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UK: +44 (0)7810 375400 & USA: +1 360-570-0715

Cascade Glacier School: International Applicants

  • glacierschoolapp Team on 1st day of school. left to right - Ridlon Kiphart, Ari Karchin, Jaimie, Stewart Wolfe, Sylvi Montag Kawina, Tak Ogasawara, Martha Johnson, Dan Mazur
  • glacierschoolapp Heather models the safety equipment on her harness (Heather Jennings).
  • glacierschoolapp After a flipping glissade, Jaime Herriot comes to a rest with her ice axe in the correct self arrest position.
  • glacierschoolapp Eric McPherson sets up a belay.
  • glacierschoolapp Heather Jennings uses her ascender to pull herself back to the surface during self rescue practice (Heather Jennings).

What questions do you have? Please ask as many questions as possible. This helps us to have a proper conversation so we can better understand one-another's expectations, so you will have a very safe, enjoyable, and successful expedition. Please view our "Questions" page to find trip specific information for all of our climbs and treks.Thank you.

Below you should find a pdf or MS document containing the application pro forma. Are you able to read it? When all of your questions have been answered to your satisfaction, please print out the application and return it to us with your refundable ten-percent deposit, to hold your place in our team. Would you please just post it to us at the mailing address you will find on the form? Thank you very much. If you decide not to go, your deposit will be refunded according to our refund policy. Your registration and the final payment must be completed two months prior to the expedition starting date. Thank you very much.

Click here to download PDF Form for Cascade Glacier School International Applicant

Click here to download the MS Word Form for International Applicants

If you don't have a PDF reader please get it by clicking here

Here is a checklist of what we need to have in your file at least two months before the trip begins. We encourage you to send an electronic scan of all of the below documents, please be sure they are signed. Thank you:

[ ] Trip Registration Form (part of 4 page form),
[ ] Signed Participant Release and Acknowledgement of Risk (part of 4 page form),
[ ] Signed Terms and Conditions of Booking (part of 4 page form),
[ ] Signed Medical Form (part of 4 page form),
[ ] Proof of mountain rescue and repatriation insurance,
[ ] Proof of travel, accident, and repatriation insurance (cancellation insurance is advised).

Please do let us know what further questions you may have about the registration process, or anything else for that matter. Thank you.
Welcome to our team.

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