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UK: +44 (0)7810 375400 & USA: +1 360-570-0715

Mountain Climbing Trekking Trips and Expeditions in the Himalaya, Africa, South America in 2009

 Photos in slideshow: Valerie Hovland, Tunc Findik, Elselien te Hennepe, Bruce Manning, & Preston Stroud. For caption information on these photos,
Winter climbing & trekking news: upcoming expeditions and treks
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter 2009 & 2010

Happy Mountain New Year 2009! How have you been? My name is Dan Mazur and I lead climbs and treks for www.SummitClimb.com , now in their 17th year. I am one of SummitClimb's 5 Everest leaders, having climbed 7 of our world's highest peaks including Everest, K2, Lhotse, Cho Oyu, Shishapangma, Mustagata, etc. I have led more than 25 fun, affordable expeditions with new and old friends and groups of men and woman of all ages and abilities, while trying to give back to mountain communities with service projects. I feel lucky to work in the company of such a strong staff of American and european leaders who work so hard with our top-notch sherpa team to complete trips safely. We all look forward to meeting, climbing, & trekking together with you in 2009. 

Please read down for a brief review of what is COMING-UP IN 2009:

In November we returned from a fun service-trek fostering schools, hospitals, and environmental projects in Nepal and Tibet. Our service-trek for June 2009 has places available. After visiting in 2008, with the help of a few amazing people from around the world, we are sending 6 Nepalis to school to become nurses and doctors, helping 8 Tibetans become Everest climbing guides and cooks, rebuilding convents for 14 nuns near Everest, and trying to figure out how to preserve Nepal's remaining ancient forests (any ideas)? To see what we did, maybe check-out www.SummitClimbNews.com (Photo right by Barbara Trenary: Pasang Sherpa, the little boy who walked for 6 hours with a smashed leg, has no parents and hobbled on a crutch all day to reach the health clinic and see our health workers. Our health Service Trekker, Christy, inspecting Pasang's broken ankle.)

1. Its time to join 2009 expeditions. Below I list our latest exciting offers like climbing - trekking Everest and nearby peaks and especially NEW TRIPS like www.Barunche.com and www.EverestViewGlacierSchool.com ***voted one of the '25 best new trips of 2009' by National Geographic Adventure Magazine.

TIBET AND NEPAL NEWS: HOW TO JOIN US: We anticipate an exciting year in Nepal and Tibet. Both countries are peaceful, welcoming visitors, and our old friends in the government mountaineering offices of Tibet and Nepal encourage us to visit their beautiful mountains.

SPECIAL RULES FOR 2009: All countries, especially Tibet, may be limiting applications in 2009. If you will join us this year, please do plan to send your application at least 60 days before the trip begins, as we need your paperwork a bit earlier this year to ensure your place in the expedition.

You can send your application now with a refundable ten percent deposit to hold your place. If you don't go, we give your money back. You may find the forms on the upper right-hand side of our site under 'Contact Us'

www.SummitClimb.com .

DEADLINE: If you will join us for Everest, Cho-Oyu, Lhotse, Lhakpa-ri, North-Col or BaseCamp Trek, we need to receive your application on or before 28 January. Thank you! back to top

A beautiful sunrise cresting over the summit of Everest (Tunc Findik). A view of the famous second step on the north side of Mt. Everest (Franck Pitula).


Cant go this year? Do send your application in any case and we will put your name on the list which is beginning to fill for 2010.

2. WINTER CLIMBING MEET: Lets meet up soon. Please join our winter-fun rendezvous meeting in the first week of March 2009 at the bottom of this email.

3. THANKS FOR TELLING YOUR FRIENDS about what we are trying to do: have safe, affordable fun in the mountains with men and women of all ages and abilities, make new friends and renew ties with old friends, all while building good teams and helping out the local people with medical-aid, education, and environmental preservation. back to top

4. Have you received your colour mountain Holiday postcards? If not, perhaps we don't know your correct postal address. Please email that to us so we can mail the fun and beautiful cards out to you. Many thanks!

5. NOW IS THE TIME TO JOIN OUR 2009 TRIPS if you have not already. Please click the links below and go to our **LIVE ONLINE SLIDESHOWS** (big peaks are at the top of the list and fun treks a bit lower down the list):

NEWS FLASH: All climbs now feature American and european leaders, excellent food, the best sherpas, a comfortable individual tent for each person in basecamp and some of the finest equipment on the mountain.

A. Mount Everest. In May of 2008, we put 14 members on the summit with 14 sherpas. We have very strong and experienced leaders with some of the most helpful and accomplished sherpas you will ever meet. Our equipment is superb and the meals are delicious. Leaders: Dan Mazur, Arnold Coster, Sam Mansikka, Max Kausch. Our 10th Everest expedition!

www.EverestNepalClimb.com . The original first ascent route made famous by Tenzing and Hillary in 1953. 29 March to 5 June 2009, Full Service Cost: $27,750 (includes internal-flights, trek, basecamp, and high altitude). back to top

The Canadian Mallory family and others on the Hillary Step (Sange Sherpa). Members wave in the Western Cwm between camp 1 and camp 2 (Dan Mazur).

www.EverestTibetClimb.com . The exotic and less-expensive side of Everest, made famous by Mallory and Irvine in 1928. 29 March to 5 June 2009, Full Service Cost: $22,750 (includes everything).

Now offering (for those who need to do-it-all) the 'Everest-Traverse' over the summit from Nepal to Tibet AND Tibet to Nepal. Please ring or email me for prices and dates.

B. Mount Lhotse (fourth highest in the world and climbed from the same route as Everest) In May of 2008, we placed 5 members on the top including 4 Sherpas. Leaders: Dan Mazur, Arnold Coster, Sam Mansikka. Our 5th Lhotse expedition! www.LhotseClimb.com . 29 March to 5 June 2009, Full Service Cost: $10,750 (includes internal-flights, trek, basecamp, and high-altitude).

C. Cho Oyu (6th highest in the world located beside Everest, most-accessible of the world's fourteen 26,000 foot peaks) In October of 2008, 13 members made the summit including the first woman to ski from the summit along with 5 sherpas. High-fun snow-climb. We teach you everything you need to know.

Get qualified for Everest. Leaders: Dan Mazur and Max Kausch. Our 8th Cho Oyu expedition! www.ChoOyuClimb.com . 23 April to 30 May or 1 September to 8 October, Full Service Cost: $10,250. back to top

Cho Oyu at sunset. Team members trekking down to basecamp after a successful season (Samuli Mansikka).

D. www.LhakpaRi.com . Maybe the easiest 7000 metre/23,000 foot peak in the world, amazing trek, chance to test yourself at high altitude in a very short time. Lhakpa-Ri is an easy snow-climb. We teach you everything you need to know. Do well and transition directly to Everest or Cho Oyu. Leader: Dan Mazur, his 4th Lhakpa-Ri expedition! 1-28 March, 29 March to 25 April, and 30 April to 27 May, Full Service Cost: $6750.

E. www.NorthColClimb.com . Climb to camp 1 at 7000 metres/23,000 feet, onto the shoulder of Everest, easy way to test yourself at altitude. The North-Col is an easy snow-climb. We teach you everything you need to know. Get qualified for Everest.  Leader: Dan Mazur, his 4th North-Col expedition! 29 March to 25 April, and 30 April to 27 May, Full Service Cost: $6750. back to top

Annette and Lhotse summiter Herman Kristen (the first Dutchman to summit Mt. Lhotse in 2008), near the summit of Lhakpa Ri (Peter Hage). Dawa Sherpa assisting Ken Stalter across a crevasse on the North Col (Dan Mazur).

F. Check out our NEW TRIPS for 2009:

www.BaruntseClimb.com . A beautiful and easy 7000 metre/23,000 foot peak in remote Nepal, near Everest. Baruntse climb also includes free-of-charge climb of famous 6000 metre/19,680 foot trekking peak Mera Peak. A fantastic way to climb 2 peaks for the price of one and see how you feel at high altitude. Easy snow-climb. We teach you everything you need to know. Get qualified for Everest. Leader: Dan Mazur, his 26th Himalayan expedition! 29 March to 5 May or 8 October to 14 November, Full Service Cost: $6750. back to top

Below the West Col of Baruntse looking up towards the summit. Tunc Findik, former SummitClimb team member and summiter of Everest, Cho Oyu and Pumori on the summit of Baruntse. A view of the Baruntse summit ridge heading up towards the summit cone at 6950 metres/23,000 feet (Tunc Findik).

www.EverestViewGlacierSchool.com . ***voted one of the '25 best new trips of 2009' by National Geographic Adventure Magazine. Learn everything you need to know about Himalayan climbing and see how you do at high altitude in a short time for a low price. Everest Glacier School includes climb of 6000 metre/20,000 foot Lobuche Peak. Leader: Raj Thapa, certified mountain leader and professional instructor. His 12th glacier school. 29 March-19 April, 1-22 May, and 1-22 October, Full Service Cost: $2750 (includes internal-flights and trek). Seven day option: $1050 (glacier school only). back to top

Team on the summit of Lobuche on a perfect sunny day. Team member and sherpa on the summit of Lobuche (Valerie Hovland).

G. In April, May, and October of 2008 we had very fun and beautiful treks to Everest Basecamp, Kala Pattar viewpoint, and Advanced Basecamp with a group of 7 and 8 men and women of all ages. Our leaders were the famous Abbey Rai, Mingma Sherpa and Ms. Yangjie Sherpa. Our 17th season of Everest Trekking.

We welcome you to join us this year for:

www.TrekEverestNepal.com . Visit world's most famous basecamp and the amazing viewpoint of Kala Patar. Easy walking on good snow-free trails. 29 March to 15 April, 1-18 May, 1-18 October, Full Service Cost: $1850 (includes internal-flights and trek).

www.EverestTibetTrek.com . Walk the 'Golden Highway' to Everest advanced basecamp with the best views of Everest; better than Nepal. 29 March to 17 April or 30 April to 19 May, Full Service Cost: $2750 (photo right by Preston Stroud: Our trekking team near Everest base camp).

H. www.IslandPeakClimb.com . In 2008, we safely sent 16 people in three groups  of men and women of all ages to the summit of this very fun trekking peak. Island Peak is an easy one-day snow climb and we teach you everything you need to know to climb this 6000 metre/20,000 foot peak during this inexpensive and quick way to see how you like altitude and snow climbing with amazing views of the Everest Massif. We have some very helpful and expert climbing sherpas on hand to accompany you to the top and back down.

29 March-19 April, 1-22 May, and 1-22 October. Full Service Cost (includes internal-flights, trek to Everest basecamp and Kala Pattar): $2750. 5 day climb-only option: $950. back to top

Our team ascending the summit ridge on Island Peak (Emil Friis). Our team member on the shoulder to the summit (Stefano Ricci).

I. Mustagata (worlds easiest 7500 metre/24,500 foot peak, walk, ski, snowshoe/raquette to the top and back down) 12 members reached the summit with 5 sherpas. Easy snow-climb. We teach you everything you need to know.

Get qualified for Everest. Leader Jon Otto speaks fluent English and Chinese. His 9th Mustagata expedition! www.MustagataClimb.com . 4-27 July, Full Service Cost: $4450. back to top

This is Kristine O'Brien and Gary Kellund resting at camp 2, 6200 metres/20,300 feet on Mustagata (K. O'Brien and G. Kellund). Our all female team, the "Lipstick Blondes" from the UK, in between camp 1 and camp 2 on Mustagata (www.lipstickblondes.com).

J. www.ShishapangmaClimb.com . Lowest of the world's fourteen 8000 metre/26,000 foot peaks. Located near Everest. Less crowded than Cho Oyu. Easy snow-climb. We teach you everything you need to know. Get qualified for Everest. Combine with our Cho-Oyu expedition and earn a 20 percent discount.

Leaders: Dan Mazur and Max Kausch. Our 4th Shishapangma expedition. 17 September to 23 October, Full Service Cost: $10,250. 9-23 October (Cho Oyu combination includes 20% discount), Full Service Cost: $8250. back to top

Our team at ABC on Shishapangma leaving for camp 1 (Dan Mazur). Climbing near the Gendarmes on our summit attempt at around 7600 metres/25,000 feet (Dan Mazur).

K. In 2008, we trekked Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro, and climbed Mt. Kenya safely with fun groups of men and women of all ages from around the world. back to top

Our current Aconcagua expedition is in the field. Please go to our news site: www.SummitClimbNews.com .

Aconcagua: www.AconcaguaSummitClimb.com . The highest peak in all the Americas. An 'easy' walk/scramble to the top. We teach you everything you need to know. Test yourself at high-altitude and get qualified for Everest. Led by mountain professionals. 5-24 January and 1-20 February. Full Service Cost: $3250 (photo right by Dan Mazur: Aconcagua as seen from basecamp)..

Kilimanjaro: www.KiliTrek.com . Highest peak in Africa. Kili is only easy walking to the top on solid trails, there is no climbing. A fast way to see how you feel at altitude in exotic Africa. Leader Felix Berg has climbed Kili 6 times and speaks fluent English, Swahili, and German. 28 February to 8 March, Cost $2950.

Mount Kenya: www.KenyaClimb.com . Second highest in Africa. Much less traveled than Kili. Lots of wildlife, and a very high peak. Trek around the summit on good trails, or optional rock-climb 16 pitches into the clouds on this very famous equatorial peak. Challenging but not-too-difficult. Leader Felix Berg has climbed Mt. Kenya 12 times by all of the major routes. He is an expert climber and leader. 9-15 March, Cost $1450. back to top



Hiking up toward Tarn Hill on Mt Kenya during our January expedition (Cheryl Goodwin - Good2GoPhotography.com (all rights reserved). Peter Horsey, top Kenyan climber on the Mackinder's boulders (Dan Mazur). Our team member Peterson enjoying the view of Teleki Tarn (Cheryl Goodwin - Good2GoPhotography.com (all rights reserved).

L. www.ServiceTrek.org . In 2009 we completed beautiful and worthwhile service treks in the Mount Everest region to reconstruct an 80 year old buddhist convent, brought medical-aid to a rural hospital as well as supplies and teachers to 2 schools supporting a povert-stricken valley with 4000 residents and surrounded by still unspoiled ancient forests. Leader Dan Mazur. His 7th service trek. 5-18 June, 14-27 November, 2009 (photo right by Murari Sharma: Patale health post worker Jamyang and Dr. Lisa McClellan examine a Nepalese baby).

Tax-Deductable-Contribution: $1450 includes internal flights and trek (%100 of your contribution for the trek and your international flight are tax deductable).

6. ***DISCOUNTS*** All of our Himalayan trips offer special prices for groups of 2 or more, returning members and medical practioners. Tell your friends and we will pay you a cash 'finder's-fee' for each one of them who join our trips.

7. www.LeaderInTraining.com . We are looking for men and women of all ages who want to become Himalayan leaders in training (or who already are leaders and want to save money). Our programme offers substantial discounts, free hotels and meals.

8. Need to save even more money? We offer 'basic' and 'bare-bones' trips for those on a budget. back to top

Namche Bazaar, the capital of the Sherpa people. See this unique village on our trek to and from basecamp (Tunc Findik).

9. WINTER CLIMBING MEET: Join a fun group of men and women of all ages in early March for fun skiing/snowshoeing, snowboarding, and winter mountaineering. Meet, chat with, climb, ski, and snowshoe, snowboard with our leaders including Dan Mazur. We invite you during 28-February to 7-March, 2009 in Tignes, France, with the largest Glacier in Europe. During our time in France, we plan to have fun, relaxation in a comfortable lodge, glacier exploration, eating delicious cuisine and sharing cheer with old and new friends, as well as a fun snow/ice climb of 12,300 foot high www.tinyurl.com/Grande-Sassiere . Email us for more information. We expect the snow and ice to be plentiful and the cost to be affordable (accomodation, breakfast, and lift passes only $500 for the week) I hope to see you in France and please email asap to put your name on the booking as space is very limited. Here is the chalet where we shall be staying so thanks for letting us know if you are coming www.ChaletChardons.com .

10. Summer Climbing Meet: Join our leaders including Dan Mazur during July for our www.CascadeGlacierSchool.com . Learn everything you need to know about ice-climbing, glacier travel, crevasse-rescue then summit a 14,500 foot glacial peak near Seattle, all in just 1 week. 11-18 July. back to top


Slightly above ABC, one of our Everest climbing expedition members is heading up to ascend the North Col, where camp 1 is located at 7000 metres/23,000 feet (Tunc Findik).

11. Please be sure to email us your postal address if you have not done so. We would like to post you one of our Himalayan Colour PostCards.

12. Please visit our clothing equipment sponsor www.SherpaAdventureGear.com . Watch for their new store and rental shop opening in Kathmandu soon. back to top

***In conclusion. My sincere thanks for telling all of your friends about what we are trying to do and thanks for getting in touch. I await your reply. Looking forward to climbing and trekking in the New Year. High Altitude Regards -- Dan Mazur


Email: DanielMazur@SummitClimb.com

Phone: 360.570.0715. Please call me anytime and in case I am out climbing and trekking when you phone, please be sure to leave a message with your name, number, and best day and time to call, and I will get right back to you. Thanks.

Postal Address:


POB 123

Lakebay, WA


Ps. You can find me on facebook, twitter, plaxo, and linked-in.

Pps. Congratulations, you made it to the bottom of this email! You must have the patience and perseverance necessary to enjoy the Himalaya at its best!!! back to top

This is SummitClimb. A lot of very dedicated staff and a great team in basecamp (Dan Mazur).
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