa to rebuild some house in Patle Village. Photo Jangbu  


Mud was taking out for reconstruction. One of Sherpa house destroyed by Earthquake. Photo Jangbu


Migmar Sherpa house got big crack after Earthquake, need to rebuild again. All medicine are damage by Earthquake. Photo Jangbu


Patle Village from distance. Class room from Charmading school. Photo Jangbu


Class room from Charmading school. Office room of Charmading school support by big wood. Photo Jangbu


Damage Charmading School. Some stuff are taking out from damage house. Photo Jangbu


Damage Patle Health Center. Damage wood from Patle Health Center. Photo Jangbu

Helping hand after damage. Severe cracks at Mingma Sherpa's house. Photo Jangbu

Earthquake News From Mount Everest, where we are working with kind and friendly local Tibetan and Nepali people to help adapt to the changes brought by an earthquake which struck the Everest region on 25 April, lasting about 40 seconds. This was the largest earthquake for 80 years. About 2 in 10,000 have tragically passed away in collapsed antique farm style buildings made of mud and stone with no support nor concrete. In the high mountains, ice shook loose in a few places, and unluckily, basecamp was hit. As the tremor came at noon, most everyone was up and around and able to run away. However, some did not make it. We send our deepest condolences to the victims families and friends. Lets work together to rebuild Nepal.

Do you have an earthquake story or can we help? Please share with us at: .

Join us on the ground in Nepal: on 14-26 June or 17-29 Nov, 2016 and 2017

Contribute financially: The local people need your donations by cheque and also online using your credit card (please click the link below):

Everest Earthquake Fund 

100% of funds raised will go to supporting Nepal earthquake relief projects rebuilding schools, hospitals, and communities.

If you choose to contribute with your credit card at the link above, once at the project pages, click the 'donate now' buttons to access the secure payment pages. Then scroll down to "The Mount Everest Foundation for Sustainable Development in Nepal and Tibet" and enter the amount of your donation. Please make sure to send us an email with the amount you donated, the project you donated to, and the date, enabling us to track your payment.

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Bring our project coordinator to your home or town to present a fundraising lecture. Daniel Mazur has been on the ground in Nepal thoroughout the Everest and Nepal earthquake and has a fascinating story to tell with breathtaking and at times shocking photos and videos. He travels the world making presentations each July, August, January, February and March and would like to vist you and make a personal presentation to your audience in order to raise funds for For more please go to



Water filtration donation to village.  Namaste Welcome to our Village. Photo Erik

Villager holding water filter bag. Damage from Earthquake. Photo Erik


Temporary classes running at Charmading School out the school building.  Now a days Tractor is using for transportation of loads. Photo Erik


Clearing up weather. Camp at Patle Health Center. Photo Erik


Shelley, Pasi, Dati and Larry at Patle Health Center compound. Larry reaching Patle Health Center. Photo Erik


Grand Ma and Grand Son. Local villager kid looking inside at the door of Patle Health Center. Photo Erik.


Dati taking blood pressure, where Pasi and Dr. Larry Counselling. Jangbu and Poter walking near memory wall. Photo Erik.


Shelley with Village woman. Stone craft. Photo Shelly


Water filter at Health Post. IV for Health Post. Photo Shelly


Eric teaching how to use Water Filter. Glove donation to village. Photo Shelly. 


 Dati showing Eye test Chart donation by Shelly. Larry and Health worker working inside health post. Photo Eric


Pasi, Shelly and Jamyang working on the Record book for H-pylori test. Clear day cow are in sun. Photo Shelly


Patle Health post temporarily fix before monsoon hit. Pasi and Dati ready for examine H-pylori test Photo Shelly


Local boy showing the equipment to carry stone. Mingmar and his daughter holding water filter donation. Photo Shelly. 


Stone are carrying for re-built their house. Eric and Porter with Water filter. Photo Shelly.


Damage after earthquake. Sherpa Dancing before departure for village. Photo Shelly.

Charmading School after earthquake


Farming star working in field for rice. Kids ready for school. Photo Shelly. 


View of Himalayas from plane. Phaplu Airport after Black top. Photo Shelly. 


Shelly Brought lots of medicine for h-pylori treatment. Shelly and Eric at Domestic Airport. Photo Shelly.