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Everest News - From Everest Tibet Expedition, Training Climb & ABC Trek

  • everestnews Everest Seen from Basecamp. Photo Franz
  • everestnews The Famous second step. Photo David O'Brien
  • everestnews Our tents at the North Col at 7000 metres-23,000 feet, also known as camp 1. Photo David O Brien and Summit seen from ABC. Ry Fable

Everest News of our recent expedition: Everest Tibet/North Col & ABC Trek 8 April to 6 June

everest climb basecamp

Photo Jangbu our Sirdar (Sherpa leader) with the apple pie

20 April - Two of the ABC trekkers headed to interim camp today , the summit climbers and Lucy will head up tomorrow. We all went for another acclimatisation walk in the beautiful sunshine today. So far we have been blessed with unusually fine weather.

This evening’s dinner was a fine dhal bhat followed by a surprise apple pie, mmmmm delicious.

everest climb basecamp  everest climb basecamp

Photo David O'Brien yaks waiting to get loaded. Photo David O'Brien Yak hearers weighing our equipment.

19 April - This morning our first group of yaks arrived with the chaos of large unruly animals and yak herders weighing our equipment. 40 yaks will take our first load of interim camp and ABC equipment and the sherpas headed off to set everything up.

The rest of us headed up a nearby hill to gain some altitude before heading up to interim camp tomorrow.

everest climb basecamp

Photo David O’Brien base camp tents give a fine view if Everest

17 April - After a leisurely breakfast we spent some hours packing duffel bags in the morning sunshine. Some other team membership came to visit us and it was generally an easy going chatty day getting used to the altitude.

The Sherpas are currently enjoying some well amplified Nepalese dance music in the kitchen tent , I might go in to strut my dance moves shortly

everest climb meeting everest climb meeting

Photo David O’Brien first view of Everest , clouds still covering the summit . Photo David O’Brien , shopping on Tashi som high street. 

16 April - After a leisurely breakfast and some more shopping in Tingri we drive the 3 hour surfaced road to base camp. A few years ago this was a dusty dirt road that took many more hours.

We stopped in Tashi Som for some more pringle and chocolate shopping and reached base camp early afternoon. The high clouds fully revealed a fairly snow free North Face of Everest. We’re looking forward to a hearty dinner and a some good base camp rest.

everest climb meeting everest climb meeting

Photo Jon clouds still covering the summit . The-Tibetans cross bred a Yak

15 April - We stayed in Tingri today, with a gentle acclimatisation walk and plenty of eating. Late this afternoon the clouds revealed a first glimpse of Everest. Tomorrow we head for base camp.

everest climb meeting  everest climb meeting

Photo the team at the entrance to Everest National Park. Tingri high street with a moody sky

Yesterday we drove from Kyirong up onto the Tibetan Plateau. The road was good and the drive a comfortable one.

We arrived for a late lunch at Tingri (4300m) a small town that has been a stop off and supply point for many historical Everest North side expeditions.

everest climb meeting

Photo David O’Brien - beautiful clear high desert lake

13 April - It’s the first time that any westerners have crossed into Tibet on this route. It was good to find a path up to a high plain above Kyirong this morning to stretch our legs and exercise our brains.

Our ABC trekker group was held at the boarder crossing yesterday while their permits were delivered from Lhasa by an overnight driver. It’s really good they have joined us today and we will head on as a group tomorrow.


Picture, up at 3650 m (above Kyirong).  A cow making good use of the Kyirong cast offs . Photo David O'Brien

12 April - We departed bleary eyed from Kathmandu at 4am this morning to make sure we reached the border crossing with Tibet before it closed.

After a fairly detailed entry process we finally entered Tibet, hurray. Another wait for the newly laid road surface to set and it was off to the Ji Long Hotel in Kyirong for a hearty dinner and hopefully a long restful sleep.

everest climb meeting

Photo David O'Brien

10 April - Hello, this is David North side Leader , greetings from Kathmandu. It’s been a busy few days getting ourselves sorted with last minute purchases in Thamel, the tourist area of Kathmandu.

Last night we had delicious Nepali food and and a lively show from a pantomime yak and yeti. The two person yak came around to all our tables demanding  rupee donations in its mouth. I’m not sure if my 50 rupee donation was quite enough as I got a hoof flick from the yaks rear end.

Tomorrow we hope to get our Chinese visas and head to the new border crossing .

9 April : Today is our team briefing and last minute shopping.

everest climb meeting

8 April: Our members are arriving in Kathmandu and we are checking their gear, then taking them out to the shops to buy and rent/hire what they need. Delicious dinner at a cultural dance restaurant.

everest news everest climb meeting

Team Rosters:

Everest Summit Team Member

  • David O'B., UK ( Leader)
  • Magnus N. Sweden
  • Patrick M. USA
  • Brendan M. USA
  • Dominic R. UK
  • Franz P. Paraguay
  • Jonathan L. New zealand/Australia
  • Heikki K. Finland
  • Martin S. Germany
  • Grant M. Australia

Everest Summit Team Member

  • Violett S. ,Sweden
  • Lucy C. , new zealand/australia
  • Sanjay B.,  Singapore

SummitClimb Climbing Sherpas & Staff - 

  • Ang Dorji Sherpa
  • Ang Pasang Sherpa
  • Chhonga Karma Sherpa
  • Gelje Sherpa
  • Gyalje Sherpa
  • Jangbu Sherpa
  • Phujung Bhote
  • Karma Gyalze Shera
  • Kipa Sherpa

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