Aconcagua January 2008

Aconcagua January 2008

(photos in slideshow: Dan Mazur, Ryan Waters, & Tom Proctor)
News of our recent expedition: Aconcagua January 2008
28 December to 18 January, 2008
Please keep an eye out for news of our next Aconcagua expedition, starting on 8 February, 2008.

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13 January, 2008

Well, we had a great time on Aconcagua and a very successful expedition, placing 7 out of 8 members on the summit!

We are all back in Mendoza safely and enjoying the good food and fun atmoshpere of the city and we would like to thank everyone for following along.

Our next expedition will be starting on Feb. 8th so stay tuned for the updates there!

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10 January, 2008

Both teams summit! Everyone is safely down and getting ready to return to Mendoza.

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Hi, this is Ryan calling from Aconcagua basecamp. Sorry for the delay. We had some problems with our satellite connection.

Today is the 10th of January and we are heading out after some big success with lots of summits on Aconcagua. On the 7th, Dave Elmore and Rudy climbed the Polish Direct Route to the summit and came down safely. Then the following day on the 8th, Ryan (myself), Alan, Giorgio, Patrick and Cristina all climbed to the summit via the Normal Route Traverse.

Dave Edge made a great effort to about halfway to the summit. Dave was trying to become the oldest South African to summit Aconcagua, but he had some issues with headaches, so turned around and made a good decision.

We had a lot of success, with 7 out of 8 team members summiting Aconcagua (6962 metres/22,841 feet). We are really excited and heading out now down to camp and on the 11th we will get picked up to go back to Mendoza for a celebration.

Thank you for following along. Everyone is safe and happy and the weather is beautiful here in Argentina. Thanks to all of the support to our friends, families, and sponsors. We will check in again when we reach Mendoza. Thank you. Bye. back to top

3 January, 2008

The team is on the mountain and has just carried a load to camp 1.

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Hi, this is Ryan calling on the 3rd of January for the Aconcagua expedition.

Everything is great. We went up today from basecamp to do a carry to camp 1, at 5000 metres/16,400 feet. Everyone is feeling great and tomorrow we will either be moving up again for another carry or we will stay down and rest, depending on what the weather does.

Stay tuned and we will let you know as soon as we are moving again. Thank you for following. Everyone is doing well here on Aconcagua. Bye, bye. back to top

29 December, 2007

Greetings from sunny Mendoza! We have the entire team here now and we are all set with our climbing permits and are making final preparations now before our 1 p.m. private transport to the small puebla of Pentitentes.

Everyone is feeling great and we had a nice dinner of steak and pastas last night for a team celebration. We hope you are enjoying the dispatches and we will be keeping everyone up to date with our progress.

Thanks and have a great weekend. back to top

28 December, 2007

Hello from beautiful Mendoza.

We are all gathering here today. Some of our members have already arrived and later today Patrick and Dave will arrive at the airport. We will have a nice meeting and dinner tonight.

Our group is a great size, 8 in total and we have a great staff working this expedition with Ryan and Dave. We are also joined by Cristina Prieto, who is working with us. Cristina is a native of Sanitago, Chile and was the first woman from South America to climb an 8000 meter peak, Cho Oyu. She was also on the first female summit group of Everest from South America (photo: Looking up towards Aconcagua through the valley along the trek to basecamp (Dan Mazur).

We will be in touch from the road to Pentitentes and then will be calling in dispatches from basecamp afterwards. The sun is hot and the weather is clear so far and we look forward to a nice Argentine steak and some wine tonight. Ryan back to top

Meet the team:

Our team this year is:

  • Dave Elmore - Expedition Leader USA
  • Ryan Waters - Leader USA
  • Cristina Prieto - Leader Chile
  • Patrick Jamin - USA/France
  • Dave Edge - South Africa
  • Rudy Zdravlje - Canada
  • Giorgio Akiki - Canada
  • Alan Arnette - USA

Dave Elmore - Expedition Leader USA

  • Dave grew up exploring wild places and has climbed Aconcagua many times. He works for Outward Bound, specializing in technical and risk management training, and works as Patagonia Program Director. Dave has been a climber for 14 years, telemark skier, avid boater, reader and photographer. Dave has explored, worked and climbed in such places as India, Nepal, Europe, SE Asia, Central America, Chile, and Argentina.

Ryan Waters - Leader USA

  • Ryan has over 10 years of experience as an Aconcagua, Everest, Cho Oyu and Pumori leader. He is a relaxed, considerate and thoughtful climbing instructor for the world famous "Outward-Bound" school, and a highly-skilled professional who specializes in getting people to the summit and back down safely.

Patrick Jamin - USA/France

  • Patrick is a 29 year old from California and Paris. He is a friend of Fabrice Imparato who is from London and Paris. Fabrice climbed Ama Dablam and Everest with SummitClimb.

Dave Edge - South Africa

  • Dave is a 64 year old retired engineer from Knysna , South Africa. His passion, apart from mountains, is butterflies and he recently received his PhD for research on this subject. He runs ultra marathons to keep fit and Aconcagua will be his highest peak so far. He has 3 children and 3 grandchildren. Dave joined in SummitClimb's Glacier School during July of 2006.
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Aconcagua Program Description:

Aconcagua (6962 metres/22,841 feet) is the highest mountain in all of the Americas and one of the "7 Summits". This magnificent Andean peak offers a high altitude adventure; a chance to walk or climb on a big mountain expedition for a relatively low cost and in a short amount of time. The two routes in our program provide an opportunity for everyone to have as much fun as possible, whether this is your first time walking at high altitude on the Normal Traverse Route or you are looking for a greater challenge climbing the Polish Direct Route. Walking or climbing Aconcagua should qualify you for Everest from Tibet or Everest from Nepal .

The Normal Traverse Route (also known as the Polish Traverse or Falso Polacos) is the easiest route on Aconcagua. Walk along good trails and scree slopes (sometimes with snow) to reach a very high but attainable summit. We have chosen this route because it allows us to approach through the beautiful and less crowded Vacas Valley on the lower part of the mountain, then traverse to the "normal route", making for an easy and less traveled ascent.

The Polish Direct Route is a moderately technical climb on firm snow (sometimes with ice patches), allowing you to ascend Aconcagua by a less traveled and more challenging, but very climbable route. It offers excellent views of the awesome south face and a descent of the "normal route", giving an opportunity to see both sides of the mountain, making a complete traverse over the top of the summit. back to top