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UK: +44 (0)7810 375400 & USA: +1 360-570-0715

List of Donors - Helping the MEF Reach Goals and Help the People of Nepal/Tibet

  • List of Donors At Kalapather.
  • List of Donors Remote village far from any facilities, to reach hospital only it take 3 full day walk. Photo Deha
  • List of Donors Just a bit of the rubbish collected from basecamp and Gorak Shep being burned and processed for transport to lower altitude.
  • List of Donors Deboche - Nunery Nuns. Photo Mingma
Thank you to everyone for becoming involved with charitable giving, donation, philanthropy and contribution to the Himalaya and charity non-profit volunteer service work, helping local people help themselves to build hospitals, schools, environmental, and cultural preservation projects.

Below are a list of generous donors that have helped the MEF change the lives of local people in Nepal and Tibet (don't see your name listed? Please let us know so we can add you, thanks):

Special Thanks to the Following Organizers of Projects and Patrons of the Mount Everest Foundation:

Shelley Bloom MF/STMF Former June Service Trek 2009 member. Shelley came back to Kathamndu to volunteer in local hospitals and has provided excellent medical advice for treating the individuals the MEF is sponsoring.
Hong Hoang MEF Former November 2008 Service Trek member. Hong helped put on an event in Seattle to raise money for the Service Trek Member's Foundation. She also helped set up the Service Trek Member's Foundation

Denise & Brad

Deboche  Sponosred the new roof of the Deboche Nunnery.
Jill MacDonald & the students of Shaker Junior High MEF Her and the wonderful students at Shaker Junior high made and donated clothing for the sherpa children we visit along our Service Walks in 2008 and 2009. They are currently working on more for 2010 and we really appreciate all of the hard work they've put into keeping the children of remote Nepal warm.
Marcia MacDonald Deboche Set up Deboche Nunnery Foundation and has been instrumental in raising funds for this project.
Kharis Fausset
MEF Kind donation to provide Depo shots for the Patale Health Post for the whole valley.
Sandy Murray MEF Former November 2008 Service Trek member. Sandy has helped in setting up the Service Trek Member's Foundation, raising funds and providing excellent medical advice for treating the individuals the MEF is sponsoring.
Katharine Peacock JPMF Set up Jonathan Peacock Memorial Fund, which so kindly sponsored the nursing education of Dati Sherpa.
Elaine Smith RAN/MEF Former June Service Trek 2009 member. Donated and helped raise the money for Pasang Sherpa's critical care treatment and schooling in Kathmandu, as well as staying with Pasang after surgery and revisiting him in the hospital this autumn.
Christy Thuesen MEF Former November 2008 Service Trek member. Christy's daughter and her school helped raise a lot of funds for the Service Trek Member's Foundation in 2009
Barbara Trenary MEF Former November 2008 Service Trek member. Barbara helped to raise a lot of funds for the Service Trek Member's Foundation, as well as set it up.

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Donors $501,  £300, €305, and up -

Thomas Jefferson Middle School MEF
Association for Experiential Education MEF
Leslie Broady JPMF
Ronald and Ginger Cloud MF
The Overlake School MEF
Susan Leiper Deboche
Terry Bergstedt MF/STMF

Pierce County Library System, Friends of the Library

Lynn Alandt Deboche
Kharis Fausset & Nigel Greening MEF
Denise LaFlamme & Brad Grimstead

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Donors: $101-$500, £60-£299, €70-€304 -

Eric and Janice Albin                         MEF
Bill Bartee MF
Ted Bartee MEF
Windy Bartee MEF
Carol Benek MEF
Ed Benites MEF
Geoff Birnbaum MEF
Frank Blainey MEF
Kurt Blair MEF
Rabbi Borovitz MEF
Diana Dunnan Deboche
Carol & Brent: Feathered Friends - Seattle MEF 
Alan Formanek MEF
Patricia Furchner MEF
Adrian Garcia MEF
Maria Georgiou MEF
Richard Goldstein Deboche
Suzette & Greg Hanson MEF
Phil Herbert
Kevin Lavoie Deboche
Kate MacIsaac MEF
Lois Proctor Mack Deboche
Helen Peacock JPMF
Susan Remis MF
Horace Shaffer Deboche
Mary-Leigh Smart Deboche
Jason Smolensky   MEF
John Spivey JPMF
Jenn Spradlin Deboche
Sally & Dennis Towlson MEF
Charlotte Wilson MEF
St. David's Budget Box Deboche
World Expeditions MEF
Longbranch Improvement Club MEF

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Donors: $51-$100, £30-£59, €35-€69 -

Terri Baker MEF
John Bornstein Deboche
Sallie Carrigan MEF
John Chalk MEF
Donald Cutler Deboche
Carole Dickerson MEF
Dave Forest 
Hadley French Deboche
Mike Gigliotti MEF
Beverly Hallam Deboche
June Hansen MEF
Kate Harrison JPMF
Susan Hendrick MEF
Muriel Hoyt Deboche
Patricia Kish Deboche
Lowell Larson MEF
Xavier Lopez-Suarez STMF
Wanda Neste MEF
Nancy Norris Deboche
Steve O'Brien MEF
Dustin Osborn MEF
A Pulver MEF
Bob Rein MEF
Lynn Salerno MEF
Marc Schlossman JPMF
Rachel Schmeidler MEF
Mark Scott MEF
James Spencer MEF
Lenore Valerio-Buford MEF
Christopher Wise Deboche
Edmost Corporation MEF
Peloquin Property Management Deboche
Saint David's Episcopal Church Deboche

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Donors: $1-$50, £1-£29, €1-€34 - 

Patricia Beecher Deboche
Amy Blake MF
Michael Bunney STMF
Alan Burke MEF
C.D. Capp MEF
Warren Cook Deboche
Kathi Cooper MEF
Rebecca DesChamps MEF
Holly Dowell MEF
Bradford Elvidge Deboche
Barbara Gooding MEF
Elizabeth Grinter JPMF
Susan Gulick STMF
Wanda Hendrick MEF
Helen Horn Deboche
Marjory Jacobson JPMF
Susan Kellett STMF
Askold Kobasa MEF
Paul Mullaney MEF
Ba Phan STMF
Roger Phillips MEF
Erin Pratt MEF
Dean Rinaldi Deboche
Darlene Smith MEF
Grace Swanson MEF
Debbie Trunk MEF
Theodore Veiock Deboche
Carole Wahlers MEF
Elise Weldon MEF
Connie Wilbert MEF
Beth Wolfe MEF
Calluna Fine Flowers & Gifts


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Former Service Walk Members - 

Service Trek November 2009:

  • Ms. Katherine Waldrop - US
  • Ms. Jacqueline Cross - UK
  • Brian Cross - UK
  • David Begneaud - US

Service Trek October 2009:

  • Ms. Edith Hoag-Godsey - US
  • Ms. Angela White - US
  • Ms. Erin Coughlin - US
  • Ms. Marissa Dedes - US
  • Ms. Minna Navvab - US
  • Ms. Nikkole Shea - US
  • Ms. Diane Asher - US
  • Ms. Katrina Tabor - US back to top

Service Trek June 2009:

  • Ms. Elaine Smith - New Zealand
  • Ms. Rachel Dillhoff - US
  • Ms. Alexa Dillhoff - US
  • Ms. Shelley Bloom - US
  • Ms. Chu Trandinh - France/US
  • Ms. Ying Hsu - US

Service Trek November 2008:

  • Ms. Sandy Murray - US
  • Ms. Barbara Trenary - US
  • Ms. Liz Carr - US
  • Ms. Christy Thuesen - US
  • Ms. Lilia Wong - US
  • Ms. Hong Hoang - US
  • David Dogruel - US

Service Trek June 2007:

  • Ms. Lisa McClellan - US
  • Ms. Celia Rogers - UK
  • Kanad Chakrabarty - US

Service Trek June 2004:

  • Ms. Elselien te Hennepe - Netherlands
  • Dr. John Vavruska - US
  • Dr. Lee Levin back to top

Past Lecture Hosts/Organizers -

2009 lectures:

  • 14 January - Pierce County Library: University Place Branch
  • 18 January - Pierce County Library: Bonny Lake Branch
  • 29 January - Tenino HighSchool
  • 9 February - Pierce County Library: Orting Branch
  • 10 February - Pierce County Library: Summit Branch
  • 11 February - Pierce County Library: Buckley Branch
  • 14 February - Pierce County Library: Eatonville Branch
  • 13-15 March - Association for Experiential Education (AAE): Northwest Region Conference
  • 17 March - Pierce County Library: Tillicum Branch

2008 lectures: 

2007 lectures:

  • 12 December Reading RISC AAC
  • 10 December Portland Trio Nasp
  • 21 November San Francisco World Expeditions
  • 19 September Redmond Overlake School
  • 25 August Orlando FFI
  • 18 August Timberline Lodge Young Presidents Organization International
  • 25 March AAC New England Section
  • 22 March Renton Primary School
  • 16 March Redding Mountain Bike Club
  • 13 March Aberdeen Mountain Club
  • 14 March London Castle Climbing Centre
  • 15 March Basingstoke-Alton Climbing Club
  • 10 March Vancouver Thomas Jefferson Middle School
  • 5 March Vancouver Cascade Middle School
  • 27 February Laguna Niguel Bacchus Society
  • 24 February Los Angeles Beit T'Shuvah Recovery Center
  • 23 February Pasadena REI
  • 22 February Polytechnic School
  • 21 February Malibu Rotary Club
  • 20 February University of Chapel Hill
  • 19 February Charlotte North Carolina Jesse Brown's
  • 16 February Vancouver International Film Festival
  • 15 February Seattle Language Academy
  • 10 February Longbranch Improvement Club
  • 8 February Seattle Feathered Friends
  • 20 January Seattle Washington CEO Convention
  • 14 January Clearwater Convention Center
  • 13 January Tampa BigCat Foundation back to top

2006 Lectures:

  • 17 December Bristol Climbing Club
  • 14 December Birmingham Climbing Club
  • 6 December Malibu Jewish Center back to top

2005 Lectures:

  • 11 January, Southern California Mountaineers Association, RockClimbing. org, Los Angeles
  • 24 January, 7:00 pm, Summit Canyon Mountaineering, 732 Grand Avenue, Glenwood Springs, CO, 81601, Shane Edmonds (970) 945-7062;
  • 25 January, 7:30 pm, Steamboat Springs Community Centre, next to the Bud Werner Memorial Library, 1289 Lincoln Avenue, Steamboat Springs, CO, 80477, George Barlow, (970) 879-5453;
  • 26 January, 7:15 pm, Wild Mountain Outfitters (near Candyman), 851 Saint Michael's Drive, Santa Fe, NM, 87505, Jon and Jan Asher, (505) 986-1152;
  • 27 January, 7:30 pm, Colorado Mountaineering Club, Boulder Club House, Table Mesa Shopping Centre, 633 South Broadway, Unit N , Boulder, CO, 80305, Bob Guthrie (720) 838-4197;
  • 2 February, 7:30 pm. Red Lion, Redding, California, Ginger Cloud (530) 275-8238
  • 5 February, 2:00 pm, Vertical Ventures, 5402-E Pioneer Park Blvd., Tampa, FL, 33634, (813) 884-ROCK
  • 6 February, 10:00 am, The Harbourview Centre, 300 Cleveland Street, Clearwater, FL, 33755, (727) 462-6778
  • 8 February, 7:00 pm, Jesse Brown's, Sharon Corners, 4732 Sharon Road, Across from South Park Mall, Charlotte, NC, 28210, Jeff Botz (704) 287-7910
  • 9 February, 7:45 pm, Eisenhart Auditorium, 657 East Avenue, Rochester, NY, 14603, Stu Milligan, Adirondack Mountain Club, (585) 436-5581
  • 10 February, 7:00 pm, Thoreau School, 91 Laurel Street, Concord, MA, 01742, Near Concord Centre, Court Booth, Concord-Carlisle Adult & Community Education, (978) 318-1540
  • 11 February, 7:00 pm, Bresnahan School, 333 High Street, Newburyport, MA, 01950, Tim Hanke, CubMaster, Pack 21, (978) 462-5745
  • 21 February, 20:00, Climbing Centre Rock Steady, Zanderijweg 12-14, Bussum, Netherlands, tel 079-3230323;
  • 22 February, 19:30, Climbing Centre Ayers Rock, Buytenparklaan 14, Zoetenmeer, Netherlands 035-6925000;
  • 23 February, 7:30 pm, King Edward Hall, High Street, Lindfield, West Sussex, England.
    Next to 'White horse pub' and opposite the village pond. Mike East, 07885402526
    01444 484970
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Lectures 2003 & 2004:

  • 19 November. Alpine Club Northern Lecture Series: Hathersage
  • 27 November, London, Private showing. Henry Dallal
  • 9 December. Focus Fitness, Albuquerque
  • 10 December. Wild Mountain Outftters, Santa Fe
  • 11 December, EMS Denver
  • 12 December. EMS Boulder
  • 14 December, Winter Park, Beaver's Condos
  • 17 December, Lake Oswego
  • 7 January, Seattle, Second Ascent
  • 15 January. Greenspoint Club, Houston
  • 16 January. Continental Reservations Center, Houston
  • 20 January. Appalachian Mountain Club. Boston
  • 21 January. MIT Outing Club, Cambridge
  • 22 January. Wilderness House, Boston
  • 23 January. St Johnsbury Academy, Vermont (3 shows)
  • 26 January Syracuse Carrier Circle, New York
  • 27 January. Suny Oneonta, New York
  • 1 February, Nivon, Rotterdam back to top
  • 3 February Sleaford Mountain Club
  • 5 February Christ's Hospital School, Horsham
  • 9 February. Pipeworks Gym, Sacramento
  • 17, 18, 19, 23, 24, and 25 February for A16, Southern California, with Pemba Doma Sherpa, first Nepalese woman to climb Everest and Survive, and Murari Sharma, trekking expert.
  • England and Wales: 10-20 February, 2003: Central Asia Institute
  • Monday, 10 February, Guildford Mountain Club meeting at "The Boathouse" 8pm
  • Tuesday, 11 February, 2003, Alpine Club, London, 7:30pm
  • Thursday, 13 February, Saatchi's, London
  • Sunday, 16 February, 2003, Theatre Brycheiniog, Brecon, Wales, 7pm
  • Tuesday, 18 February, Rockhopper Mountain Club, London, at the Bull and Mouth, 8pm
  • Thursday, 20 February, 2003, Taunton Leisure, Bedminster, Bristol, 8pm
  • Colorado and New Mexico: January 23-30, 2003: Anatoli Boukreev Memorial Fund
  • Thursday, January 23, 2003: Colorado Mountain Club, Golden, 7:00pm
  • Friday, January 24, 2003: EMS-Denver, 7:00pm
  • Monday, January 27, 2003, Stone Age Climbing Gym, Albuquerque, 8:00pm
  • Tuesday, January 28, 2003, Focus Fitness, Albuquerque, 7:15pm
  • Wednesday, January 29, 2003, Wild Mountain Outfitters, Santa Fe, 7:30pm
  • Thursday, January 30, 2003, Neptunes, Boulder, 8:00pm. back to top

Lectures 2002:

  • Alpine Club, London
  • Brecon Outdoor Centre, Wales
  • Mountain Community, Portland Oregon
  • EMS, Denver Colorado
  • Seattle, Second Ascent
  • Staehelin Family, Basel
  • Berg Family, Berlin
  • Scheck Family, Stuttgart
  • van der Plas family, Brussels
  • Ericsson Ski Club, Skier's Lodge, La Mege, Franced
  • Ozark, Shanghai
  • Ozark, Beijing
  • Ozark, Chengdu
  • Ozark, Shenzhen
  • Ozark, Lhasa

Do you know of any places anywhere in the world where we might present our exciting presentation during 2010 and 2011? Please get in touch and email: info@SummitClimb.com and info@SummitTrek.com. Thank you very much for all of your kindness and help to the  families and environments of Nepal and Tibet!!! back to top

Please contact us: info@mounteverestfoundation.org

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