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UK: +44 (0)7810 375400 & USA: +1 360-570-0715

Everest Expedition Training Climb Cost | SummitClimb

  • everest nepal training photo Squash and Paula and above Camp Two. Photo Mitch
  • everest nepal training photo A view of our comfortable camp 2 looking up towards the Lhotse face. Photo John Dowd
  • everest camp 3 Instructor helping member about fix rope. Photo John
  • everest nepal training photo Climber in Khumbu Ice Fall. Photo John Dowd
  • everest camp 3 The famous Khumbu Ice fall. Photo Sam
  • everest nepal training photo Working in rope during climbing. Photo John Dowd
  • everest nepal training photo Members enjoying crossing Khumbu Icefall. Photo John
  • everest camp 3 Close up view of Mount Everest and Lhotse. Photo Stew
  • everest nepal training photo Stewart Edge climbing the final few steps into camp 3. Photo Squash.
  • everest camp 3 Training at Basecamp. Photo Stew

* Our “full-service” expedition includes:

  • Leader: Cost includes a very experienced and qualified British, European, or American leader;
  • Climbing Sherpas for the group;
  • Transport to basecamp to/from Kathmandu, for you and equipment, including all internal / domestic flights Kathmandu-Lukla-Kathmandu;
  • Your trek to/from basecamp is included in the price;
  • Yak transport of all equipment from Lukla to and from basecamp;
  • Three meals per day on trek and in basecamp. Comfortable tables and chairs and dining tent;
  • Skillful basecamp cooks;
  • All mountain, trek, and basecamp food;
  • All permit fees and liaison officers;
  • Use of group gear and supplies: rope, ice, rock, and snow anchor protection; basecamp and altitude tents; cookers, fuel, high-altitude food, walkie-talkie radios, satellite telephone, etcetera;
  • Emergency equipment and supplies: medical oxygen, gamow bag, basecamp medical kit, high-altitude medical kits, etcetera;
  • In addition to our top-quality high-altitude tents, we now provide an individual tent (1 tent per person) in basecamp.
  • Your trip includes 2 free Kathmandu hotel nights at the beginning and two free Kathmandu hotel nights at the end of the trip. You will be sharing. If you do not wish to share, you can pay an extra $20 for a single room (during any of the included 4 nights). If you want a room for extra nights, outside of the included 4 nights, the price will be $30 (single room). Price includes good delicious breakfast and mandatory 25% Nepal government tax and government service charge. Meals in Kathmandu (other than breakfast) are at your expense. Please bring cash (credit cards are rarely accepted) to pay for your expenses and extra nights and / or your single supplement. We often stay at the comfortable three star Hotel Shakti. Its an excellent and classic hotel surrounded by green gardens and located in the heart of the city action near many delicious restaurants, the city's best mountain equipment shopping, and abundant nightlife all within a few minutes walk. The Shakti Hotel also offers lots of entertaining day trip (and night outing) options such as city tours, walking tours, rock climbing, mountain biking, wild game safaris, horse back riding, art classes, volunteer opportunities at orphanages, hospitals, schools, women's centres, bird watching, cooking classes, sport fishing, day peak climbing, herbal medicine seminars, day hikes, pottery classes, car tours, sightseeing, temple tours, henna handpainting classes, health spas, massage, swimming, beauty spas and hair stylist salons, motorbiking, yoga courses and retreats, river rafting, painting, sculpture, and handicrafts classes, golf, language courses, kayaking, writing seminars, poetry workshops, bungie jumping, all types of religious worship, canyoning, hot tubs, health club, saunas, fitness center, ayurvedic spa treatments, Mount Kailash Treks, night clubs, meditation retreats, gourmet restaurants, cultural dance performances, wine tasting, pedicures and manicures, casino gambling, barber shops, discotheques, dance clubs, airport transfers, Scenic Flights Around Mount Everest, dance classes, cooking classes, sampling micro brews, trying Nepalese Cuisine, handicrafts and carpet shopping, looking for good deals on outdoor gear, climbing gear and trekking gear, "designer" clothing, and watches, and much much more.

Team members crossing a ladder over a deep crevasse in the interesting Khumbu Icefall. Rope and ladders are expertly fixed and maintained through the maze of shifting glacial seracs (Bruce Manning). Members wave in the Western Cwm between camp 1 and camp 2 (Dan Mazur).

Sixteen-Day Option: We are offering a sixteen day trip for those members that wish to meet our team on day 11 of the itinerary in basecamp and arrange their own trek before and after the 16 days of glacier travel. All of the services provided to our full-service members will be offered to members who wish to only do the 16 day programme. This may be a great option for those who are participating in other treks/climbs in the region. Sixteen day option cost: 8,150, £6,450, €7,150.

Trekking: For our full-service members, the cost of this expedition includes one of the most beautiful treks in the world. For more information and photos, please visit our Everest Nepal Trek.

Sherpas and Equipment Transport: Our expedition includes transport of all of your equipment from Kathmandu to basecamp, and returned to Kathmandu. While climbing on the mountain, we try not to ask our full-service members to carry heavy group equipment (although it is an option if you really want to), such as tents, rope, fuel, food, etcetera. We employ climbing sherpas, and high-altitude porters, to carry group equipment and supplies. For a minimal expense, we can also provide personal sherpas and climbing-guides to individual members who wish to have their own private sherpa or personal climbing-guide. We now encourage members to hire "personal-equipment-carriage-service", to help with high altitude equipment transport, both up and down the mountain.

Full personal-private sherpas-

  • For those who do not wish to carry their own rucksack, or prepare their own meals and drinks above basecamp, we offer full personal-private sherpas (or, you may wish to share one with another member). A personal sherpa climbs and camps with you at all times and carries approximately ten kilos/22 pounds of your personal belongings. He also helps with boiling water and making your meals on the mountain. The cost of hiring a personal-private sherpa is as follows.
  • A Nepalese sherpa is available for: $6450 USD.

High altitude "personal-equipment-carriage-service"-

  • Divide the above prices by four if you would like to have approximately 10 kilos of your personal equipment carried up and down the mountain, between camps. You must provide a 48 hour notice while on the mountain. Although the price is less than the full personal-private sherpa, the "personal-equipment-carriage-service" does not involve the additional services provided by the full personal-private sherpa. This service is mainly to help get equipment up and down between camps. If you need more help than this, please consider hiring a full personal-private sherpa.
Cooks and Food: On the trek our skilled trekking cooks provide delicious meals. In basecamp our skillful and hard working cooks prepare three hot meals each day with a very healthy diet of fresh vegetables, cheeses, eggs, and fresh as well as tinned fruits, meats and fish (all meats and fish are prepared separately out of respect for the vegetarians in our midst). They supply you with unlimited hot-drinks, the key to successful acclimatization. We have large weather-proof kitchens and dining tents, with comfortable chairs and tables. On the mountain, above basecamp, we provide you with abundant and nutritious locally available quick-cooking food, so that you may prepare at least three meals and lots of hot drinks each day, in our specially designed high-altitude stoves using our butane-propane expedition mix fuel.

Above basecamp all of our team members cook their own food unless they have a personal sherpa to cook for them. For more about personal sherpas, please click here .

We provide you with a special high altitude stove and fuel canisters. Our stoves are of the "hanging" type, designed to be used inside the tent (well ventilated of course). We have found these to be the best possible stoves for high altitude use, as it is essential to cook inside the tent during stormy weather. Our stoves are suspended above the floor so you have room to sit comfortably and warmly in your sleeping bag while cooking.

Our high altitude fuel is of two types. Above 7000 metres/23,000 feet we use imported propane/butane 250 gramme canisters. Below 7000 metres/23,000 feet we refill the canisters with propane gas. Liquid fuel does not work above 6000 metres/19,700 feet so we don't use liquid fuel above basecamp or advanced basecamp.

Group Equipment: We provide a plethora of top-quality, and time-tested equipment, group gear, and supplies, including: rope, ice, rock, and snow anchor protection; basecamp, advanced basecamp and altitude tents; cookers, fuel, high-altitude food, walkie-talkie radios, bamboo marker wands, etcetera. We now provide an individual tent for each member in basecamp, so you do not have to share. We also have shower and toilet tent for Basecamp. Please see the above EQUIPMENT link, to study what we bring for your use and safety. back to top

Staff: Our staff, working together as "Everest Parivar Expeditions, Pvt. Ltd." led by the experienced and influential Mr. Murari Sharma, are hospitality experts and have, for the last 21 years, been arranging overland tours, safaris, raft trips, treks, mountain climbs, trek support staff, cooks, peak climbing permits, satellite phone permits, video and film-making permits, translators, liaison officers, climbing Sherpas, oxygen, helicopter flights, air tickets, equipment purchase/hire, storage, import/export, shipping, customs clearance, transport bookings, advance hotel bookings, visas, repatriations, and permits.

Safety: BOTH full-service and basic expeditions are allowed access to our extensive communications equipment, medical supplies, first-aid kits, medical oxygen, and a gamow bag in case of emergency. Thank you for being a well-prepared and safe team member! back to top

*What is not included?

  • International flights to Kathmandu and back to your home country.
  • Mountain climbing rescue and travel insurance .
  • Personal climbing and trekking equipment and clothing .
  • Visa and Passport: Your Nepal visa is conveniently purchased by you upon arrival at the Kathmandu airport. It is not necessary to purchase a Nepalese visa prior to landing in Nepal. The cost of a 90 day visa was $100 USD. 30 days visa cost $60. Please bring cash and 2 extra passport-sized photos (extra photos are necessary to obtain the visa in the airport). Thank you. Please Note: Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months fom the END of the expedition and contain at least 2 blank pages.
  • Additional expenses like bottled or canned drinks on the trek, tips and gratuities, expenses of a personal nature (ie: laundry or gift shopping) are not included, snack-energy food, changes to the pre-planned itinerary (such as early departure), and expenses while traveling away from the group or leader. Not included are unexpected expenses, such as expenses due to emergencies, rescues, weather, political situations, transport delays, etc.
  • We recommend the following tip for our group staff: Everest Training Climb: $250. Expect to pay the above tip no matter what.
  • For the "summit-attempt bonus" a group Sherpa who helps you to climb above the high camp or up to the summit and back down, expect to pay $250 per Sherpa for summit success and $150 per Sherpa for an attempt on the summit, where you tried but did not succeed. That amount of money may be split between the climbers in the summit party. If you have a personal Sherpa, your tip will be more. Thank you very much. back to top

Andrew Brash climbing a steep Lhotse face ice-wall on the way to camp 3. Everest is behind him on the left (Christian Otto). Our awesome sherpas Thile and Tenji in between camp 1 and camp 2 (Samuli Mansikka). 

Please ask any questions regarding cost at info@summitclimb.com.

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