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Mount Shishapangma Expedition Detailed Climbing Itinerary

  • shishapangma photos Member Summit Shishapangma. Photo Grace.
  • shishapangma photos Climbing near the Gendarmes on our summit attempt at around 7600 metres/25,000 feet. Photo Dan Mazur
  • Shishapangma climb Member hiking around Nylam. Photo Max
  • shishapangma photos Our team nearing the Gendarmes at 7600 metres/25,000 feet. Photo Max Kausch
  • shishapangma photos Everest massif seen from Shishapangma. Photo Max Kausch
  • shishapangma photos Way to camp 2. Photo Max Kausch.
  • shishapangma photos Camp 1. Photo Max Kausch.
  • shishapangma photos Yaks leaving Shisha Pangma. Photo Max Kausch
  • shishapangma photos Member climbing up to camp 2. Photo Max Kausch
  • shishapangma photos Our interim camp at about 5200 metres/17,000 feet. Our team is about halfway between basecamp and ABC. Photo Dan Mazur
  • shishapangma photos Our tents buried at camp 1. Photo Max Kausch.
  • shishapangma photos Members trekking to ABC Photo Grace McDonald.
  • shishapangma photos Our team heading up from ABC to camp 1 at 6200 metres/20,300 feet. Photo Dan Mazur

Please click one of the links below to view that section of our Shishapangma daily itinerary or scroll down. If you choose to do the Lhasa option, please note the slight itinerary alterations on days 3-7.

If you are planning on climbing both Cho Oyu and Shishapangma, please view our: Shishapangma Itinerary for Combined Cho Oyu Expedition

Please also visit our Shishapangma route description for more about what to expect on the drive from Kathmandu, during the climb itself, etcetera.

Note: This is a proposed schedule, which has been developed through previous trips. The actual itinerary of your trip can differ depending on such factors as weather and local conditions. For example, the trip may finish earlier than these dates, or we may need every single day of the schedule. Thank you for being patient and flexible when coming to a foreign country like Nepal and Tibet.

Arriving in Kathmandu:

1) Arrive in Kathmandu, 1350 metres, 4428 feet. Our staff will meet you at the airport. Go to hotel;

2) In Kathmandu - bring passport to Chinese embassy, for visa. Logistics, orientation, purchasing, packing, visit temples, city tour, shopping. Hotel and meals at members expense (minimal cost);

3) Early morning drive to Rusuwaghadi at 2557 metres, 8389 feet. Hotel.

Lhasa option: Fly from Kathmandu to Lhasa or if you are coming from a city in China, arrive in Lhasa on this day. back to top

Driving to Basecamp:

4) Enter Tibet, drive to Gyirong at 2700 metres , 8900 feet, Hotel

Lhasa option: Rest in Lhasa, tour Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple, the most sacred building in all of Tibet.

5) Rest & acclimatization in Gyirong. Walk around the local hills. Hotel;

Lhasa option: Drive to Shigatse. Rest and acclimate, tour the surrounding area. Visit the 15th century Tashilunpo Monastery, the largest active monastic institution in Tibet.

6) Drive to Tingri (4300 meters/14,100 feet). Hotel;

Lhasa option: Drive to Tingri. Rest and acclimate, tour the surrounding area.

7) Rest & Acclimatization in Tingri at 3900 metres/12,900 feet. Hotel;

8) Drive to Chinese Base, 5000 metres/16,400 feet, Camp;

9) Rest at Chinese Base;back to top

Moving to Advanced Basecamp:

10) Walk halfway to advanced base camp, camp at 5200 metres/17,00 feet;

11) Rest day at "interim-camp";

12) Walk to advanced base camp at 5400 metres/17,700 feet. Rest;

13) Rest, training, and organization at advanced base camp; back to top

Climbing Shishapangma:

14) Walk to camp 1 at 6200 metres/20,300 feet, return to advanced base camp;

15) Rest in advanced base camp;

16) Walk to camp 1, Sleep;

17) Explore the route to Camp 2 at 6700 metres/22,000 feet. Return to advanced base camp;

18) Rest in advanced base camp;

19) Rest in advanced base camp;

20) Walk to camp 1 and sleep there;

21) Walk to camp 2 and sleep there;

22) Explore the route to camp 3 at 7400 metres/24,300 feet. Return to advanced base camp. Rest;

23) Rest in advanced base camp;

24) Rest in advanced base camp;

25) Walk to camp 1 and sleep there;

26) Walk to camp 2 and sleep there;

27) Walk to camp 2 and sleep there;

28) Walk to camp 3 and sleep there; back to top

Summit Days:

29) Summit attempt;

30) Summit attempt;

31) Summit attempt;

32) Summit attempt, descend to camp 2; back to top

Going Home:

33) Descend to advanced base camp, pack and prepare to depart;

34) Final packing, walk down from advanced base camp to Chinese base,

35) Early morning drive to Gyirong. Hotel.

36) Early morning drive to Kathmandu.

37) In Kathmandu. Final packing, celebration, saying goodbye to new friends.

38) Fly home. Thank you for joining our Shisha Pangma Expedition. back to top

Shishapangma itinerary for combined Cho Oyu expedition:

9-23 October (days 1-3 below are the last 3 days of the regular Cho Oyu itinerary).

1) Arrive in Kathmandu after finishing Cho Oyu. Give passport to Chinese embassy for visa number 2;

2) Rest in Kathmandu;

3) Drive to Gyirong;

4) Rest in Gyirong ;

5) Drive to basecamp;

6) Walk to advanced basecamp;

7) Climb Shishapangma;

8) Climb Shishapangma;

9) Climb Shishapangma;

10) Climb Shishapangma;

11) Climb Shishapangma;

12) Climb Shishapangma;

13) Climb Shishapangma;

14) Climb Shishapangma;

15) Walk down to basecamp;

16) Drive to Gyirong;

17) Drive to Kathmandu

18) In Kathmandu (extra day);

19) Fly home. back to top

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