Aconcagua February 2008

Aconcagua February 2008

(photos in slideshow: Dan Mazur, Ryan Waters, & Tom Proctor)
News of our recent expedition: Aconcagua February 2008
8 to 27 February, 2008

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8 March, 2008

I had a GREAT time on the Aconcagua climb! Your choice of guides was a key reason for our success and relaxed atmosphere. The expedition was very pleasant and enjoyable and a huge success.

The picture on the right is of myself at the summit.

Thanks for a great trip.

Pamela Pappas back to top

23 February, 2008

Hello everyone, I hope you are well. We are back in Mendoza after summiting with 5 out of 6 of the clients on the 19th of Feb. under perfect skies with a full moon to boot!

The climb went smoothly and the summit was made more enjoyable by the lack of wind.There was surprisingly few people climbing due to the lateness of the season, which was great.

We enjoyed a very traditional cowboy barbeque put on by the mule drivers on our hike out, which was a highlight. Today everyone is recovering in the hotel and slowly waking up from a long night of wine tasting!

Best regards from all, Ted (photo right: Team member Larry Rigsby on the summit). back to top

21 February, 2008

We have updated news, the team has summited Aconcagua. We have reports that all but one member reached the summit, but everyone is doing great and safely back down to the lower camps. The team actually summited on Feb. 19th. They report very good weather and the plan is to start the descent now. Tentatively arriving on the 22nd in Mendoza. We will wait to here the specifics from Ted and Cristina when they call in tomorrow. But for now all the members are safe and feeling great! With lots of summits of the highest mountain in South America! Thanks, Ryan

20 February, 2008

The team is busy on the upper mountain. They have carried loads between basecamp and camp one and are now in the process of carrying and moving to camp two. So far it seems everyone is doing great, as there has only been news of the upward progress. We will be posting a detailed update asap once the team has a chance to make an extended call from the upper mountain. Thanks Ryan. back to top

10 February, 2008

Team leader, Ted Alexander reports in:

Everyone arrived in good form to Mendoza and after a round of Argentine steaks, wine and a good nights sleep, we drove to Penitentes where we are now enjoying the final creature comforts before heading to the trail-head tomorrow to begin our hike to base camp. Everyone is in fine spirits and it seems that we have a great group of eager folks!

Despite some clouds and rain the last few days, the weather has stabilized and the forecast calls for sun and low winds.

We will keep you posted as the trip unfolds. Ted. back to top

9 February, 2008

This is Ryan Waters checking in from Argentina. The team has assembled in Mendoza and all is well. There was a team meeting to go over logistics, sort out gear and to have a team dinner in town. Everyone seems to be doing great and looking forward to the climb. At 1 p.m. today is the private transport to the small puebla of Pentitentes, a ski resort along the mountains of the Argentina / Chile border. Tonight on the 9th the team will enjoy sleeping in the last real bed for a little while and hopefully have some nice food and drinks in town. We have worked very hard to have the best trekking and basecamp setup on the mountain with great food and a dining tent in basecamp. So we should be taken care of! OK, more from the road and the trail from the team to come (photo by Dan Mazur: Looking up towards Aconcagua through the valley along the trek to basecamp). back to top

Meet the team:

Our team this year is:

  • Ryan Waters - Bariloche Arg. & USA Expedition Organizer
  • Ted Alexander - Huaraz Peru & USA Expedition Leader (photo right)
  • Cristina Prieto - Santiago Chile Expedition Leader
  • Larry Rigsby - Tennessee USA Climber
  • Nick Roberson - USA Climber
  • Pamela Pappas - Florida USA Climber
  • John Pando - Florida USA Climber
  • Ken Chlouber - Colorado USA Climber
  • Ciaran Wilcocks - England Climber
  • Nick Patterson - England Climber back to top

Ryan Waters - Leader USA

Ryan has over 10 years of experience as an Aconcagua, Everest, Cho Oyu and Pumori leader. He is a relaxed, considerate and thoughtful climbing instructor for the world famous "Outward-Bound" school, and a highly-skilled professional who specializes in getting people to the summit and back down safely.

Cristina Prieto - Santiago Chile Expedition Leader

Cristina has climbed Everest and Cho Oyu, as well as peaks in Cordillera Blanca (Peru), Cordillera Real (Bolivia), Patagonia, Alaska and Mexico. She has guided on Aconcagua, Ojos del Salado and other 6000 metre peaks in the Central Andes. Christinahas worked as an instructor for NOLS and Outward Bound in North and South America.
John Pando. Larry Rigsby in front of Thames Village. Ken Chlouber. back to top

Aconcagua Program Description:

Aconcagua (6962 metres/22,841 feet) is the highest mountain in all of the Americas and one of the "7 Summits". This magnificent Andean peak offers a high altitude adventure; a chance to walk or climb on a big mountain expedition for a relatively and in a short amount of time. The two routes in our program provide an opportunity for everyone to have as much fun as possible, whether this is your first time walking at high altitude on the Normal Traverse Route or you are looking for a greater challenge climbing the Polish Direct Route. Walking or climbing Aconcagua should qualify you for Everest from Tibet or Everest from Nepal .

The Normal Traverse Route (also known as the Polish Traverse or Falso Polacos) is the easiest route on Aconcagua. Walk along good trails and scree slopes (sometimes with snow) to reach a very high but attainable summit. We have chosen this route because it allows us to approach through the beautiful and less crowded Vacas Valley on the lower part of the mountain, then traverse to the "normal route", making for an easy and less traveled ascent.

The Polish Direct Route is a moderately technical climb on firm snow (sometimes with ice patches), allowing you to ascend Aconcagua by a less traveled and more challenging, but very climbable route. It offers excellent views of the awesome south face and a descent of the "normal route", giving an opportunity to see both sides of the mountain, making a complete traverse over the top of the summit. back to top