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Service Trek - Trekking Personal & Team Equipment

  • Service Trek Remote Nepal Sherpa Village. Photo Deha
  • Service Trek Dr. Brian Rolfson teaching Jamyang Sherpa (one of the health worker). how to check baby. Photo Deha
  • Service Trek View of Himalayas from foot hill. Photo Deha
  • Service Trek Hiking near Shisa Khola. Photo Dinna
  • Service Trek Students from Charmading School. Photo Dan Mazur
  • Service Trek Member enjoying taking picture while trek to remote Nepal trek, background Everest View. Photo Deha
  • Service Trek John showing remote village to Kim. Photo Deha
  • Service Trek Pharmacy at Patle Health Center, which are donated by different sponsors. Photo Dan Mazur
  • service trek Member enjoying evening near camp. Photo Squash
  • Service Trek Team members enjoying Sherpa Dance. Photo Dinna
  • Service Trek Suspension bridge. Photo Stew
  • Service Trek Member and Dati Sherpa at Jafre. Photo Squash
  • service trek Player flag and Buddhist stupa in Jafre. Photo Deha

Below is a detailed list of equipment you need to bring for the Service Trek and at the bottom is a description of team equipment that we bring for you. (Click the links below to go directly to that section of the personal equipment list or just scroll down):

Where should I purchase my equipment?

Please "click here" to view our list of recommendations on where to purchase kit.

Upper Body-

  • 1 cotton t-shirt;
  • 1 cotton long sleeved shirt;
  • Synthetic lightweight shirts or tank-tops
  • 1 polypropylene warm but light thermal long shirt;
  • 1 fleece jacket;
  • 1 wind/waterproof jacket with hood;
  • Umbrella (optional); back to top


  • 1 pr. warm poly thermal gloves, with plastic wind shell (the latter is optional);


  • 1 cotton sun hat;
  • 1 cotton head scarf;
  • 1 very warm hat;
  • 1 head torch with extra battery; back to top

Lower Body-

  • 2 pr.+ cotton underwear briefs;
  • 1 cotton walking shorts;
  • 1 cotton long trousers and/or comfortable synthetic hiking/trekking trousers;
  • 1 polypropylene warm but light thermal leggings;
  • 1 pr. fleece/pile/trousers;
  • 1 pr. wind/waterproof trousers;

Your clothing should be kept dry using waterproof stuff sacks, bin-liners, or large plastic bags. back to top


  • 2 pr. cotton socks;
  • 1 pr. sandals for use in hotel;
  • 2 pr. med. polypropylene thermal socks;
  • 1 pr. comfortable trekking/hiking boots with good ankle support and water resistant ("broken-in" please);
  • 1 pr. trainers, lightweight running shoes for trekking on flat, easy trails; back to top


  • 1 sleeping bag (good to -10 degrees C or 10 degrees F);
  • At least 1 closed cell foam kari-mats. We do not recommend inflatable mats, as we have never seen one not puncture. You can buy these non inflatable mats very inexpensively in Kathmandu. Why carry foam mats around the world, when you can purchase them inexpensively in Kathmandu?

Your sleeping bags should be kept dry using waterproof stuff sacks, bin-liners, or large plastic bags. back to top

Rucksack and Travel Bags-

  • 1 medium backpack (40-60 liters, can be used for airplane carry);
  • Waterproof rucksack cover (optional);
  • 1 large kit-travel bag with lock (80-100 liters for checked bag); back to top

Personal Hygiene-

  • 1 toothpaste/brush;
  • 1 bar soap/1 small towel;
  • female or male hygiene supplies;
  • 1 set earplugs;  back to top


Medications are inexpensive and readily available in Kathmandu with no Doctor`s prescription;

  • Small personal first-aid kit. (Simple and Light), blister repair kit, waterproof first-aid tape, athletic tape, plasters, Band-Aids, personal medications, etc. The leaders will have extensive first-aid kits, so leave anything extra behind. Please let your leader know about any medical issues before the climb;
  • 10 anti-diarrhea pills (Imodium, Loperamide);
  • 10 anti-headache pills (Paracetamol, Tylenol);
  • 10 anti-inflamatory pills (Ibuprofen);
  • 20 cough lozenges, cough sweets, Strepsils, Halls;
  • 1 small bottle anti-altitude sickness pills: Diamox, Acetylzolamide;
  • 10 stomach antibiotic pills: (Ciprofloxacin, Norfloxacin);
  • 6 broad spectrum antiobiotic pills: (Azithromycin);
  • Do not bring sleeping pills. They are a respiratory depressant;
  • 1 Steripen, or bottle of water purification tablets or water filter;
  • 1 set earplugs;
  • 1 small bottle of hand-sanitizer suncream for skin and lips. minimum factor 20

    Extra prescription glasses, contact lens supplies. Contact lens wearers, WARNING: your contact lenses might not work well on the mountain, please carry glasses at all times in case of emergency. A new pair could be quickly made in Kathmandu for just $40. Please order prior to arrival if you are interested. A new pair could be quickly made in Kathmandu .
    back to top

Personal Food-

On the trek we cook 3 hot meals each day. This food will consist of soup, local cheese & sausage, biscuits, dried noodles, potatoes, rice, porridge, butter, dried and tinned vegetables, fruit, meats, and fish, tea with milk and sugar, powdered juice drink, and drinking chocolate. Our sherpas will be carrying this.

  • We ask each member to bring their own imported daily snack and energy foods. We do not provide cold “snack” food such as chocolate or "energy-bars". We ask that you bring or buy your own "snack" or daily cold energy food, 2 kilos/4 pounds, is a good amount. A growing variety of imported foods such as European and American cheeses, chocolates, biscuits, cookies, nuts, and locally made power-bars are now available in Kathmandu, at realistic prices. However, imported power bars, GU, re-hydration drinks, dehydrated food, "freeze-dried meals", imported cheese and sausage are not available. If you want these items, you must bring them from your home country. Many of our members, especially Britons, Europeans, and Australians with tiny baggage allowances, now purchase their daily snacks in Kathmandu. Our schedule in Kathmandu allows plenty of time for shopping. back to top

Practical- back to top

  • Comfortable clothes for in town;
  • 1 water filter;
  • 1 bathing suit/swimming costume (you never know);
  • 1 telescoping ski stick/pole (3 section);
  • 1 pr. sunglasses . For eyeglass wearers, prescription sunglasses are best and are available inexpensively in Kathmandu with your prescription for just $40. Please order in advance if you are interested;
  • extra prescription glasses, contact lens supplies. Contact lens wearers, please bring glasses in case of emergency. A new pair could be quickly made in Kathmandu for just $20. Please order in advance if you are interested;
  • 1 litre water bottle;
  • 1 small roll of repair tape, 1 sewing repair kit;
  • 1 cigarette lighter, 1 small box matches;
  • 1 compass, 1 small multi-purpose knife;
  • 1 battery powered alarm clock/watch;
  • 1 camera and film or digital camera with spare cards;
  • 4 large, waterproof, disposable rubbish sacks;
  • passport, 2 extra passport photos, flight ticket, flight itinerary;
  • Separate photocopies of passport and relevant visa pages, proof of insurance;
  • Dollars, Pounds or Euros cash for purchasing Nepalese visa at Kathmandu airport, for paying for restaurants and hotels, for gratuities, snacks, and to purchase your own drinks and gifts;
  • Credit cards (bring a photocopy of your cards), traveler's checks, etc;
  • Please be sure and bring your patience and try to keep an open, relaxed, positive and friendly attitude as travelling in this part of the world may be very different than what you are used to, but things always seem to fall into place at the last moment. Thank you.

This is not an exhaustive list. Please submit other equipment concerns and suggestions. Thank you. back to top

Group Equipment:

We provide a plethora of top-quality, and time-tested equipment, group gear, and supplies, including: trekking tents; cookers, fuel, high-altitude food, walkie-talkie radios, etcetera. Please see the group EQUIPMENT link, in the menu bars above to study what we bring for your use and safety.back to top

Please submit any equipment questions or concerns to: info@summittrek.com

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