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Baruntse and Mera Peak Climb & Trek Expedition Recent News Autumn

Baruntse & Mera Peak Autumn: News of our expedition

12 October to 14 November (Mera Peak and Baruntse) and 1-29 November (Baruntse only)

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19 Oct - Today the team made the big move up to Tagnag 4300m (14,100'). We traveled along a beautiful, freezing river to a monastery, where we learned. (1/2) that today was a "lucky day" Everyone is feeling well and going an excellent job of acclimatizing. Most all the members are enjoying a room with a bed tonight

18 Oct - The team descended from Chatra, 4200m (13,800') to Kothey 3500m (11,500'). It was a wonderful hike down hill and along a beautiful glacial fed river. In Kothey, we were treated to warm showers, and a huge dinner of pasta, potatoes, vegetables, and a yak burger! we got our first views of Mera Peak today!

17 Oct - Big day! The team hiked up and over Zetra la pass 4600m (15,100') to Chatra 4200m (13,800). This was a big jump in elevation and team members could all feel the air getting thinner. The reward for the teams hard work was a tea house with amazing views and an actual wood floor!

16 Oct - Today we moved camp up to 4040m (13,250'). The trek up took a little over 3 hours and we were treated to beautiful views of the valley below with clouds moving in and out below us all day.

15 Oct - Today we take a "rest" day. We need to give our bodies a chance to acclimatize to the high elevation so we hike to 3,720m (12,200') then return to camp for the night. Climb high, sleep low. Everyone us feeling great!

14 Oct:  After the flight to Lukla, we hiked 3.5 hours to a small, rustic tea house at 3,320m (10,900). We are all happy have great weather and be away from the busy Everest Base Camp trek. The food and camp are great!

We are off  the road to catch Lukla flight from Ramechhap as there is lots of traffic from Kathmandu airport due to Nepal's main festival coming up. Now we are at Lukla. We will update you more, please stay tune. Thanks.

12 Oct: The Baruntse - Mera Peak Team is arriving and the expedition is starting now. Hooray!

mountain covered with clouds   mountain view
Mountain covered with clouds. Beautifull mountain view.
bags managing   donkey with bag
Managing bags. Donkey travelling with bag.
team member with airoplane   airoplane way
stone home   view from distance
Stone home. Village view.
view of night time   sky view
team members trekking
Team members trekking.
crossing bridge   village view
Team member crossing bridge.
group photo before expedition at hotel shakti   Streets of Thamel with less traffic
Group photo before expedition at hotel . Streets of Thamel . Photo Don
team roster of Baruntse are busy hiring and buying climbing equipment at Kathmandu trekking Shop  Donation from Ms. Anna L for www.SherpaClimbingSchool.org

Team roster of Baruntse are busy hiring and buying climbing equipment at Kathmandu trekking Shop. Photo Don. Donation from Ms. Anna L for www.SherpaClimbingSchool.org 

Baruntse Team:

  • Don W (Leader)  USA
  • Mikko L., Finland
  • Anni P.,  Finland
  • Matti S., Finland
  • Detlef B.,  Germany
  • Daryl B., USA
  • Stuart S., USA
  • Grant J., Australia
  • Anna L., Swiss
  • Garvan L., Ireland
  • Marguerite O'S.Ireland -
  • Sebastian K., Switzerland

Mera Peak Team:

Climbing Sherpa

  • Jangbu Sherpa
  • Chhonga Karma Sherpa
  • Gyalje Sherpa
  • Karma Gyalje Sherpa
  • Pasang Nuri Sherpa

Base Camp Manager

  • Kaji Tamang


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