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Remote Nepal Sherpa Service Trek Programme Description

  • Service Trek Remote Nepal Sherpa Village. Photo Deha
  • Service Trek Dr. Brian Rolfson teaching Jamyang Sherpa (one of the health worker). how to check baby. Photo Deha
  • Service Trek View of Himalayas from foot hill. Photo Deha
  • Service Trek Hiking near Shisa Khola. Photo Dinna
  • Service Trek Students from Charmading School. Photo Dan Mazur
  • Service Trek Member enjoying taking picture while trek to remote Nepal trek, background Everest View. Photo Deha
  • Service Trek John showing remote village to Kim. Photo Deha
  • Service Trek Pharmacy at Patle Health Center, which are donated by different sponsors. Photo Dan Mazur
  • service trek Member enjoying evening near camp. Photo Squash
  • Service Trek Team members enjoying Sherpa Dance. Photo Dinna
  • Service Trek Suspension bridge. Photo Stew
  • Service Trek Member and Dati Sherpa at Jafre. Photo Squash
  • service trek Player flag and Buddhist stupa in Jafre. Photo Deha

Please click one of the links below to view that section of our introductory information or just scroll down (photo right by Murari Sharma: Patale health post worker Jamyang and Dr. Lisa McClellan examine a Nepalese baby).

Service Trek Programme Description:

  • Introduction: Trek to remote Nepal delivering needed medicine and supplies, visiting health clinics, schools, temples, and wander around these extremely beautiful forested valleys with their lovely streams and terraced farms and meet some of the charming local families who provide wonderful hospitality to us.Remote Nepal Service Trek
    • After a short flight on an 18-seat plane we trek through remote Nepal at low altitude on snow-free paths, up and down hills, through green terraced villages, rushing rivers, suspension bridges, ancient old-growth forests, stay in rustic inns and camp in verdant meadows beneath towering peaks. There is ample time to experience the friendly and exotic culture, as we walk through some of the most spectacular natural settings and mountain scenery in the world, while staying in comfortable lodgings.
    • You travel at a very careful pace without having to carry a heavy rucksack, while enjoying freshly prepared meals and lots of hot drinks. The logistics are all taken care of, so just relax and enjoy the pure and pristine environment of the areas we pass through and meet the local people (photo right by Dan Mazur: Ms. Elselien, Walking on foot hill of Everest. 
    • This easy, peaceful and interesting trek maximizes many years of coordinating volunteer projects and treks, accumulated wisdom in the Himalaya, a long and proven record of safe and fun trekking through Tibet, Nepal, China, Africa, and many other fascinating mountain destinations around the world. back to top
  • Leader and staff: Our friendly guides and trip leaders are experts at leading interesting groups of men and women throughout Nepal. In addition, they have an intimate knowledge of the Sherpa people and customs and temples and shrines in each picturesque village you stroll through. We must also give credit to our polite and highly experienced, hard-working trekking sherpas, cooking, and office staff (photo right by Morris Prokop: Our team brought much needed school supplies to Patale Village and are handing them out to the children in the photo. There are 3 classrooms that serve over 70 students from grades 1 through 5. The school has 3 teachers on staff and students travel here daily from as far away as a 3-hour walk to attend classes daily).
    • On trek: Our guide, together with friendly and helpful sherpas, cooks and local porters carry all of your personal equipment, group equipment, and set up camp each day, prepare and serve delicious meals, so you can relax and enjoy the trek. You do not need to carry a heavy rucksack.
    • Sherpas: Our excellent sherpas have an intimate knowledge of this beautiful trek and the comfortable villages we will visit because this is their home region. They live in this land, grew up on farms here, have family and friends in the fun areas we will pass through, making our visit less of the usual tourist experience and more involved with the unique and genuine culture of Nepal. They go out of their way to help make your visit remarkable and create lasting ties with the majestic landscapes and the inhabitants who reside there. This is a very enjoyable trek with friendly people. back to top
  • Solu-Khumbu District: Covers an area of 1148 square kilometres in Nepal. This district verges upon Everest National Park, including Mt. Everest and several other well known peaks such as Lhotse, Pumori, Island Peak , and Ama Dablam. Because this district lies on the wrong side of Everest, tourists do not go here. In fact we have never seen another tourist during any of our previous service treks. The surrounding area is a 'world biosphere reserve'. Since 1976 the park has served to safeguard unique cultural, physical and scientific values through sound conservation principles. At low altitudes the district is made up of jungle vegetation, such as trees, rice paddies, and banana trees. At medium altitudes it varies from oak, pine and hemlock forests at lower altitudes to fir, juniper,birch and rhododendron woods at mid-elevations. Scrub and alpine plant communities with bare rock and glacier are found above the tree line, although our Service Trek does not reach this altitude. 22 species of rhododendron bloom during the spring (April and May) and much of the flora is colourful throughout the year. Wild animals most likely to be seen in the park are Himalayan tahr, goral, serow, musk deer, red bear, and well over 100 different bird species (photo right by Lisa McClellan: A Buddhist ceremony in Patale village temple, welcoming the arrival of our service trek).
  • Optional 'VolunteerKathmandu.org' extension programme: Volunteer in Kathmandu at a school and/or hospital before or after the Service Trek for as many days as you wish to participate. Price includes liaison between volunteer placemnt and the Mountainfund.org staff, airport pick-up, half day city tour, food and lodging. Cost: $200 USD (one time enrollment fee for a minimum of 2 days, plus $20/day for as many days you wish to volunteer before and after the trek).

  • Trek: This is one of the most beautiful treks in the world with ancient snow-free paths winding past green terraced villages, rushing streams crossed on swinging bridges and each night a rustic travelers inn or a good tent pitched in a quiet pasture with views of the foothills and perhaps in the distance the highest peaks in the world. Along the way we will stop in several villages delivering needed medicine and supplies, visiting health clinics, schools, local families and temples. Throughout the trip we eat delicious meals of local vegetables, rice, potatoes, and sometimes chicken for the meat-eaters in our group. The trek will be moderately paced, allowing plenty of time for rest and site-seeing. The route winds through rugged up and down valleys and beautiful forests and terraced farms, where you can explore rustic tiny villages. Our trusty porters carry all of your baggage, so you don't have to carry a heavy rucksack. back to top

Kandu sherpa who was help by mount everest foundation undefined . Working in the Kitchen for dinner.   

Kandu Sherpa who got Tuberculosis, year ago and treat in kathmandu help by Mount Everest foundation. Walking down to other village. Working in the Kitchen for dinner. 

  • Charity/Non-Profit. Please visit the sites of the groups who support our Service Trek, and help local people to help themselves:

  • Who is this trip for?
    • We encourage men and women from around the world, of all ages to join us as an individual team member or with your own group, whether that is your spouse, partner, friends, sibling, clients, colleagues, etc. Most of our members join as individuals, our team dynamics work well, and we are able to build successful and safe groups that enjoy trekking, climbing, and traveling together.
    • We encourage all different kinds of people to join our Service Treks. We also like doctors and medical professionals to join our teams in return for a 5 % discount (photo right by Murari Sharma: Our service trek team going over logistics and getting ready to head out to rural Nepal in our busy Kathmandu office. From left to right: Arnold Coster, Khanad Chakrabarty, Jangbu Sherpa, Deha, Shrestha, Dr. Lisa McClellan, Celia Rogers, and Dan Mazur).
    • Previous camping experience is beneficial to enjoying the trip, although not required.
    • It would be nice if you have some experience with foreign travel, although we are happy to advise and help you if this is your first time out of the country and, for many of our members, it is.
    • All of the work is done for you, such as cooking, carrying group equipment, setting up tents, etc. Porters will carry all of your personal items so you do not have to carry a heavy rucksack.
    • It is not necessary to be in extremely good shape to enjoy this trek. If you can have fun walking for 3-6 hours up and down hills with a few 20 minute breaks mixed in, then you should be fine. back to top
 remote service trek  remote service trek  remote service trek remote service trek

Local family. Member bless. Final view of Everest before leaving remote village. Stupa near Jafre.
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