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UK: +44 (0)7810 375400 & USA: +1 360-570-0715 info@summitclimb.com
UK: +44 (0)7810 375400 & USA: +1 360-570-0715

Mount Rainier Cascade Glacier School 2010, rope, ice, rock and snow climbing

Our awesome 2010 Cascade Glacier School team. What a great group! (photo: Jackie Neau).
News of our recent expedition: Cascade Glacier School

26 June - 3 July, 2010

We've just returned from our annual www.CascadeGlacierSchool.com. Our team of men and women of all ages had a fun time practicing ice climbing, roped glacier travel, crevasse self-rescue, snow camping, and we even made an attempt to try the summit of a very high 4500 metre glaciated volcano. Below our some photos our members took:

Team ascending for their summit attempt (Erik Siewertsen). Deb, Dan and Stew on a ridge above high camp (Jackie Neau).

Erik on the summit (Erik Siewertsen). Harrison on the summit (Erik Siewertsen). back to top

Our awesome group ona  high ridge above camp 1 (Jackie Neau).  Team doing a bit of glacier travel to our basecamp (Judi Crouse).

Erik ascending a ridge (Kevin Casey).  Don practicing ascending on fixed rope during our glacier classes (Stewart Wolfe). back to top

Our comfortable high camp on the mountain (Kevin Casey).  Up on top of a high scenic ridge (Kevin Casey).


Practicing abseiling/belaying and ascending (Nick Horton).  Jackie relaxing during a team lunch break (Nick Horton). back to top

Rope teams practicing safe glacier travel (Nick Horton). Harrison taking a scenic lunch break during our glacier training sessions (Stewart Wolfe).

Team having fun setting up fixed lines to learn about ascending and descending safely (Stewart Wolfe).  Team taking a rest break (Stewart Wolfe). back to top

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